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  1. this looks like its going to be a lot better than the one with nicolas tse
  2. ooks trailer is so well..i think i see this series all of them to the end
  3. thanx for this post, with a casting like this it'll problably be a big movie!! i hope it anyway!!!
  4. they need to make this movie in bluray quality. it is good movie not to be upscaled
  5. wow there is another one. did't really care for part 2 compared to part 1
  6. thank you for uploading the movie. I had been looking everywhere for it.
  7. o1. Eternal Happiness o2. Dream Of Colours o3. E.U. o4. Sweetness in the Salt o5. The Last One Standing
  8. I don't like the character Holiday. But Fala did decent in that, I don't think Linda could have done as good in that role.
  9. i prefer ancient (comedy type) because the scenery and costumes are interesting, plus theres fighting
  10. i found DIE is far more better than forensic hero..forensic hero is a bit boring..
  11. their modern drama kept getting boring and boring...while custom drama getting less and less ....
  12. tvb has been doing series that are about 20 episodes and sometimes the storyline is not enhanced. I think i still prefer longer series because it gives the characters more time to develop.
  13. I dont know, hmm my fav wud b Rosey Business, Great story but wished it went on longer
  14. i can really go for some mystery with lawyers court fight, been awhile since i seen a good series like that.
  15. i would go for DIE just for the laughs and some ingenius there