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  1. An old man killed another old man, what a sad tragedy. Its too old to learn a lesson as he will be in jail the rest of his life.
  2. What a sad story.How can a mom would do that to her own child.
  3. I don't think children below 10 years old knows anything about sex. They need to be educated what can do and what can't.
  4. How come the son only got half of what the woman have? why???
  5. Crazy man and he must be mentally sick. hurting so many people. sigh....
  6. No doubt this is a horrible thing that had happened to an innocent man which can be prevented from happening in the first place.
  7. Proud to have an honest taxi driver from Hong Kong. He should be rewarded and hopefully others will follow his honest act.
  8. Hope the police will find these three guys before they hurt someone else.
  9. The man should realized the girl is only 7 years old and didn`t mean to hurt his son. No matter what he deserve to put in jail for what he did.
  10. App can be very helpful when use properly , otherwise can be heck in to personal information.
  11. He deserved more than 33 months. He is also a coward as he only has guts to attack the elderly.
  12. His conduct and behaviour does not qualify as preacher. 4 weeks to jail is not enough.
  13. There is no excuse to set someone free after he harmed others. Giving that even the victim forgave him I think 2 years sentence is appropriated. Hope he will not do anything like that to his wife again.
  14. What a intelligent thief. He should make use of his talent for something else and not cheating.
  15. The high speed jetfoil always has accident from time to time. I think it is safer to take helicopter to go to Macau. At least I don't recall any helicopter accident.