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Cecilia Yip Tung - 葉童

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English Name: Cecilia Yip

Chinese Name: 葉童

Birth Name: Li Sze Sze

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Birthdate: 8 March 1964

Horoscope: Pisces



Jiang Ji Jiu Ji (2007)

The Family Link (2007)

Say Yes Enterprise (2004)

The Rose (2003)

So It Was You (2003)

The Driving Power (2003)

Back To Square One (2003)

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (1993)

The Legend of White Snake (1992)

Bi Hai Qing Tian (1991)



1982《烈火青春》 Nomad

1982《奇謀妙計五福星》(台譯:五福星) Winners and Sinners

1982《殺出西營盤》 Coolie Killer

1983《陰陽錯》 Esprit D'amour

1983《表錯七日情》 Let's Make Laugh

1984《等待黎明》 Hong Kong 1941

1985《1/2段情》(台譯:NG慢半拍) Infatuation

1986《兩公婆八條心》 Strange Bedfellow

1986《偶然》(台譯:紫色的偶然) Last Song In Paris

1986《我的愛神》 My Heavenly Lover

1987《天官賜福》(台譯:找錯對象頭錯胎) Reincarnation

1987《神奇兩女俠》(台譯:胭脂雙響炮) Wonder Women

1987《魔鬼天使》(台譯:特赦令) Amnesty Decree


1988《愛情謎語》(台譯:愛情像什麼)Chaos by Design

1988《金裝大酒店》(台譯:大飯店) Carry on Hotel

1988《大話神探》 Stumbling Cops

1989《飛越黃昏》(台譯:秋愛) Beyond the Sunset

1990《笑傲江湖》 Swordsman

1990《勇闖天下》 Rebel from China

1991《偷情小丈夫》(台譯:串燒) Weakness of Man

1991《婚姻勿語》 This Thing Called Love

1991《跛豪》 To Be Number One

1991《阮玲玉》 Center Stage

1992《92應召女郎》 Call Girl '92

1993《香港也瘋狂》(台譯:非洲先生) Crazy Hong Kong

1993《歲月風雲之上海皇帝》 Lord of East China Sea

1993《上海皇帝之雄霸天下》 Lord of East China Sea 2

1993《愛在黑社會的日子》 Love Among The Triad

1993《溶屍奇案》 Legal Innocent

1993《紙盒藏屍之公審》(台譯:紙盒藏屍) The Final Judgement

1993《怒海俠盜》 Angry Sea and Good Pirates

1994《重案實錄O記》(台譯:重案實錄) Organized Crime & Triad Bureau

1994《張保仔》(台譯:武狀元張保仔) King of The Sea

1994《等愛的女人》 Right Here Waiting

1995《和平飯店》 Peace Hotel

1995《叛逆情緣》(台譯:叛逆情) Faithfully Yours

1995《玻璃槍的愛》 Love, Guns & Glas

1997《對不起,多謝你》 My Dad Is a Jerk

1999《轟天綁架大富豪》(台譯:16億港幣大綁架) Big Spender

2000《里情》 Miles Apart

2000《妖魅迷蹤》 Phantom of Snake

2001《拳神》 The Avenging Fist

2001《閃靈兇猛》 Distinctive

2002《你那邊幾點》 What Time Is It There?

2002《跌打婆與辣妹》 Chinese Orthopedist and The Spice Girls

2002《風流家族》 Happy Family

2002《五月八日》 May August

2003《天使、死神》 A Dark Side of My Mind


+credits to wikipedia+

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she is very pretty and cute for her age

i like her a lot

i want to watch more of her production

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long time no see her ler...dunno what she doing and busy now leh? anyone know it can told me ma? thanks

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despite of her age, i still think she is pretty to me..... and her acting was good as well..... this can be signifies by most her leading roles in either movies or tv series

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she is a pretty young actress.. she acts pretty well in most of the tvb series... in the most recent tvb series, I haven't seen her acting.. hopefully she will continue to act to gain more experience in the field...

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She is a young actress? She is like 50 something years old. Definitely not a young actress.

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