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  1. She is a young actress? She is like 50 something years old. Definitely not a young actress.
  2. the baby indeed looks dashing. congrats to stefan and his wife.
  3. Tracy Chu is a good actress. Worth being promoted to lead actress. Hope to see more of her in other tvb series.
  4. always like tracy chu as an actress. she always managed to look natural and of course, sleeping 30 minutes a day definitely shows her professionalism.
  5. never expected this news. i thought they would be getting married soon. how ironic..
  6. congratulations. glad to hear that they tie the knot. wish them happiness. stunnning wedding pictures.
  7. totally out of the blue. she is definitely tight-lipped about this. kudos to the paparazi too. wow! congrats!
  8. they are indeed a cute pair. wish them loads of happiness.
  9. well-deserved winners. always love nancy wu, she is indeed a versatile actress. anthony wong, needless to say, is a seasoned actor.
  10. i thought they are dating. but well, they indeed look cute together!
  11. the results of this year's mhk is quite up to par. well-deserved champion
  12. well-deserved. indeed beauty and brain champion! hope she won't choose entertainment field as her career line.
  13. sad to hear her demise at such a young age. rest in peace.
  14. anticipate for tracy and raymond pairing more than bosco-linda pairing
  15. lovely couple and lovely babies.. really happy for them!