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Wife From Hell - 妻骨未寒 [2006]

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Title: Wife From Heck

Released: 2006

Director: Law Wai-Tak

Producer: Shin Yoneyama, Sam Leung Tak-Sum



Andrew Lin Hoi

Candy Lo

Zuki Lee

Matthew Chow

Jackie Lui

Bonnie Wong



Candy Lo seems to have changed her career focus from singing to movies in recent years. After dramas like Truth or Dare and Cocktail, she offers a thrilling ghost film titled Wife from Heck together with Andrew Lin. Andrew and his fellow Alive members created much noise in the Hong Kong entertainment circle with their mockumentary Four Heavenly King in 2006, and on his own he proves to be just as charismatic as his band-mate Daniel Wu. The cast of Wife from Heck also includes the sexy Zuki Lee (Wo Hu) and TV actor Jackie Lui. Follow director Tommy Lor to undergo some inexplicable and eerie happenings experienced by an unfaithful husband!


Ken (Andrew Lin), a successful psychologist, and his wife Flora (Candy Lo) got married 15 years ago, and he starts to feel bored about their marriage. His friend Peter (Jackie Lui) often suggests that he should have some fun with hot young girls when Flora is suffering from severe asthma. When they are enjoying a nice walk in the hills, Flora accidentally slips on a cliff, but Ken, overwhelmed by another thought, hesitates before stretching out a helping hand. After Flora's death, Ken starts a passionate romance with his college friend Elaine (Zuki Lee), until he hears Flora's coughing and finds all the housework is mysteriously done.


+credits to yesasia+

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Weird movie that you're not sure where it's going. Pass unless you have nothing else to watch.

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