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Ron Ng shares "frozen" experience with Andy Lau

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Source: ASian E-News Portal/MingPao


Ron Ng  accepts an interview from the show, "1圈圈 星光背後" . He praises Andy Lau for being a movie lover, very professional and powerful. He has deep passion for his work and a role model to everyone when filming "Shock Wave". Asking if they share the feeling for being "frozen" by the company before, Ron says: "Of course we do. Haha!" Ron feels unhappy about Andy's injury earlier and gives his regards through a friend.

Pointing about becoming arrogant after gaining popularity, Ron says: "There will always be room for improvement when being criticized." He denies about being arrogant and blames it on his dark skin: "Arrogant? I resemble a black face when not smiling but love having dark skin. At that time, I am clueless about communicating with the media and getting used to it after working longer. I can only blame it on myself about not expressing myself clearly."

Speaking about his relationship status, Ron said the rumours are not true, his mother does not pressure him to get married: "She knows I have skip the marriage stage and now, she only asks me when I will be having children. I hope to have common topic with my partner and  I will wait for the right person to appear now."

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