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  1. congrats to nancy, well deserved!! it's about time that her acting got reongnized. her dress is so pretty too!
  2. beautiful pictures and congrats to them! she looks truly happy!!
  3. I like both Alex Fong and Liu Kai Chi but I think TVB should try to promote some new faces to give a fresh look of the dramas. It is getting very boring seeing the same people over and over again!
  4. congrats! what a lovely couple. jason was only a main male lead for once and i think he should have more with tvb lacking the main male actors
  5. this drama topic has film before a couple years ago. i don't remember the name but it was surround with a family with four siblings.
  6. very pretty bride. she really keeps it so secretly. doubt if it will be the same for raymond lam. his girlfriend seems like the type that would like to have a grand wedding but i could be wrong
  7. well deserves! i thought she acts very well as a new comer and her acting was very natural, yet funny!
  8. i think they look good together. Kevin doesn't look like he is in his 40s. don't see a problem with the big age gap as long as they have similar thinking
  9. i think she is well deserved for both awards. when i see her acting in golden chicks, i was surprise that her acting was pretty good and naturally funny!
  10. saw a couple of her videos on youtube. the girl is really talented and i hope she debuts well in japan.
  11. if they are going to replacing the main cast, which is the ma family, they might as well just start the whole new series! "refreshing" will be something like switching some of the existing members, not the main cast
  12. congrats to them both. she looks really happy. i hope they have a great life together!
  13. the look great together. congrats to them both. i hope people dont judge them for being open about their relastionship.
  14. congrat! such a cute family photo. the baby's eyes are close, can't tell who does he look like
  15. finally!! it's about time for a new show, it has been going on for too long, hope the new sit com wow be extended again and again