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38th Hong Kong Film Awards Nominations Announced

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Source: Ming Po/







The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards announced its full list of nominees on Tuesday, February 12th. Project Gutenberg, is the second most-nominated film in the history of the Hong Kong Film Awards, with a total of 17 nominations. The film was about a counterfeiting gang stars Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok, both nominated for Best Actor. 

This year is Charlene Choi’s third time receiving the Best Actress nomination. The Twins member, nominated for her performance in The Lady Improper , said, “To be able to become the one of the Best 5 is already amazing! I’ll leave the rest down to fate. The most important thing to me is that the viewers enjoyed the film. Thank you to all the judges who voted for this character. A nomination is a huge encouragement. There’s only five of us after all!”

First-time Best Actor nominee Philip Keung said, “I’m so nervous. I’m filming in the mainland right now, so not being [in Hong Kong] makes everything much more nerve-wracking. I feel very blessed and lucky. Just a nomination is enough!” Philip previously won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in 2017’s Shock Wave .

Second-time Best Actor nominee Francis Ng , congratulated his close friend Anthony Wong  for also receiving a Best Actor nomination. “Congratulations! I will definitely support the Hong Kong Film Awards and local films. I’ll be attending.”

Check out the nominees for the best film and the acting categories below:


Three Husbands
Operation Red Sea
Still Human
Men On the Dragon
Project Gutenberg


Francis Ng for Men On the Dragon
Anthony Wong for Still Human
Chow Yun-fat for Project Gutenberg
Aaron Kwok for Project Gutenberg
Philip Keung for Tracey


Chloe Maayan for Three Husbands
Charlene Choi for The Lady Improper
Jennifer Yu for Distinction
Crisel Consunji for Still Human
Zhang Jingchu for Project Gutenberg


Kenny Wong for Men On the Dragon
Poon Chan-leung for Men On the Dragon
Sam Lee for Still Human
Liu Kai-chi for Project Gutenberg
Ben Yuen for Tracey


Huang Lu for The Assassination of G
Jiang Luxia for Operation Red Sea
Jennifer Yu for Men On the Dragon
Catherine Chau for Project Gutenberg
Kara Hui for Tracey


Lin Shan for The Assassination of G
Adam Pak for L Storm
Peter Chan for Three Husbands
Nancy Wu for Men On the Dragon
Crisel Consunji for Still Human


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havent watched any HK films for a long time, since these were on the nominations list, might have to research to see if any is good enough and watch some.

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