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Adam Cheng Siu Chow - 鄭少秋

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Original name: Cheng Chong Sai

Cantonese name: Cheng Siu Chow

Madarin name: Zheng Shao Qiu

English name: Adam Cheng

Vietnamese name: Trịnh Thiếu Thu

Nicknames: Chow Goon, Chow Jai, Ban Yeh Chow, Cheng Tai Hup

Origin: Quangzhou, China

Residence: Leighton Hill, Hong Kong (

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Lunar date of birth: 4th February

Solar date of birth: 24th February

Chinese horoscope: Pig

Western horoscope: Pisces

Blood Type: AB

Father: Passed away when Adam was twenty years old.

Mother: Passed away in 1991 when Adam was making a serial in Beijing, China.

Siblings: Two younger sisters and one younger brother.

Present wife: Goon Ching Wah

Children: Cheng On Yi, Cheng Yan Yi, Cheng Wing Yan, Cheng Wing Hei.

Film/TV company: Individual contracts with many companies

Present record companies: Kinston Records Limited and Crown Records

Height: 6-foot, 183 cm

Weight: 150 lbs., 68 kgs

Complexion: Medium

Sports: Martial arts, swimming, horseback riding, and comfortable with all sports.

Interests: Acting, singing

Martial arts style: Best known for sword and fan

Sponsor: Adidas

Favorite food: Chinese, sea food, steamed fish

Least favorite food: Beef, cold and raw food

Dress: He has style, sportswear and casual, and stylish fashion in public.

Religion: Buddhism

Favorite colors: Black, white, blue, brown, apricot.

Cars: Currently own four cars. Two Mer-Benzs, and two vans.

Favorite brand of clothes: Versace, Adidas

Favorite song: Chor Lau Heung '79

Anniversary date: August 17th, 1989

Favorite actors: Allan Delon and Robert De Niro

Most desired role: A Parkinson patience played by De niro in the movie Wakening.

Most memorable works:

Serial: The Story of Book and Sword because he has so much fun from acting as 3 different characters.

Songs: Chor Lau Heung '79, for he earns much money from shows. Rotation, gave him most inspiration.

Music Albums: 40+

Famous drama play: Cerano De Bergerac (from French movie)









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I like to watch his TVB series, he plays this role very well, really miss seeing him in series! Hope will see him play again in the future!

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I like Adam because he is so versatile in both comedy and drama. I enjoyed each his performances. his singing is nice too.

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he has always be famous but now more because of the new musical concert seties in tvb

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This guy really has a great voice. He even speaks with a tune. He is not only a good singer but also a good actor and a natural comedian.  

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