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A LV bag saved two lives

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Source: The Sun

Translated by: R.E.D @

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A metal plate went through the windscreen of a car, nearly killed a woman who is 8 months pregnant. Luckily, her LV bag saved her and her baby's lives. A couple was in their car, traveling along Cheung Sha Wan Road, suddenly a metal object speared through the windscreen of the car. It went straight towards the woman's tummy. Luckily, she had her LV bag on her laps, the metal plate went straight to the bag, missing her tummy. The husband told the police "Luckily, the LV bag saved my wife and the baby."


The 31 year old pregnant woman Tsui and her 39 year old husband is Lee are living in the new Territories. At about 10am yesterday morning, the couple was on their way to visit his mother who lives in Kwun Tong. Mr. Lee told the police when he was driving along Nob Hill, he was about 5 meters behind another car. Suddenly, the car in front went over something looking like a sharp knife and it bounced up towards their car. He couldn't stop his car in time, and that object went straight through his windscreen. His pregnant wife was sitting in the passenger sit with her LV bag on her laps in front of her tummy. The metal object went on the LV bag and deflected on her right leg. Ms Tsui was taken to hospital suffered from minor injury to her right leg, but her baby is fine. The metal plate measures 47 cm long, 10 cm wide and 1 cm thick, weighing 3kg. The police is still investigating where that object came from and they are also trying trace the car which was in front when the accidence happened.

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