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Miss. S - Miss. S Vol.1 - Miss $ S class

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After drawing attention with their debut digital single, Miss $ Diary, Vibe and Big Mama labelmate Miss. S finally arrive with their first full-length album. Miss $ S class features 12 tracks, 3 of which are produced by B.I.G and Rhymer. The main song on this release is "Whatever Is Love" (Track 2), featuring a powerful performance by new member Nemo (ex-Shinvi vocalist) with rap passages by Oh Yoo Mi and Tae Hye Young. The extremely harmonious number tells the moving tale of a girl who can't forget her past love. Miss $ S class is complemented with the vocal version of "Whatever Is Love" (Track 11) and "Don't Cheat On Me" (Track 6) featuring Nam Kyu Ri.



01. s class (intro)

02. 사랑이 뭐길래

03. 있을 때 잘 해

04. 같은 시간 다른 우리 feat. Rhymer

05. 어느새 안녕

06. 바람피지마 feat.남규리

07. 넌 특별해

08. 숨길 수 없어

09. 뭔가 있어

10. 니가 아니였기를.. narr.Rhymer

11. 사랑이 뭐길래 (vocal version)

12. s class (full ver.)


+credits to Yesasia+

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this is a nice album, they're quite underrated. 숨길 수 없어 is my favourite track from this album

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