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Be Strong Geum Soon - 加油!金順 [2005]

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Title: Be Strong Geum Soon

Released: 2005

Episodes: 163

Broadcast Network: MBC

Director: Lee Dae Young

Writer: Lee Jung Sun



Han Hye Jin

Choi Ja Hye

Kang Ji Hwan

Lee Min Ki

Yoon Yuh Jung

Yang Hee Kyung

Park In Hwan

Kim Ja Ok

Kim Yoo Suk

Kim Nam Kil

Kim Suh Young

Jang Yong

Yang Mi Kyung

Lee Se Eun

Yoon Mi Ra



This is a story of a young widow, Geum-Soon, who never becomes discouraged or blames other people - no matter what happens in her life. The viewers will get both hope and comfort by watching her do her best in everything she does.


It is also a story of a family who loves and takes care of each other. You can always turn to your family and their love gives you the hope to get through the tough times. Sometimes, they seem to make your life more difficult, but they will always stand up for you and love you whatever you do.


+credits to wikipedia+

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this drama is getting more interesting and funny .... :D


jae hee is so madly in love with geum soon, which makes him such a cutie. the way he kept smiling to himself when reminded of geum soon is hilarious. the part where he saw the nurse ate the bread.


i m beginning to like Tae-hwan too. in the beginning, he was very rude to geum soon but he's so nice to her now


This thread is so quiet. Guess not many are interested in watching Geum Soon. In the beginning, I was sceptical about this drama too but after watching a few episodes, I found it really good. The character of Geum Soon is strong, likeable and she kinda grows on you slowly. I'm recommending to those who haven't watch :P

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Eps. 1

Geum-soon is bright and thoughtful. Since her father died and her mother abandoned her, she was raised by her grandmother. She wants to be a hairdresser. She’s taken the hairdresser-licensing test many times, but she fails every time. She meets Jeong-wan when she visits her aunt’s house which is a boarding house for college students. One day, Jeong-wan asks Geum-soon to pick up his mother at the bus terminal and show the way to his place. Jeong-wan’s mother isn’t impressed with the young lady who comes to meet her on behalf of her son.


Eps. 2

Geum-soon realizes that she’s pregnant. Her aunt and grandmother notice that Geum-soon isn’t herself and soon find out that she’s pregnant. Jeong-shim asks Jeong-wan about his relationship with Geum-soon, but he tells her that they’re just friends.


Eps. 3

Geum-soon’s grandmother finds out that Jeong-wan is the baby’s father and gets furious. Her grandmother asks every detail about Jeong-wan and his family and tells Geum-soon to bring him before her. Left without any other choice, Geum-soon goes to Jeong-wan’s school to find him.


Eps. 4

Meanwhile, Jeong-shim feels that something bad is going to happen to her son. Geum-soon and Jeong-wan don’t know how to handle the situation. On the way to Geum-soon’s house, Jeong-wan proposes marriage to her. Geum-soon isn’t happy because the marriage proposal she’s been dreaming of isn’t supposed to happen on a bus.


Eps. 5

Geum-soon’s grandmother wants Geum-soon and Jeong-wan to get married before people notice Geum-soon’s pregnancy. She insists on meeting Jeong-wan’s parents to talk about their marriage. Jeong-shim has a hunch that her son Jeong-wan is hiding something from her and asks him what is going on. However, Jeong-wan doesn’t have the courage to tell her about Geum-soon.


Eps. 6

Geum-soon’s grandmother finally meets Jeong-wan’s parents. Jeong-wan’s father is shocked to find out that his quiet and obedient youngest son causes such a stir in the family. Geum-soon gets disappointed with Jeong-wan who didn’t stand up for her in front of his parents. Geum-soon’s aunt and Geum-ah visit grandma’s house to find out what happened at Jeong-wan’s house.


Eps. 7

Extremely upset and shocked, Jeong-shim falls ill. Her husband and she stay up all night, worrying about what to do with their son. Meanwhile, Geum-soon is worried since she hasn’t heard from Jeong-wan since when she and her grandmother met his parents. Jeong-wan finally tells his parents that he’ll marry Geum-soon and raise their child together.


Eps. 8

Getting tired of waiting to hear from Jeong-wan, Geum-soon goes to Jeong-wan’s house. She runs into Jeong-wan’s mother in front of the house, but Jeong-shim completely ignores Geum-soon. However, Geum-soon sits with his parents and speaks frankly about what she has on her mind.


Eps. 9

Geum-soon’s grandmother and Jeong-wan’s parents meet to talk about the marriage. Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh are surprised to hear that Geum-soon’s grandma wants to set the wedding date as soon as possible. Finally, they agree that the wedding will be held before Jeong-wan’s school vacation starts. Also, Jeong-shim wants Geum-soon to live with her while Jeong-wan serves in the army. Geum-soon’s grandmother isn’t happy with Jeong-shim’s heartless attitude, but she keeps quiet for Geum-soon.


Eps. 10

Jeong-wan goes back to school leaving Geum-soon with his parents. Geum-soon is sad because she couldn’t see him off.

One day, early in the morning, Jeong-shim and Mr. Noh wake up to a loud alarm clock sound. Geum-soon sets an alarm clock for the crack of dawn, which only wakes up the other people, and not her.

Jeong-shim sends Geum-soon on an errand, but Geum-soon gets lost and calls Jeong-wan.


Eps. 11

Jeong-wan goes to his parents’ house to meet Geum-soon. On the way, Jeong-wan’s car is hit by a truck. Meanwhile, Geum-soon is still trying to find her way home, all the while not knowing that her husband had a car accident.

Jeong-wan’s father hears about the accident and rushes to the hospital.


Eps. 12Geum-soon still has a hard time believing that Jeong-wan is dead. Exhausted from sadness, she falls asleep. When Geum-soon is preparing breakfast for the family as usual, her mother-in-law asks Geum-soon to leave the house. Her father-in-law suggests that Geum-soon stay away from the family for a while.


Eps. 13

Tae-wan leaves the house to join the army. Feeling bad about Geum-soon who is still absent-minded with sadness, he asks her to go out to eat with him.

Later, Geum-soon loses her purse and doesn’t have money to buy herself food. However, she doesn’t call her grandmother because she doesn’t want to worry her. Geum-soon’s father-in-law realizes that Geum-soon didn’t go back to her grandmother’s house and starts to worry about her whereabouts.


---- to be continued ----

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Hi, im new to this thread. The first time i watched this show, i tot it was slow n boring but as the series progress it unveils into a heart warming series that made me want to watch MORE!!! heh, but dunno where to get the sources :(

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This drama is really nice but it's real long, and the story develops slow but I still enjoy watching this drama and I love Geum Soon character because she's forever so strong despite facing so much hardships and suffering.

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when i started watching this series i thought it was really boring and very dull but when i kept on watching i find it really funny and more interesting although it was quite long it pretty series to watch

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