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Sammi Cheng complained about her outfit in Hacken Lee's concert

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Source: Asian E-News Portal/Ming Pao



Sammi Cheng was invited as guest in Hacken Lee's concert last night. In fact, back in 1991 after the two filmed "A Life of his Own" series, the two became good friends. Hacken subsequently invited Sammi to his concert as guest. Sammi appeared on stage wearing a blue outfit with a long blue wig. It looked amusing when she stood beside Hacken who wore a red outfit. She said: "It is troublesome to be your guest and I have to choose such colour. I am supposed to choose yellow colour but afraid of resembling a banana. Hence, I become a can of frizzy drink now."

Sammi admitted that she is closer to Hacken's wife Emily Lo. Hacken revealed that she seldom watched her concert. He said: "Everytime you held your concert, she was  always pregnant. I need to make preparation in advance when you hold your next concert." Sammi asked him: "Are you sure? You are nearly 50 years old and please train more as you are too thin." They then sang "Love For Faithful" together while Hacken acted as a rapper.

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