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[SG] Parental Guidance [2007]

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Episodes: 13




James Seto played by Adrian Pang is a lawyer and playboy in his 30s. James lives in a dingy apartment populated by pests and rodents, and is at loggerheads with Ling.

Ling played by Jessica Hsuan is a highly ambitious and successful lawyer whoose dream is to become a partner in a prominent law firm. Ling had a a difficult childhood which led her to believe that marriage with someone who was not completely compatible with her was merely shackling herself.

Jocelyn Seto played by Fang Rong is 10 years old, wise beyond her years. Cautious, reserved and wary, Jocelyn wants to keep his family together but has serious doubts on the suitability of James and Ling as potential parents.

Jonathan Seto played by Kyle Chan is 8 years old, sweet, bubbly, the eternal optimist who sees the good in everyone. Jonathan’s biggest problem is he’s highly allergic to everything – dust, eggs, peanuts, animals, wool, grass, etc.

Jolene Seto played by Jessica Cuipa is 6 years old, adorable, cheeky and suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). She requires tremendous amounts of attention and time and nurturing -- all of which James and Ling are clearly deficient in.


Al played by Chua En Lai is James' pupil at the law firm

Terence played by Jason Chan is Ling's boss and her former fiancee

Mathilda Gong played by Pam Oei is James' boss

Patrick Seto played by Kenneth Tsang is James' dad.

Cecilia Seto played by Lok Meng Chue is James' mother and Patrick's former wife

Cherie played by Rosalind Pho is Patrick's 23 year old girlfriend



The pains and joys of being a parent, of opening up and accepting change, and of making sacrifices and putting the needs of others ahead of one’s own. Two self-obsessed individuals, James and Ling, find themselves appointed as guardians to three children when their father and mother who are James’s brother and Ling’s cousin respectively, pass away.


In ordinary circumstances, James and Ling would not even have been friends, much less co-parents. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances. So James and Ling reluctantly take on the responsibility of raising three children together. They suffer setbacks in their lives: James finds his dating time severely compromised, while Ling is dumped at the altar by her not-so-perfect fiance who can’t come to grips with her 'instant family'. They know nothing of what it means to be a parent. They’re so accustomed to living alone, they know nothing of how to care for anyone else. How will James and Ling deal with the children? Plus, how will they take their love-hate relationship to new heights when sparks start to fly?


credits to wikipedia & mediacorp

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very funny drama. worth to watch. love the two jessicas.

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One of my favourite english dramas from Singapore. Like the character by Adrian Pang.

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