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      No Spamming Rules

      NO SPAMMING RULES What is Spam?
      Short, pointless, and/or off-topic messages. Wastes forum spaces and shows no respect to AEU Staff's hard work and efforts. There is no such thing as 'free lunch', we work so hard to provide you the entertainment, you should do the same and contribute back to the forum. Simply by making non-spam posts. That's all we ask. Help us make AEU a nicer place to be at and not some junk land.

      Examples of Spam
      1. Expression words: hahahahhaa, hehehehee, hohohoho, etc.
      2. Posts Contains nothing but smilie faces: =), =(, =/, <3, etc.
      3. Posting gibberish: aifjajfojwefojl, q0983940349, jweorjwlfka... etc.
      4. Posts less than 10 words. (there are exceptions)
      5. Double Posting (read below for more info.)
      6. Quoting other members when not directly replying to them, just to get past character limit.
      (Example: Read below under the notes)
      7. Any form of Copy and Pasting (c/p): c/p other members posts, other ideas, parts of a post and making it as your own. c/p your own posts several times to increase post count. Re-wording/Re-phrasing another member's post is also considered as c/p. c/p parts of several other members posts and making it as your own is illegal.
      8. Making words longer than needed just to get around character limit: "yesssssssssssssssssssss i loovvvve thissssssssss"
      9. Extending punctuation marks, to get around character limit: "......................" or "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "???????????"
      10. Postings of the same word over and over just to get around character limit: "i love love love love love this movie!"
      11. Posting in other languages other than English! (part of post in another language = ok!)
      12. Posts similar to either/or Examples # [1-3, 7-9] in the Direct Download forums (DDL) will be consider as spam as well!

      [1/20/10] *POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH: Your posts must be in English otherwise it is considered spam. We are an English forum, in order to generate discussions, we must be able to understand what you write. If you need to include some Chinese or other languages into your comment, that is fine. If your entire post is in another language, that is NOT fine. Thank you.

      [6/18/09] *COPY&PASTE OFFENDERS: will suffer stricter consequences on 2nd offense.

      *Save us both time, if you know the comment your making is spam, don't post it! We know it and you know it... why waste time? Do it right the first time and we'll all be happy. =)

      Double Posting

      What IS considered double posting?

      -- [Double Post Rules] -- posting more than once of the spam post in the same forum/thread. posting more than once of different posts in the same forum/thread, but at very close time intervals (Such as, Post #1 made at 1pm - Post#2 made at 1:10pm = Double post) posting a comment in a thread and then posting the same or similar comment at a much later time. Any 'double posts' made 3 months or before is considered as double posting. (Such as Post#1 made in February 2008, Post#2 made in March 2008 or April 2008)

      What's NOT considered as double posting?
      Topics in Battle of Words, General Chat or in Asian Entertainment Discussions (Asian Series).
      Battle of Words & General Chat: These forums allow double posting, because you may be speaking to another member or debating. In this case, double posting is allowed, however must be different comments and quote the member your replying to. (If you showed no sign that you are responding to another member, Double Post rules apply.) Asian Entertainment Discussions: Take Asian Series as example, in February 2008 you may have seen the series and thought of it this way. However in March 2008 when the series ended, you thought differently and wanted to share. In this case, you can double post. (Do not make the same post if you feel the same way after the series ended = Double post.) [uPDATE: 8/19/2009] Double Posts made more than 3 months after the first post is not considered as spam. We know you all are humans and have limited memory, meaning that you can't possibly remember everything you posted. For example, if you made post #1 in February 2008 and posted again (post #2) in August 2009, you will not be penalized because that is over a year ago. You will, however, be penalized if you made the same exact comment as post #1. -- this is copying and pasting.

      -- How do you know if you already have posted in a topic? If you see the following icons beside a topic, then that means you already have posted in that topic.--

      When and Where do I quote?

      It looks like since we disabled the Quoting First Post. Some members has decided to just go quote any old person and write something that is totally unrelated to the quote. NO! This is spamming and will not be accepted. You are not respecting our Staff or contributing to AEU if you do this.

      Quote says: I like this series, the setting and costumes are very pretty, acting is also good!
      You say: Can't wait to watch this series! I really like the plot and the cast.

      (^ NO! Not Acceptable)

      Quote says: I like this series, the setting and costumes are very pretty, acting is also good!
      You say: really? I haven't seen this series yet, but I think the costumes are beautiful too! they made good choices and also do like the location of the series, looks relaxing.

      (^ OK! your reply should be responding to the quote and relating to it)

      If you spot any of these actions on AEU, please be so kind to report it.
      Reporting Section: http://asianeu.net/forums/index.php?showforum=8
    • mInIfLiGhT

      Requests & Broken Links Rules

      Requests Rules - If you have any requests, you must request them in the Request forums. They aren't just there because they are pretty, so use them! - You may not PM AEu Staffs and/or other members to request things. - We don't have anything written on our faces that state we have those things that you are going to request, so we do not wish to receive any PMs requesting random things. This can get really annoying when the amount increases. - Exception: If an AEu staff and/or another member states in his/her signature or any other places that they accept requests via PM, then you may PM that particular AEu staff and/or member to request things. -You can also request for alternative download links, same rules above applies.   Broken Links Rules - You must reported any broken links in the Broken Links forums. Once again, they aren't there just because they are pretty, so use them! - You may not PM AEu staffs and/or other members to report broken links. - Exception: if an AEu staff and/or another member states in his/her signature, download threads or any other places that they accept reporting broken links via PM, then you may PM that particular AEu staff and/or member to report broken links. (However, only PM the staff/member that uploaded those particular broken links. It would be silly to PM just any staff because no one has all the files being shared on AEu.) - When PMing, remember to state which series/movies/shows etc and which episodes are broken. Often, we get PMs that just stated which episodes are broken without providing the series/movies/shows etc names. This can get really annoying when the amount increases, so remember to provide everything!   Any violations to the above rules will result in your warning level being increased.
    • aZnangel

      AEU Rules & Regulations

      AEU Rules & Regulations

      - No Stealing AEU content. Give credit where it's due.
      - No disrespecting, flaming, insulting, use of foul language or any other rude behavior directed towards other members and staff allowed. Be respectful! Friendly community here.

      - No posting in another language. All posts made on AEU must be in English! This is an English forum.
      - No porn or adult content posts allowed at all anywhere on AEU Forums.
      - No pornographic Images/Videos allowed at all.
      - No atnext.com content - news or pictures - anywhere on AEU Forums. Redirect or link the article/picture instead.

      - No sharing American/Non-Asian Entertainment allowed at all. (youtube videos allowed).
      - No sharing serial codes, cracks or keygens allowed.
      - No sharing of cracked software or games.

      - No signatures bigger than 550 x 150 dimension. If more than one image is used, combined dimensions must be within limit.
      - No combination of image and text signatures bigger than the dimension limit! Keep it short!
      - No long listing of "currently uploading/watching" in signature. Use a spoiler tag ([sr] tag)! Keep it short.

      - Advertising other sites and/or sites like AsianEU is allowed, but no spam advertising. No meaningless spam advertisements.

      - You may advertise the website on your own profile/signature.
      - You may submit a request to be an affiliate (clickable link) with AEU.

      - You may not create a topic advertising your site or a site you like on our forums. (Acceptable only in signature or About Me page)
      - You may not make unnecessary posts on other threads about the site.
      - You may not spam the forum with advertisements of your site.
      - You may not spam someone else's profile with the website.
      - You may not spam others PM box with the website you want to share.
      - You may not spam the forum with posts/comments about the website.

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      If you have a question, please check the PM guidelines below to see who is the right Admin to contact.   1. Forum's Technical Difficulties? --- ♥ 我爱台妹 ♥ examples: error when posting/points, viewing the site, problems with member group, server problems   2. Donations? --- ♥ 我爱台妹 ♥ examples: donator access questions, payment questions, etc.   3. Downloads? --- GOLF or any Uploading Krew examples: problems with view files, downloading. Questions on quality and uploading.   4. General Forum Questions? --- Wendy   ** Unless otherwise stated by the specific Admin/Moderator, follow the PM guidelines.** ** If you didn't follow, understand why your question was ignored. **
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      Use the Spoiler Tag in this forum!

      Please use the Spoiler Tag for your riddles, jokes, games etc in these forums.   [sr]joke/riddle inside[/sr]

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