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Love of the South and North - 남남북녀 [2003]

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Jo In Sung

Kim Sa Rang

Kong Hyung Jin

Heo Young-Ran

Hwang Bo

Lee Seung-Hyeon

Yun Ji-Min

Kim Yong-geon

Kim Jong-Min

Jo Hye-Ryun



Chul-Soo (Zo In Sung) the son of a national Intelligent Agency Representative is interested in nothing else than flirting with girls all through the night until he has to face the harsh facts of reality. It all happens when his professor sets an ultimatum threatening not to let him pass his university graduation unless he joins South & North Korea discovery team of the historical tomb excavation unit in Yeon-Byun, which is located in north-eastern China!


On the other side of Korea Young-hee (Kim Sa Rang) the smart, pretty & intelligent daughter of a North Korean diplomat faces the dilemma of her father 's threat to marry her off. Therefore, she opts to join the discovery team too.


After Chul-Soo catches sight of Young-Hee, he is determined to ask her for her hand immediately, but is everything really as easy as that?


Credit - asianwiki

Edited by love Cartier

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