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Movie Forum Rules

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Welcome to the Movie Forum!


Rules of the Movie Forum.


1. As always, inappropriate language and comments are not permitted and will not be welcomed here. If we see any kind of these actions, warnings will be given.


2. Stictly NO SPAMMING!! If your posts are less than 10 words it is considered spam. If we catch 3 or more of your posts that are spams, you will recieve a WARNING.. Please try to post thoughtful opinions and thoughts about a Movie. Do not post just a few words. If you ignore the warnings, you will be suspended. No Exceptions.


- If you would like to start a New Movie thread, please following the format.

Topic Title: Movie Name - Chinese title (if possible) [Year of Release]


In the Post, please include:

1. A Poster or pictures relating to movie

2. Cast, Summary, production info. etc.

3. other additional info. (optional)

4. your comments..


Also, remember to give CREDITS to wherever you have gotten the information from! Thanks.


Thank you and Have Fun!

[Credits to aznangel]

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