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  1. Congrats to them both! Both deserves the awards and were very cute accepting the awards together.
  2. This is great news! It's good to see some veterans in TVB again after nearly everyone left forcing them to promote inexperienced people to main lead.
  3. Her acting is quite good and it's great TVB is finally giving her more screen time and getting recognized by the viewers.
  4. TVB doesn't seem to know how to make interesting ancient series that's not comedy, wonder how this will go. As for Grace, I don't think she's ready for a series like this.
  5. That can't be healthy at all getting so little rest. But the series was pretty good, Vincent and Tracy made the show really enjoyable even with the constant scene repeats.
  6. That's very shocking but not surprising. They were dating for so long and marriage didn't seem like it was in their radar it seems.
  7. From some news reports, it seem like Linda broke up with Philip and left for Vancouver to heal her heartache. While shew as there, she rebounded with Jeremy and got pregnant soon after but hid it from the public to now. But congrats to Linda and Jeremy!
  8. Not surprised Speed of Life is getting high ratings, it's quite good thus far and I quite like it. Hope it can continue being interesting.
  9. Surprised Monster Killer isn't getting decent ratings during the weekend, I find the show to be quite interesting. Looks like most shows airing are in the low 20s
  10. Congrats to all the winners! Though I don't think Grace deserved it at all and TVB changing the rules just to give her the award was just stupid. Nancy definitely deserves the award but I felt she didn't really have any competition for it and it was oblivious to give it to her. Also, her role in OT wasn't that memorable.
  11. Congrats to the winners! Ruco deserve to win it but not sure about Liza winning it.
  12. Congrats to Bobby! Seems like lots of TVB artist opens or invests in a lot of businesses of food and beauty. Also good to know we can expect to see Bobby in at least one series each year.
  13. Quite enjoying The Fixer so far and hope it stays entertaining. Haven't been catching up on Come Home Love since the change in cast and the ratings makes it seem like I'm not missing much. Good to see Brick Slaves having good ratings as well!
  14. The sequel, if you can even call it that, really doesn't live up to its name. With the complete reboot of the cast with the exception of 2 old cast members and the fact they used some of the old cast as new members, really is a turn off as they act like they're completely new people.
  15. Congrats to them both! They seem to look really good together. Hope they have a successful marriage!