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Ella Chen - 陳嘉樺

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English Name: Ella Chen

Chinese Name: 陳嘉樺

Original Christian Name: Water

Birthplace: Pingtung, Taiwan

Birthdate: 18 June 1981

Horoscope: Gemini

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Family Members: Parents, Sister and Brother

Music Group: S.H.E



2001 Magical Love 愛情大魔咒

2003 The Rose 薔薇之戀

2004 Happy New Year 2004 新年快樂2004

2004 Say Yes Enterprise 求婚事務所

2005 Reaching for The Stars 真命天女

2006 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe 花樣少男少女


Discography: (S.H.E)

2001 Girls' Dormitory 女生宿舍

2002 Youth Society 青春株式會社

2002 Genesis 美麗新世界

2003 Together (Best Collection)

2003 Super Star

2004 Magical Journey 奇幻旅程

2004 Encore 安可

2005 Once Upon A Time 不想長大

2006 Forever (Best Collection 2003-2006)


+credits to wikipedia+

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I have always loved S.H.E.'s music, but I've never really paid attention to the three girls who make up the group. When I decided to watch Hana Kimi because I love the manga, I found that Ella, as an individual, really grows on you. At first, I didn't quite like the image she gave off as Lu Rui Xi/Ashiya Mizuki and didn't think much about the way she looked. But the series, probably because she has to look like a boy, does not really do her beauty any justice.


Hana Kimi is the only series of hers I've seen, but I may start looking for more (although I can't quite get away from wanting to see more of the Ella/Wu Chun pairing, so I'll probably be biased towards other series). I've looked up some behind the scenes footage of her and found out just how crazy and down-to-earth she is-- not much what you expect from an idol's image. And according to the others, she's the type of person who brings life to the filming set and takes care of people. I love her tomboy image as well, as many female celebrities usually try to go for the pretty image or the sexy image.


Finally, her voice is amazing; very strong that hers is the one I always followed whenever I listened to S.H.E. songs. Her chemistry with her group members as well as other people, on-stage or off is so awesome. It's kind of like she brings out the fun in everyone, no matter how shy or quiet they may be (like for Wu Chun, he seems like the shy type, but ends up being playful around her... in my opinion. I might be wrong.)

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i love her personality and her acting! hope SHE can continue for a long time.. because all 3 of them combined makes the best harmony

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