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Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan admit their relationship is developing: "Don't be surprised if you see us on dates in the future"

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Source: MingPao

Images: HKChannel

Translated by: Chloe.C @

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Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan admit their relationship is developing: "Don't be surprised if you see us on dates in the future"


Earlier, rumors broke out revolving around 45-year-old Kevin Cheng and 23-year-old Grace Chan having an off-screen romance because of filming TVB drama, "Vampire". They had emphasized many times that they are only friends, but will not eliminate the possibility of a chance of developing in the future. They both stated that age is not a barrier and that the most important thing is being able to communicate and being comfortable with each other. Having just returned to Hong Kong after filming in Holland for half a month, the two were able to spend a lot of time together abroad. Kevin admitted that their "relationship" has gotten one step further, and heavily praised Grace. He did not deny that he wants to pursue her, and even "previewed" that he and Grace will go on dates: "We are good friends right now, we are able to talk a lot. If you guys see us have dinner or watch a movie in the future, don't be surprised. Give us some space!" Grace Chan also praised Kevin for being caring and said the two are currently getting to know each other.


Previously, when Kevin and Grace left for Holland to film "Vampire", netizens already discovered that the two were quite close and waited for each other to enter the departure gates. Yesterday, MingPao Magazine published an interview of the two that was done in Holland. The photos that they took were quite close, showing Kevin indeed taking good care of Grace.


Kevin Cheng praises Grace Chan for being valuable


Kevin Cheng admitted that his "relationship" with Grace has developed quickly: "We were able to spend more time with each other and understand each other more in Holland. She is very smart, and is a very talented actress. As a friend, I feel that she's very straight forward, and really knows how to empathize and accommodate other. She comes from a rather wealthy family background, but she is not troubling at all, nothing like not being able to endure obstacles or afraid of suffering. This is a very valuable trait, I really admire it."


Kevin knows that the public use the term "Father-Daughter Relationship" to describe the pair due to their 22 year age gap, he said: "No matter the attacks or defamation, I feel that two people being friends, lovers or a married couple, being able to communicate is what makes a relationship last. We are able to communicate quite well. She has a lot of wisdom, and we both really like movies, TV, and foreign talk shows; quite a lot of common topics. She debuted through a beauty pageant, a lot of people feel they tend to rush through their career, but she just simply likes to act and has a passion for a career in performance. She is very hardworking, in order to earn that feeling of satisfaction and achievement, not just to become famous." Asked if he is officially pursuing her? He did not deny it: "I also need to get married and have kids, need the space to develop first! Afterwards, when there is time, I also want to ask her out to eat and watch movies to understand each other a bit more. Need to let her to get to know me more first!"


"Indeed able to communicate, gives us some space"


Yesterday, Kevin flew to Singapore to prepare for "Mother's Favourites 2015" concert. He accepted an interview from Ming Pao, asked if he and Grace Chan are developing their relationship? He said: "The content (in the published interview) is quite clear already, nothing else to add. We are good friends right now. We are indeed able to communicate well and have common topics, everyone please give us some space! If we are seen eating dinner and watching movies in the future, please do not be surprised. Saying this in advance."


Grace Chan: Slowly know each other through time


Yesterday, Grace Chan attended the Wai Yin Charity Ball. Asked if she and Kevin are dating? She blurted out: "Yes! We are starting now." Afterwards, she explained that she meant they are starting the interview now. She admitted that she and Kevin are at the stage of getting to know each other. After filming together in Holland, she is now more clear of what kind of person he is. Kevin is very nice to the people around him and to seniors, and is also very willing to teach her, Anjaylia Chan, Luk Wing, etc. how to act. They are good friends right now. Asked if there is a chance of developing? She said: "Need to use time to slowly know each other more. (Is this cup of tea (Kevin) good?) Don't know how to answer. I feel that he is a good person, and it is very comfortable getting along with him. (Kevin announced in advance telling us not to be surprised if we see you guys out together in the future.) Yes! So don't be surprised. (Has Kevin asked you out?) We are both busy. I will be going to Canada soon. (If he asks you to go out alone, will you go?) Depends on the situation. If I don't have to work, then no harm in coming out to have a chat."

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That's very sweet. Most celebrities are afraid to admit their relationship. Clad to see one that is open and honest.

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