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Chang Hui Mei - 張惠妹

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English Name: Chang Hui Mei

Chinese Name: 張惠妹

Nickname: A Mei

Birthdate: 9 August 1972

Horoscope: Leo

Birthplace: Taitung, Republic of China

Height: 160cm

Weight: 42kg

Blood Type: 0

Religon: Catholic

Family: Parents, 3 Brothers & 5 Sisters





1996 姊妹 Sisters

1997 Bad Boy

1998 妹力四射1998演唱會提前先聽版 A-mei Live in Concert 1998 Prelude

1998 牽手 Holding Hands

1998 Feel A*Mei 感覺張惠妹 EP

1999 我可以抱你嗎愛人 Can I Hold You, Lover

1999 妹力新世紀 A*Mei New Century Collection

2000 歌聲妹影 A*Mei with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

2000 不顧一切 Regardless

2001 旅程 Journey

2001 真實 Truth

2002 發燒 Fever

2003 勇敢 Brave

2004 也許明天 Maybe Tomorrow

2006 我要快樂 I Want Happiness

2007 The Power Of Love 1996-2006

2007 Star



金曲精選影音 ("Bad Boy" & "Sisters" Karaoke MV)

妹力四射Live (Live in Concert 1998)

牽手唱翻天 ("Holding Hands" Live in Concert & Karaoke MV)

妹力99Live (Live in Concert 1999)

我可以抱你嗎愛人 ("May I Hold You, Lover?" Karaoke MV)

歌聲妹影 (A*Mei with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra)

不顧一切 ("Regardless" Karaoke MV)

真實 演唱會 ("Truth" Live in Concert)

真實 ("Truth" Karaoke MV)

發燒 ("Fever" Karaoke MV)

A級娯楽 世界巡廻演唱會 (Live in Concert 2002)

勇敢 ("Brave" Karaoke MV)

勇敢 MSN線上演唱会 ("Brave" Live on MSN Online Concert)


+credits to wikipedia+

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big fan of Amei.really really love her perfomance.she have a amazing and powerfull voice..awesome..

hve listening all of her albums..

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amei can really she came from such a big family...wonder if she is near the older or younger of the siblings =]

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