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  1. new people, new face and new story!!! I like it!!!! Hope will bring me new fresh in here
  2. very nice history drama, all pretty actress in here... love to watch Fan Bing Bing!!!!
  3. is a good drama that telling Chinese history, love to see fan bing bing
  4. looking forward to watching this new TVB show, like to see how alex did in the show
  5. interesting show, love to see some new actor and actress in the show.... no time haven't see mosses Chan
  6. alots of new face in this drama.... interesting topic too..... and the song very good!!!!!
  7. Very good series..... all new face in here..... love to watch!!!
  8. kind of funny drama show, but next year can change to some other artist.......
  9. Love to watch Priscilla and Edwin, and very cute and sweet couple now!!!
  10. await all new actress face in tvb, hope is good!!!
  11. very good show... I hope they will have part 3........
  12. very good series that I haven't see long time...... Good show TVB
  13. Good Serious, love to watch TVB new 5 Tiger!!!! Also, alots good actor and actress in there
  14. The part 1 is great, hope part 2 can be even better than first one!!!
  15. Really looking forward to it, hope will better than the first one!!!