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Hello My Teacher - 건빵선생과 별사탕 [2005]

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Title: Hello My Teacher

Released: 2005

Genre: Drama, School, Romance

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: SBS


Chief Producer: Moon Jung Soo

Producer: Kim Yang, No Jun Kyu

Writer: Kim Jung Ah

Director: Oh Jong Rok, Kim Hyung Sik

Asst. Director: Lee Ho Joon, Choi Joon



Jang Hee Jin

Shin Ah

Cha Seo Rin

Kim Eun Joo

Park Ki Young

Jung Ui Chul

Jung Kyung Woon

Do Han

Jo Sang Ki

Park In Hwan

Jo Hyung Ki

Kim Yoon Kyung

Lee Yoon Ji



Na Bori (Gong Hyo Jin) is a 25 year old woman who desperately wants to be a teacher at a high school she was kicked out of after a misunderstanding with her teachers about injuring a group of male classmates and was kicked out. After getting her GED, she rejects other job offers from other high schools and works on becoming a teacher at her old high school to work with her high school love interest, the art teacher Ji Hyun Woo (Kim Da Hyun). However, the only thing that enables her to get the coveted job is by signing a contract to essentially babysit Park Tae In (Gong Yoo), a troublemaker who attends the same high school. TaeIn, a lonely youth, quickly becomes the "jjang", or "king" of the high school, and enjoys playing mean tricks on Bori. Noh Jemma (Choi Yeo Jin) is jealous of the relationship with Bori and TaeIn, and goes out of her way to get Bori kicked out...


Reminiscent of My Tutor Friend and Sang Doo, Let's Go To School, Bori is a feisty person, who, despite lacking the credentials, proves to be an excellent teacher. Although she initially wanted to be a teacher with her high school crush, she grows fond of her students and reaches out into their personal lives. Her students also come to trust her, preferring to call her in times of emergencies over their own parents. This drama has everything from dynamic, well-choreographed action sequences to interesting love triangles. Its comic relief is also grandly executed by the two leading roles, known for their exaggerated, comedic expressions.


+credits to wikipedia+

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Acting great but storyline makes it greater... I am amazed that the show hasn't had more reviews but I have watched it and wasn't disappointed.

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