Mat Yeung and Sisley Choi pepper sprayed for TV movie

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    If there is one memorable thing for Mat Yeung and Sisley Choi from filming their made-for-TV movie, "Police Story", it would be getting pepper sprayed during training.

    As reported on Mingpao, the two stars, who spoke about the experience, stated that they wanted to know how it felt like before filming the scene, and decided to experience it themselves. "The producer supported our decision, but the police asked us to reconsider it because getting pepper sprayed is not the kind of experience that you would want," said Mat.

    However, both he and Sisley persisted, saying that they want to do their role justice, as all PTU officers have to go through it. Said Sisley, the feeling of getting pepper sprayed is like no other, and it made worse by the fact that the training required her to read a large poster after getting sprayed. "I felt so dizzy and had to use all the energy I have to open my eyes and read it. When I went to wash my face, I really felt like I couldn't breathe," she said.

    The actress added that her eyes were red and swollen for a day following the training. As for Mat, the actor said that he was a bit lucky as only his forehead was sprayed, but admitted that it still hurt. "It felt like my face had been washed with chilies," he added.

    Hongkongers treated to a performance extravaganza in the annual Lunar New Year night parade

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    Tens of thousands of people lined the balmy streets along Tsim Sha Tsui to catch a glimpse of the annual Cathay Pacific Lunar New Year Night Parade. The annual extravaganza featured a glittering procession of nine sumptuously decorated carnival floats bearing messages of goodwill, luck and health for the coming Year of the Pig.
    The carnival floats were packed with dancers and performing groups from across the city and international performers from the UK, Spain, South Korea, and beyond. Signature acts included a troupe of Cathay Pacific cabin crew who served up an energetic performance to wow the crowds early in the evening. Staff also handed out red lai see packets to the crowd.

    Other highlights included a Hungarian basketball team, holding no fewer than 10 Guinness World Records, who impressed the crowds lining the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui with a variety of slam dunking moves and amazing trick shots.

    Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor led the festival celebrations and wished all concerned a happy, healthy and rewarding Year of the Pig.

    Father gets 15 years behind bars for raping daughter

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    A 44-year-old dad has been found guilty of repeatedly raping his young daughter after she exposed his crimes in an anonymous letter to a teacher.

    The jury took eight hours to find the defendant, known only in court as HKH, 

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    , HK01 reports.

    The website reports that HKH appeared dumbfounded as the guilty verdict for the indecent assault charge was read out and shook his head repeatedly when he heard he was convicted for rape as well. HKH was remanded to custody, and Justice Patrick Li Hon-leung adjourned the case until January 30, when mitigating statements from HKH’s lawyer will be heard. The judge also ordered a psychological assessment and impact report on the victim, who was referred to in court as X.

    Last month, the High Court heard that the case first came to light when X, now 11-years-old, sent an anonymous letter to her teachers asking 

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     The note prompted teachers at the school to identify X, and then alert the authorities.

    During the trial, X said she had been raped and indecently assaulted six to seven times, starting from when she was just 7-years-old. Prosecutors had enough evidence to charge HKH with one incident of indecent assault that happened when she was 8-years-old, and two incidents of rape that happened when she was 9 and 10-years-old.

    During the trial, prosecutors dismissed arguments from the defense that X was coached by her mom as well as arguments that the allegations had been made up since X remembered the incidents very clearly and she was a well-behaved child who wouldn’t lodge a false accusation.

    The court heard a police interview with X in which she said she didn’t tell anyone because her dad told her to keep it between them and that he would be arrested if anyone found out.

    HKH said during his testimony that he loves his daughter and denied raping her, adding that he doesn’t know why she would accuse him of rape and that, when she was in kindergarten, she would ask to sleep in the same bed as him.

    The court also heard that X’s parents got divorced in 2016 following a domestic dispute, and HKH told the court that he dealt with his sexual needs by masturbating and soliciting the services of prostitutes.

    Pig leads cops on three-hour wild boar chase around Tai Po

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    Source: Coconuts HK/HK01/

    【野豬出沒】大埔野豬遭警盾牌陣圍捕片段曝光 淒厲叫聲響遍天


    昨日大埔有野豬出現,需要警員「追捕」。Tai Po 大埔圖片


    For some residents in Tai Po, the year of the pig came early yesterday in the form of a mob of some 20 city officials attempting to chase down a wild boar in the area for three hours.

    According to HK01, police received a report at 1:20pm yesterday that 

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    . Twenty police officers and personnel from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) were subsequently sent to the scene.

    By the time police arrived, the wild boar had left the estate and made its way to Lam Tsuen River near the center of Tai Po, a few minutes’ walk from the estate. One video posted online yesterday afternoon shows two police officers — one armed with a shield — walking alongside the wild boar which is walking along the embankment of the Lam Tsuen river, while a group of about 10 people look on.

    According to, about two hours later, the wild boar managed to get off the embankment and 

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    . No longer thwarted by the low wall that separated them from the boar at the riverbank, police and AFCD officials enacted what is known in law enforcement circles as the Benny Hill Protocol, fruitlessly chasing the pig back and forth around a small patch of ground wielding nets and shields.

    In another video, the evasive animal can be seen managing to slip the cuffs again, outmaneuvering 10 officers and AFCD personnel. According to a video report by, the standoff eventually ended just before 4pm at Ting Kok Road, where the animal was caught, caged, and sent to the AFCD headquarters to be examined.

    Earlier this year, the AFCD revealed that there were 

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    , which puts the year on track for the most wild board complaints since the government started compiling the numbers in 2013.Politicians concerned about Hong Kong’s wild boar problem have so far suggested 

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    , and even 

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    , which are presumably better at catching pigs than police officers.

    The government scrapped their wild boar hunting program in 2017 and replaced it with a contraception scheme that involves capturing and sterilizing wild boars before releasing them back into the wild. The pilot scheme was launched in February, and as of December, the authorities had captured and sterilized 54 wild boars.

    Eight secondary students arrested over bullying of schoolmate

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    Source: Ejinsight / HK01

    Police arrested eight male students at a secondary school in Ma On Shan on suspicion of bullying a schoolmate. The suspects, said to be secondary six students at the Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School, were later released on bail. They were aged between 17 and 19. The case was listed as common assault. The arrest of the students outside the campus came after a video clip of the incident was uploaded on a Facebook page of Ma On Shan residents, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports. In the video that runs about 40 seconds, the students shoved their schoolmate to the floor and forcibly took off his pants. One of the suspects was caught on camera spanking the boy. 

    The school issued a statement on Thursday saying that its own investigation into the incident suggested that there was no bullying involved. Several students were only playing around, although they went a bit too far, the school said. According to the statement, the school administration had talked to the students involved in the case, and told them that such an incident should not happen again on campus. Bullying will be handled seriously, the statement said, adding that the school has reminded students to immediately report to school officials if they see acts of bullying happening at school. A spokesperson for the Education Bureau (EDB) said it attaches great importance to the incident and has contacted the school administration, adding that the bureau will continue to get in touch with the school and offer support.

    The EDB stressed that bullying in schools, in whatever form or for whatever reason, will not be tolerated. It also asked schools to treat bullying as a serious matter, issue circulars and guidelines to prevent such incidents, and adopt proactive measures to ensure the students’ safety on the campus.

    The eight students were asked to report back to the police in late February.


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