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[CN-A] New My Fair Princess - 新还珠格格 [2011]

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* Title: 新还珠格格 / Xin Huan Zhu Ge Ge

* English title: New My Fair Princess

* Also known as: New Princess Returning Pearl

* Genre: Period, Romance, Comedy

* Episodes: 80

* Broadcast network: Hunan TV

* Broadcast period: 2011 July 16 -



* Li Sheng as Xiao Yan Zi / Guo Luo Luo / Hua Ying

* Hai Lu (海陆) as Xia Ziwei

* Zhang Rui (张睿) as Yong Qi / Wu A Ge (5th prince)

* Li Jia Hang (李佳航) as Fu Erkang

* Qiu Xin Zhi as Emperor Qianlong

* Sun Yao Qi (孙耀琦) as Jin Suo

* Sheren Tang as Empress Ulanara

* Fang Qing Zhuo (方青卓) as Rong Mo Mo

* Liu Xiao Ye (刘晓晔) as Concubine Ling

* Benjamin (潘傑明) as Benjamin

* Wang Jin Duo (王今铎) as Liu Qing

* Zhou Fang(周放) as Liu Hong

* Lu Hong (路宏) as Fu Ertai

* Chai Bi Yun (柴碧云) as Sai Ya

* Ruby Lin as Xia Yuhe (Zi Wei's mother)

* Lei Zhen Yu (雷镇语) as Fulun

* Chen Hui Juan (陈慧娟) as Fu Jin

* Qu Ao Hui (瞿澳辉) as Xiao Dengzi (Little Stool)

* Xin Xin (辛新) as Xiao Wen Zi (Little Mosquito)

* Zhang Zhuo Wen (张倬闻) as Xiao Zhuo Zi (Little Table)

* Chen Mu Yi (陈木易) as Xiao Chong Zi (Little Worm)

* Yu Ying Ying (于莹莹) as Ming Yue

* Ma Xiang Ii (马湘宜) as Cai Xia

* Zhuang Qing Ning (莊慶宁) as Concubine Yu

* Kan Qing Zi (阚清子) as Princess Xin Rong

* Qin Lan as Xueyin (Xiao Yan Zi's mother)

* Zhang Jia Ni as Du Ruolan

* Gang Yi (刚毅) as Ji Xiaolan

* Liu Chang Wei (刘昌伟) as Chang Shou

* Xing Han Qing (邢瀚卿) as Fu Heng

* Xu Ya Zhou (徐亚洲) as Lang Shining/Giuseppe Castiglione

* Yang Feng Yu (杨丰宇) as E Min

* Zang Jin Sheng as Officer Liang

* Wang He Ning (王鹤鸣) as Chef Zhuang

* Wang Jian Xin as Qi Ke’er

* Nige Mutu (尼格木图) as Ali Hezhuo

* Liu Xue Hua as Dowager Empress Chong Qing

* Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) as Qing Er

* Gao Zi Qi (高梓淇) as Xiao Jian

* Madina Mammat (麦迪娜.买买提) as Han Xiang

* Zhang Dan Feng as Mardan

* Ai Ru as Jin Ling Zi


Titles and Episodes

Season 1 还珠格格之燕儿翩翩飞 30 episodes

Romanisation: Huan Zhu Ge Ge Zhi Yan Er Pian Pian Fei


Season 2 还珠格格之风儿阵阵吹 30 episodes

Romanisation: Huan Zhu Ge Ge Zhi Feng Er Zhen Zhen Chui


Season 3 还珠格格之人儿何处归 20 episodes

Romanisation: Huan Zhu Ge Ge Zhi Ren Er He Chu Gui



Season 1

Zi Wei, an illegitimate child of Qianlong Emperor makes her way to the capital where she meets Xiao Yan Zi, a tomboy who performs martial arts in the town square to earn her keep. The two girls become sworn sisters and Xiao Yan Zi promises to help Zi Wei find her father, Qianlong Emperor. Xiao Yan Zi is proclaimed princess by Qianlong who believes her to be his daughter. Meanwhile, Zi Wei is falling for Er Kang, a minister and private guard of the king. While in the palace, Xiao Yan Zi has caught the eye of her ‘brother’, Yong Qi who is the fifth prince. The court artist, Benjamin is also hopelessly in love with Xiao Yan Zi. Although he’s engaged to Princess Xing Rong, Yong Qi finds himself drawn toward Xiao Yan Zi. The group hatches a plan to get Zi Wei acknowledged as the true princess while keeping Xiao Yan Zi’s head safe from the guillotine. Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei’s antics in the palace attract attention from everyone, the emperor, the empress, the doting concubines, as well as the stern dowager empress and her confidante, Princess Qing/Qing Er.


Production Credits

* Original writing (novel): Huan Zhu Ge Ge by Qiong Yao

* Screenwriter: Qiong Yao

* Producer: Wei Wen Bin (魏文彬)

* Directors: Li Ping (李平), Ding Yang Guo


-Drama Wiki-


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Coming soon, and a remake of the famous Princess Pearl.

The original series brought instant fame to Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin and Alec Su.

I believe another set will too either become famous or famous flop.


I not sure how much will change however this storyline will includes a Western guy called Benjamin who will become part of a love triangle with no other than our lovable Xiao Yan.


Forgot about Princess Pearl


More information: New My Fair Princess Facebook

What do you think?


To be honest I not really a big fan of Zhao Wei however I am a big fan of her role as Princess Pearl. She give her character the unique big eye and amazing bubbly personality.

Her annoys and unique quick straight forward speech must be credit to the screenwriter, hopefully, their too can keep it up. (If it My Own Swordsman screenwriter this might be good)


I will give the new cast a chance before dismissing them. Would you?


I will write more once it start.




TVB has started promoting.

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Added more info.
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I love this drama! Brings back a lot of memories I love this drama! Brings back a lot of memories. My fav couple is always er kang and zi Wei!!!!

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thanks for sharing although i prefer the earlier versions nonetheless it's not a bad drama.

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I did not know that there was an earlier version. I never heard of this series before. Well 80 episodes is quite long actually in my opinion but then again I am sure the series have lots to tell. I am looking forward to watch this. Thanks for the lead.

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80 episodes might sound like a lot but it's broken up into 3 seasons and they're quite catchy that you want to continue watching.

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mmmm cannot dl

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