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Qin Lan - 秦岚

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* Name: 秦岚 / Qin Lan

* Profession: Actress

* Birthdate: 1981-Jul-17

* Birthplace: Shenyang, Liaoning, China

* Height: 165cm

* Weight: 46kg

* Star sign: Cancer

* Chinese zodiac: Rooster


TV Series


* Hei San Jiao (黑三角) as Cheng Su Zhen (2008)

* Love in the Forlorn City as Zhou Yu Qing (2008)

* Embroiderer Lan Xin as Shen Lan Xin (Anhui TV, 2007)

* Dreams Link as Wang Lu Ping (Hunan TV, 2007)

* Di Yi Cha Zhuang as Shen Yu Qi (2006)

* Wei Xian Guan Xi as Lan Xiao Wei (2006)

* Lao Shu Ai Da Mi as Xiao Wen / Xu Wei (2006, guest star)

* The Legend of Hero as Mu Xiu Luo (2005)

* My Date with a Vampire III as Yue Yin Ping (ATV, 2004)

* Long Piao as Run Yu (CCTV, 2004)

* Wind and Cloud II as Chu Chu (CTV, 2004)

* Qing Tian Ya Men as Concubine Liang (2004, story 3, guest star)

* Princess Returning Pearl III as Zhi Hua (2002)

* Da Tang Qing Shi as Wu Mei Niang (2002)


TV Series Theme Songs


* Wang Qing (忘情) Forget Love, Di Yi Cha Zhuang theme song, a duet with Eric Huang (2006)




* Nanking Nanking ( as Mrs. Tang (2008)

* Deng Xiao Ping 1928 / 邓小平1928 as Zhang Xi Yuan (2004)




* Education level: College (辽宁沈阳基电大学)

* Languages: Mandarin, English and Cantonese

* Hobbies: Singing and modeling


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She is very pretty. The first drama that I watch of her was Princess Returning Pearl 3. I remember her even she was not the main lead. Her beauty and her acting make me unforgettable. She is one of my favorite actress, so I follow her dramas and movies. Her dramas and movies are worth watching.

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I've been watching a lot of her TV series and movies, I really like her acting, specially after I watched her dancing at the stars dancing competition, since then she's one of my favorite star for ever.

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