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  1. Their hairstyles really wow everybody as it is uncommon to see so many strange yet invigorating hairstyles. The hair stylists cum artists are commendable for creating such beautiful works of art on the individuals concerned.
  2. This is another fine example of 'age is no barrier to love and marriage'. Anyway it is high time that Aaron ties the knot otherwise he may remain a 'wanderer'. Congratulations and wish the couple the very best for the future.
  3. Although it is normally considered too late fur ordinary people to have a baby at this age perhaps it is acceptable for special cases like William So's. It is a beautiful baby and congratulations to the happy couple.
  4. This is really unbecoming of a seasoned entertainer! The worker was just doing his job to earn a decent living and did not deserve to be treated in such a manner. She deserves to be punished according to the law. There are many incidences of celebrities behaving in such bad tastes.
  5. This is an excellent meaningful drama series which surfaced once in a while. Of course the value of this series will not be apparent without the input of quality acting by the 'stars' concerned. Keep up the good work. .
  6. The real cause of teeth grinding while asleep (which is a passing phase) is unknown but could be attributed to stress and anxiety. Periods of stress and anxiety are normal in any profession. Nevertheless this shows that she is serious in her work and she has improved in her acting by leaps and bounds.
  7. They have had their share of the ups and downs in life. The relatively long spell of separation has generated a much stronger bond between the 2 ladies. It is good to see them getting serious in their singing career and best wishes to them in their undertakings.
  8. This is possibly just another example of the normal trend of 'retired' screen stars (due to reasons of family building, for example) returning to acting. This appears to be unavoidable as there are not many aspiring new talents. As a result we would be watching the familiar faces series after series. Nice to see her possible return.
  9. Losing a few strand of hair is to be expected when you have to put on the head 'gear' for this drama. This is probably due to poor aeration. A small sacrifice when you are in the acting profession. This should not be an issue as she still has a good crop of hair.
  10. It is such an irony that the rich-and-famous has all the attention and best of treatments while those at the lower end of the scale will probably meet with a much unfortunate ending although we are all humans. The risk is always there when dealing with animals. Nevertheless I wish him a speedy.
  11. This Korean drama has great appeal with both personalities Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun providing a good performance which deserves a good rating. I hope this drama can be dubbed in Cantonese so that it can benefit and appreciated more by the Cantonese speaking population.
  12. The arrival of the baby boy will bring much joy to the couple and their respective families and of course a lot of responsibilities to both parents. Congratulations to Angelababy and Xiaoming and lots of good wishes to the new family.
  13. Bosco Wong has lost some weight but he looks OK and has a reasonably good physique although a little skinny. Having a good physique does not necessary to be bulky but adding a few more pounds will certainly be a vast improvement in view of his height.
  14. The beautiful and gorgeous Eliza Sam finally becomes Mrs. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and wishing them everlasting happiness. Hope to see Eliza on the screen again someday as she has great acting potential.
  15. There is a lot of crazy and mentally unstable people in this modern society including those fans who are obsessed with their entertainment idols. This type of fans can be easily provoked to do the unexpected. The popularity of the"stars" are because of their fans and the "stars" must also play their role in public amicably. Wish her a speedy recovery. .