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Translator Volunteers are always welcomed

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Intro: Are you interested in a position on AEU? Do you read the daily chinese news paper? Are you able to read and understand chinese? Do you want to make this ability useful?! Well! a translator job is something you could consider! :D Oh this idea is by AEU member (Edward).


Info: We are looking for some helpers to help us translate the HK Local News. You should be able to read and understand Chinese fairly well.


I'm only looking for helpers for HK Local News. You can start posting your translations at anytime because this forum is open for public posting.


If your interested in doing this regularly and become part of the (HKLN Translators), send one of the AEU Admins an email.


Posting Format

Topic Title: Article Title

Topic Description: Full Date of Article

Topic Content: always provide SOURCE/CREDIT.

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