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Old Miss Diary - 올드 미스 다이어리 [2005]

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Title : Ol-deu Mi-seu Da-i-eo-ri

Episodes : 232



Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-young, Oh Yoon-ah, Ji Hyeon-woo, Jang Dong-jik, Kim Jung-min, Kim Yeong-ok, Han Yeong-sook, Kim Hye-ok, Im Hyeon-sik, Woo Hyeon, Minji, Yoo Jae-seok



KBS presents its hugely popular situation comedy, Old Miss Diary. The long running series, staring Ye Ji Won (So Cute) and Kim Ji Young (I'm Still Loving You), deals with the frictions caused by the growing generation gap within Korean families, and the challenges young people face living with the elderly.


The show made headlines in July 2005 when one episode controversially showed a character slapping her elderly mother-in-law across the face. An escapist's moment of wish fulfillment or a failure to respect the values of family and community? Unfortunately, KBS executives have ruled in favor of the latter and the show's creators were forced to make a public apology and are prohibited from airing the offending episode in the future.


credits to ehit

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