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[HK] Cheung Tat Ming Stand Up Comedy: Be a Bad Guy - 張達明全新棟篤笑: 一於做壞旦 [2011]

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Also Known as: Tat Ming Talk Show: Be A Bad Guy

Cheung Tat Ming wants you to Be a Bad Guy! The excellent word-of-mouth of his latest talk shows at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium back in March 2011 sent him to the prestigious stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum for a re-run in the summer. Celebrating his 15 years in the industry, the upgraded second leg of the show featured more elaborate set design and updated gags on top of his brand of stand-up routines and physical humor. Watch Tat Ming poke fun at celebrities and politicians while spilling showbiz secrets, relationship tips, and workplace wisdom in a no-holds-barred, no-laughs-spared epic show, and learn why you must Be a Bad Guy to survive in this crazy world! *Credits to




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