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Madeleine - 마들렌 [2003]

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Jo In Sung

Shin Min Ah

Park Jeong-ah

Kim Su-ro

Kang Rae-yeon

Ha Jung-woo

Lee Mi-young

Choi Kyu-hwan

Kim Ho-jin

Hong Ji-min

Park Hyeon-suk

Kim Jin-hyeok

Song Chae-min

Ham Eun-jung



Ji-suk (Jo In Sung) is a Korean Language & Literature major who dreams of becoming a writer, and delivers newspapers part-time. When he goes to a hair salon to have his long hair cut, a charming woman calls him by name. She is none other than Hee-jin, his classmate in junior high school. Dreaming of becoming a hair designer, Hee-jin is a senior hair designer at the salon despite her young age. They are both drawn to each other, Ji-suk to Hee-jin's beauty, and Hee-jin to Ji-suk's purity. Their paths cross by chance a few more times and the two grow closer. Finally, Hee-jin suggests a 'one month romance.' "Neither one of us can say 'Let's break up' before the month is up! After a month, we part ways grandly! What do you think? Fun, huh?" Ji-suk is caught off guard. Seeing this, Hee-jin smiles at him sweetly...


Ji-suk who ponders over everything seriously. Hee-jin who is filled with cheerful playfulness. They have 0% in common but together, they learn of a new world unfamiliar to them. Their romance is more splendid than they expected. But one day, Ji-suk's first love, Sung-hae, shows up. Majoring in film, Sung-hae is the lead singer of a band and very cool. Hee-jin gets jealous over Sung-hae and starts to fight with Ji-suk. It is the first time they argue since their month of romance began. And to make matters worse, Hee-jin is faced with an enormous decision...



credit - wiki and asianwiki

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