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Sean Lau and Vicky Zhao crowned Film King and Queen at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards

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Source: The Sun

Translated by: Chloe.C @

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Sean Lau and Vicky Zhao crowned Film King and Queen at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards


The "Hong Kong Film Awards" ceremony was held last night. After 2007, Sean Lau Ching Wan took home the Film King award once again, and was so touched that he teared up on stage thanking his wife, Amy Kwok. Vicky Zhao, who has taken on the director's role in event years, won the Film Queen award for the first time. She, who played a village girl in "Dearest", expressed that she wrote an award acceptance speech before, and now she can finally use it!


Yesterday, The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony, held at the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre, attracted more than a hundred popular stars and actors to the venue. Yesterday night, the ceremony awarded 20 film awards, with Vicky Zhao taking home the Film Queen award for the first time, and Lau Ching Wan taking the Film King award again after 2007. The movie "The Golden Era" won 5 awards, including "Best Film" and "Best Director", etc.


The fiercest competition this year was amongst the "Best Actress" nominees. Earlier, Vicky Zhao had won the "Best Actress" award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, giving her an advantage. However, Charlene Choi, who played vulgar and sexual scenes in movie "Sara", was still seen with a bigger chance at the award. In the end, the award was won by 39 year old Vicky Zhao, with her movie "Dearest". Receiving the award from Nick Cheung, she said: "I really never thought I would win. I only thought about how I would go home, clean up and go to sleep. I never thought about what to say. Before, my colleague suggested that I write a speech for the Golden Horse Awards, but in the end, there was no chance for me to use it. Now, I can proudly say it!"


Thank you to director Peter Chan


About her role as a village girl in the movie: "Thank you to Director Peter Chan suddenly thinking of finding me (to be in the movie). Although she doesn't look good, but I was actually "high" playing the role. Lastly, I want to thank my family."


As for "Best Actor", which was won by 51 year old Sean Lau, although this time, he had two movies in the running, with "Insanity" and "Overheard 3", his votes were not split and won competitors Daniel Wu, Eddie Peng, etc. to take home the award with his performance in "Overhead 3", after his 2007 win with "My Name is Fame".


Wife Amy Kwok tears up


Sean took the award from the 5 child actors Miriam Yeung brought with her to present the award. He teared up saying: "It is you guys who let me know that I still have a female audience. You guys didn't recognize wrongly and think I was Louis Koo right? First, I want to thank my family. I know they have been very supportive of me all the way. Thank you to all the crew members of the three (Overheard) movies. Also, I want to thank my wife....(cheer and applause)... this is very important, all the females love hearing this part. (Laughter) Every time I drive a space ship flying across the universe, no matter where I fly to, you always find a way to bring me safely back to Earth." His wife, Amy Kwok, who was sitting in the audience, was immediately touched to tears.


Sean Lau's Speech


Vicky Zhao's win


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if you really ask I dont see what is so good about that role

no offence but I think because Nick wasnt nominated thats why he won? lol

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