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Autumn Shower - 가을소나기 [2005]

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Title: Autumn Shower

Released: 2005

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: MBC

Planning: Kim Nam Won

Director: Yoon Jae Moon

Screenriter: Jo Myung Joo



Oh Ji Ho

Kim So Yun

Jung Ryu Won

Lee Chun Hee

Park Dong Choon

Han Jung Hee

Nam Kyung Mi

Choi Suk Won

Kang Hyung Sook

Hwang Woo Jin



A story about a man, Choi Yoon-jae (Oh Ji Ho) who ends up getting into a car accident causing the passenger, who is his wife, Gyoo-eun (Kim So Yun) to end up in the hospital who now suffers from a coma. Park Yeon-seo (Jung Ryu Won) is Gyoo-euns bestfriend, who secretly is in love with Yoon-jae. While Gyoo-eun is in a coma, her husband and bestfriend starts an affair. Will Gyoo-eun ever wake up from her coma? If so what will happen?


+credits to wikipedia+

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this series is so sad.. full of jealousy and betrayal...the ending was the only solution to their problems... triangle love...couldn't imagine a close friend would do such a thing...the husband is also not loyal...

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