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  1. Wow, much grats to our mighty undead Jackie Chan. He deserves what he had, he worked so hard for it.
  2. That's right, good Samaritan with a pretty face. Bingbing is a role model to peoples nowadays.
  3. "A step to the past" is a really good drama, I'm looking forward for the movie.
  4. Congrats to janet chow and timmy hung's second baby! Such a lovely family.
  5. About time... I was enjoyed watching Come Home Love until the tremendous change in Cha Lee See and too many new people joining the sitcom.
  6. Hope they will make things out. It sad to see a couple for so many years break up at the end.
  7. That is actually a funny discovery that Chapman To has. Unfortunately, all the above people that listed which has a similar face as her are men.
  8. Congrats to the newborn, aimee and moses! Such a lovely baby. Best wishes for the family.
  9. congrats cholam and leanne on their wedding! wish they live happily ever after!
  10. Feel so happy for myolie, she deserves a good relationship. Congrats again
  11. Congrats to all the winners. As for Jinny Ng, I really like her theme song from Line Walker. That song deserves the reward.
  12. All her concerts seem charming and amazing.. they must've had a lot of fun. Congrats to "Mrs Hui"
  13. congrats to all the winners.. they deserved all the trophies as you can see how hard they worked for it
  14. Roger Kwok sure did a good job in black heart white soul. Support!