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  1. looks good, I head theres going to be a IP MAN 4 as well.
  2. this movie was good but not as good as the old school cantonese gangster movies.
  3. Thanks for sharing. is this in canto? In any case look forward in watching this.
  4. So who's the women.... members here say she is cute. Anyways people should respect the privacy of their artist/actor/actresses.
  5. that's what I like to know... I would like to see some good action kung fu series.
  6. This movie is terrible and the cg is pathetic... I wasted 1.5 hrs. on this boring movie.
  7. The preview looks good, can't wait until it comes out.
  8. wow congrats! the baby is super cute. i wonder if they'll have more in the future. beautiful family!
  9. Finish watching this movie the other day, and the fighting scene was awesome.... story was short, there is not enough emphasis on the main character tho.
  10. This look like a funny movie.. when is the release date... I hope it's in cantonese.
  11. I hope this is good, looking forward to watch it. When will the canto version come out?
  12. Finally this is the last one. It's getting boring.
  13. This movie is hilariously stupid. don't waste your time on this movie.
  14. that is what makes it cute, couples making fun of each other, that is so sweet
  15. What is the usual sentence for it? I'm not familiar with the laws in China.