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Star second generation Top student: Alan Tam's son graduated from Oxford University with a Master's Degree

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Source: Ming Pao/Focus News

Translated by: sh33pymd @



Alan Tam's 21-year-old son Tam Hui Fung was an exchange student in the United States Princeton University last year. In the blink of an eye, he graduated from the University of Oxford UK with a Master's Degree in Engineering Science this year.

Alan is very low-key and rarely talks about his son's education achievement, but for the Master's graduation, Alan was uncharacteristically. He posted in the social media. Tam Hui Fung was seen wearing the graduation gown with his back to the camera, he was happy hugging his father who seemed to be very happy too. Alan left a message in the social media,  'too happy, inattentively, "Harry Pottam"(his son) has graduated with a Master's Degree!'

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