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  1. He is such an overrated singer. His voice is mediocre, but he is just fortunate to be surrounded by a good supporting cast throughout his career. I do have to say he has charisma.
  2. I think Moses is very lucky to have found Aimee. He's a lot older than her and she is willing to give up her career and have three kids with her. Lucky dude.
  3. I think a series I can watch over and over again is Triumph in the Skies part 1, At the Threshold of an Era part 1, and Men of Greed.
  4. I am disappointed with the standards and the requirements of Hong Kong in selecting a male to represent their country. The guys they select seem to lack intelligence and has only muscles.
  5. The series that really made me stay up late was At the Threshold of An Era. The ending of season 1 and beginning of part 2 really kept my family up.
  6. I still think the first one is still the best out of the three. Acting wise and story wise is still perhaps the best of the three.
  7. I don't think he will go any further in his career now. I think he has reached the climax of his position in the Asian Music industry.
  8. So far the airings of this channel seems decent. But I am not so sure about it in the long run.
  9. I think it is about time to stop making these Ip Man movies. They are overdoing the character.
  10. I find recent series for the past several years to be very over-exaggerated. The acting of the actors are poor and stories are just poorly written.
  11. The best series theme song is probably either Triumph in the Skies (Part 1), Return of the Cuckoo, or The Greed of Men.
  12. I just don't understand why Donnie Yen is getting so much credit as an "actor". He simply cannot act and is lucky all the great ones retired. He's at the right place at the right time.
  13. Pretty much all those Ancient China time period series can easily put me to sleep, sadly.
  14. I am surprised how poorly the sequel to the original is. I think the cast was poorly done and plot was effortless. The first one was greatly written and plotted.
  15. She is one of the sweetest and prettiest celebrities I have ever seen in the Asian entertainment industry. I think she should come back into the Asian media soon.