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  1. wow he should at least pay since she did the service, next time is pay first. Even though this job is not the good, but deserve to get pay
  2. Congratulations!!!! Dickey is nice friend announcing the wonderful news Hope the baby and the mother heathy and in good health
  3. She looks so pretty in her wedding grown! Aww she looks so happy too One happy couple!!
  4. Wow!! Are they for real? If it is will this last?? Hope they for real or this just few years then up divorced
  5. this series it interesting the story line with family its interesting with stepmother
  6. miss her ... the last one its with her and Bobby if you come back i will watch so far there nothing good in TVB
  7. Wow this mu first time seeing them in series together!! Im interesting in watching this series!!
  8. i didn't know they fall in love... i believe she a strong woman !! i miss her acting its TVB loss for letting her go
  9. wow cant believe that hope he get better cant believe he fall off the horse this its serious !!!
  10. so are they together? it will be cute !!! heard Tony trying to ask her to be girlfriend ...
  11. awww congratulation!!!!! great news!!!! can't wait to see this baby
  12. didnt see him sing and perform for a long time cant wait to see this i miss him
  13. wow so this 3 one will be different ... im looking forward to this cant wait to see this
  14. she looks fine !!! no need to do anything i guess what actors worry i they eat too much or too little but with their work how can they have normal eating times
  15. sh*t! he crazy !! little kids fight or argue doesnt have to receive those treatment!!