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  1. Sad news but it was bound to happen . Will miss him in ancient costume dramas
  2. i rather they push Nancy and Myolie as lead and bring back Flora Chan back Add rachel Lee instead of Charmine
  3. Yes~!! this year awards winners deserve it. I saw both Daya and Chi Lam series and both are good actors, it was 50/50 for me
  4. The plot and settings so far is good. compare to TITS original theme song. this one is bad. It doesn't sound right Karma Rider Theme Song matches up with their series
  5. Even if you have the best actors/actress , if the story /plot sucks.. you can't do anything.
  6. wish them all the best with their relationship with little interference with the paparazzi
  7. i hope he take on ancient series drama. Love his acting
  8. Why support the political group if you don't known the platform or their agenda...