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Hu Die Jie Jie Butterfly Sister - 蝴蝶姐姐 簡築翎

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I love her so much. I've been meaning to create a thread about her for a long time but I guess I just forgot. She's so funny and she's a great dancer. Great personality! What I love about her is that she doesn't try to act cute - she acts really silly but she's very genuine in her character. She'd be so much fun to hang out with.





Stage Name: 蝴蝶姐姐 (Hu Die Jie Jie) Butterfly Sister

Legal Name: 简筑翎 (Jian Zhu Ling)

Nicknames: Bu Dian 不点 (Little Bit) [high school nickname], Hu Die Bi Bu 蝴蝶比吥/北鼻 [used by Xiao Tian Tian]

Birthday: September 22, 1983

Zodiac: Virgo

Birthplace: Sanxia, Taiwan

Height: 159 cm (5'2.6")

Weight: 43 kg (95 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Education: Hwakang School of Performing Arts (Dance Department, high school) -> Chinese Cultural University (Dance Department major)

Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Fishing

Dream: to become a big sister/host loved by children and adults alike, open an oyster noodle shop

Common sayings: Seriously?! (真ㄉ假ㄉ?), So funny!! (好好笑喔!)

Wants to try: remembering all names of children she meets

Heroes: mother, father, those who stand for the truth

Greatest influences: mother and father

Happiest Activity: To eat until full!

Close Friends (entertainment circle): Xiao Tian Tian, Xi Gua Ge Ge, Show Lo, Sunnie Huang, Xiao Mi Tao Jie Jie, Mi Ke Bai (formerly Pu Tao Jie Jie), Xiang Jiao Ge Ge, Alien Huang, Ya Tou, Wang Jian Min (汪建民)



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