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Adam Cheng and Vivian Chow reunite: They sing song and hold hands together

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Source: Asian E-News Portal/MingPao/Youtube




Adam Cheng held his concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on 28 May. He invited his daughter, Joyce Cheng as his guest. Other than her, Vivian Chow was also invited and it reminded the audiences of the classic series  "The Greed of Man" .

Adam was full of praises for Vivian such as calling her as goddess and jade girl: "Vivian is beautiful and has good body figure when filming The Greed of Man series. She looks very pure and who does not want her as his wife?"

Adam said to Vivian in front of his wife: "You are a goddess while I am crazy. Today, I wish to hold your hand to sing love song together." They then sing " Love inside the warm heart " and it made Vivian feeling very romantic. She said: "I love watching your style of "Rogue Emperor" I was born the year when you joined the showbiz 50 years ago............." Adam remarked that it made his fantasy about her disappeared immediately.

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