Father Stripped and demostrated sex education in REAL PERSON to his daughter

    By Edward,

    Source : Oriental Daily

    Translated By Edward @ Asianuniverse.net


    Father Stripped and demostrated sex education in REAL PERSON to his daughter



    A Father whom is a boss of a computer shop has decided to teach his 11 year old daughter sex education at home one day. While no one was at home,the father imparted his sex education knowledge to his daughter and have molested his daughter in the process. The father have removed his underwears to introduce the male sex organs to the daughter and have taught her how to masturbate,oral sex and sexual intercourse. The incident was only uncovered months later when the daughter told her teacher and the social workers months later. The case was heard in the High Court yesterday.


    Self Stripped to explain about the male sex organs

    The accused whom was age 55 have Denied 1 counts of molest,2 counts of incest towards a family member and another 2 counts of performing obscene/indecent movements towards a underaged child. The charges indicated that during the period of October and November 2007,the accused have violated his 11 year old daughter (Now known as the victim) more than once.


    At Court yesterday,The plaintiff's representative have showed the magistrate the process of the 11 year old daughter recording her statement with police. In that video record,the victim revealed staying together with her father,mother and elder brother. The mother and elder brother have often returned home after 11PM in the night. During the period of October and November last year,the accused have returned home during 10PM,it was a coincident air conditioner in the house is spoilt and the victim is sleeping at the living room. The accused was only wearing a pair of underwears and have awaken the victim,claiming that he wanted to teach her sex education. After speaking,the accused have removed his underwears , revealed the penis and explained the male sex organs to the victim. The accused have also caress the victim's breast and vagina,and taught her about the penis need to be 'connected' to the vagina during sexual intercourse.


    About 3 weeks later,the accused has again returned home early. He had asked the victim into his bedroom and asked the victim to use her hands and 'shake' his private part until a while fluid is seen,teaching her what is masturbation in the process. About 2 weeks later,the accused has again asked the victim into his room and requested her to oral sex,after a white fluid is squirted out,he requested the victim to swallow it. After swallowing,the victim then ran to the toilet and vomitted,the accused then tell her "This is normal at the start,you will get used to it when you do more."


    Another 2 weeks has passed,The accused has performed sexual intercourse with his daugher when rest of the family members were not at home. The accused has again requested the victim to swallow the semen. The accused is pushing his luck too far,and told the victim not to tell her mother and elder brother about the sex education because "It is a secret between us" Unable to tell her mother and brother,the victim told her teachers in school.


    Court Case Code : HCCC 119/2008


    Readers,be good and professional readers,this is news and information exact from the source. Do not discuss about SEX here. Thanks!


    incase the readers flaming me again , this is the source of the article

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    Mother dotes more on the son than the daugher,the daughter was killed by the mother

    By Edward,

    Source : Oriental Daily



    (Such people don't deserve a black bag to cover the face)


    Mother dotes more on the son than the daugher,the daughter was killed by the mother



    After a mother gave birth to a pair of male female twins. She have always doted more on the boy than the girl. The boy was treated good while the girl is frequently injured and abused. There was one time that the girl's injury was too serious that she needs to be hospitalised for 12 days.


    Although the goverment agencies has gained a personal protection order for the girl,she has continued to suffer under the watch of her mother. The girl has continued to suffer about 60 new injuries all over her body. The injuries have damaged her head,which internal bleeding and blood cloting has occured. The head injuries has caused the girl to choke and die while eating bread.


    The mother whom was arrested days ago has already admitted the charges of child abuse causing death. The hearing will take place in court at the 16th of next month,while background and mental reports of the accused will be gathered by the community service department before she will be sentenced. The judge has also ordered the community service department to investigate why it is that the deceased's brother has got better treatment from the mother while she was being treated harshly.



    (Clothe Hanger being bent - this is a tool being used during the abuse)


    The accused is named Cheung Wai Yu (Aged 28). Initially she has been charged with manslaughter,but the charge was later changed to child abuse causing death. Cheung Wai Yu has commited child abuse to Lo Fung Ying (now known as the deceased) during the period between year 2005's May to year 2007's July in her apartment at Kwun Tong Yi On street. When the police carried out investigations in her residence,they have only found photographs of the accused's son,no photographs of her daughter was found.


    According information revealed by the court,during July last year the accused has reported to the police stating that the deceased has became unconscious when eating bread. The deceased was pronounced dead after being sent to the hospital. After the coroner has carried out a post-mortem on the deceased,he has discovered about 42 new injuries which were bruises and cuts. 17 old injuries were also found,the injuries of the deceased covered her whole body from head to toe. The Coroner has also discovered that the deceased was being hit and slapped on her face,neck,main body and limbs. The deceased's lips was swollen from slaps. Internal injuries included the discovery of the rib bone broken,and the brain having clots. It was believed that the head damage has caused the girl not to react and choke while eating.



    (yeah this person should show her face and not to be shy

    even a tiger wont eat its own cubs,she is worst than a beast)


    Doted on son but not the daughter


    The accused has also acknowledged that she doted on her son more than her daughter because she felt her son was more obedient while her daughter was naughty. Hence,everytime when the deceased is naughty,she would carry out body punishment on her. The accused has also revealed that she has used her hands,clothe hangers and plastic bastball bats to hit the deceased as a punishment for her. She admitted that she will feel regret after hitting her too harshly and too much. The accused has said that she has became short-tempered and used the punishments on the deceased since 2005. She said that she has hit hard on the deceased's head twice as she was too angry. The accused's husband,Mr Lo has frequently advised his wife to be patient to teach the children.


    The accused has further admitted hitting on the deceased five days before she died. The deceased has knocked her head on the hand washing basin while avoiding being hit. During the day of the incident,the deceased became unconscious and sleepy just suddenly while eating bread. The mother have held the deceased's head by pulling on her hair and shook her head to make her awake. While shaking the deceased to awake her,the deceased's head had hit on a metal cabinet,the deceased has showed expression of pain and blood soon flowed from her mouth. Frightened,the accused called the police and ambulance.


    The incident of child abuse was then uncovered by the police.


    After the incident,the police have went to the nursery school which the decease was studying. The teachers and school principal have expressed frequently seeing the hairs on the head of the deceased few and scattered,it also looked sparse compared to other normal children. The school have also expressed that it was often that the deceased came to school with injuries all over her body,after a few times of home visit,the accused explained to the school that the deceased's injury was being caused by falling onto the floor from the bed,hitting on the lamp post while walking on the street,and the brother pulled her hair while fighting for toys.

    The school have informed the police during October of 2006,although the accused was arrested but she was not being charged into court. The police have requested the court to award a personal protection order for the girl and have also informed Welfare agencies to pay home visits often. The welfare agency staffs have closed the case and stopped paying home visits after April 2007 as the accused has been showing good performance. However when the deceased died,the personal protection order has yet to expire. After the incident,the custody of the accused's son has been stripped off from her,the son is now being placed in Bo Leung Kuk welfare centre.


    After interview with the deceased's brother,it seemed that he was not being mistreated at all.


    Court Case Code : HCCC 94/2008

    Naked girl,dancing naked featuring her private parts in public!!!

    By Edward,

    Source : Oriental Daily,AP

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    Pictures censored and blurred ,pm me if there is any prob



    (Girl undressing)


    Naked girl,dancing naked featuring her private parts in public!!!



    The hot summer suddenly became cooling yesterday at The Urban Council Centenary Garden which was always crowded with tourist. A very open-minded and beautiful looking "babe" with long legs and hair was seen stripping her clothes at the water fountain to cool herself infront of many passer-bys. It just took less than 5 minutes for her to strip herself to be completely naked,YES! NAKED! 3 points, with naked chest areas and private parts!(calm down..read on and you will feel disgusted) After the girl stripped,she played in the water by sitting down on the pool and sun bathed herself. The seductive movement lasted for more than 10 minutes. The male onlookers were very open minded to join in the fun too! most of them took out their cellphones to take pictures and record a video of the whole unbelieveable incident.



    (Screaming - maybe she was too comfortable)


    Because many people were already crowded near her and taking videos,the police have to come because many other female onlookers felt disturbed. Female Police constables arrived moments later,and have gave dry towels to the girl. The girl later went away after being sent to the hospital. She was not being arrested or detained by the police. (Because HK is a place where there is freedom of speech and actions)


    The incident happened at about 2PM in the noon. A girl with full and decent clothes was at the water fountain of The Urban Council Centenary Garden. The girl first went into the water fountain to feel the water and wet her body. Initially,passer-bys thought that the girl was cooling herself because of the hot weather,but their thoughts were wrong...



    (Enjoying water splashing on her body)


    Just a few moments,the girl started to caress herself. She stood up and removed her top clothing,and then sat down and remove her shorts and socks. She then removed her bra and panties infront of many on lookers. The girl later stood up again and moved around the platform of the large fountain,she was screaming when doing that. The girl have also sat on the ground,laid on the floor,rolled her body,laughed to nobody and did balancing acts on the fountain.





    Male police dare not participate in this operation


    Onlookers thought that the girl was making some porn movies from a film company. Most were stupefied when they saw what the crazy woman has done. Some onlookers took out their cellphones to record the incident,while other female onlookers scream "oh my god". Other comments include "What is this crazy woman doing" "Wow,she is talking to herself?!" "What is she trying to do?!" And of course,females witnesses felt shamed and disgusted,the police were being called in the end. At first it was male police that arrived to the scene,but they dare not get themselves involved in this sensative situation,so they asked for female reinforcements. The female police arrived and spoke to the woman,they have brought dry towels with them to cover her body. The ambulance was also called to send the girl to the hospital.


    After investigations,we have know that the girl was surnamed Lo (Aged 50). Lo was recently hurt by love.

    Naked man (A gay) hurt by love and attempts suicide

    By Edward,

    Source : Oriental Daily,TS



    (Imagine someone,maybe a person with the age of your father,doing this)


    Naked man hurt by love and attempts suicide



    A middle aged man whom is matured with life experiences have attempted suicide yesterday. Although man's children is already adult,he is still very childish and foolish for a middle aged person. The man attempted suicide because he was hurt by love after his girlfriend requested for a break-up. The man was seen climbing out of his window from his unit at a 27 storey building yesterday afternoon. He sat on top air conditioner and attempted to jump,it was fortunate that firefighters have used ropes to tie and pull him back to a save platform. The man's survived as his life was saved.


    The man that has escaped death was surnamed Wong (Aged 55). Earlier,he has a girlfriend by the surname of Yu (Aged 42),they both fell deeply in love even at such mature ages. But it was recent that there was changes in the relationship. Wong became very hurt after Yu requested a break up with him.


    At about 4PM in the noon yesterday,After Wong had became drunk and ate sleeping pills,he called to his children to express he was unhappy. In the phone call,he revealed that he does not want to live anymore. The call shocked his son and daughter which later called the police. After the police arrived to the scene,they seen a drunk man,naked with only a pair of underwears sitting on the air-conditioner outside the building. As the situation was dangerous,the police have to call in the fireman immediately to save the drunk man. Police have distracted Wong's attention by talking to him,while the fireman "mountain climbed" from the top of the building to get hold of the Wong. Both fireman and police have pulled Wong back into his home. Wong's children accompanied him to hospital after.


    According to neighbours and residents,It was not the first time that Wong had attempted suicide. They felt that Wong is lucky that he is being saved again this time. Residents have also revealed that Wong is homosexual (gay),they have seen him dating with man before.

    Mixed-Blood rich girl fell from cliff and died while walking her dog

    By Edward,

    Source : Oriental Daily,Associated Press

    Translated By Edward @ asianuniverse



    (Girl fell 30 metres,died instantly)


    Mixed-Blood rich girl fell from cliff and died while walking her dog



    A mixed-blood girl,from a rich family has fell from a cliff at Waterfall Bay Road in Aberdeen.The girl fell while walking her dog yesterday morning. She was suspected slipping down the waterfall cliff because it was slippery due to the heavy rain in the midnight. The girl had died a horrible death,from falling down from a 30 metre height. Her dog,was fortunate to survive the accident.



    (Death was too sudden.. especially in such accidents)


    The deceased was named Victoria (Aged 20),she was a half-breed with a British Father and Chinese Mother. Victoria has grown up in Hong Kong,used to study in Kowloon British School and have further her education in Great Britain after she completed her secondary education. She have returned back to Hong Kong just recently after she finished her study in Great Britain and was currently staying with her family at Baguio Villa,in the West District of Hong Kong.




    Information from the scenes revealed that Victoria was wearing casual attires of a white T-Shirt and a mini jeans while she was walking her expensive Husky at Waterfall Bay Road in Aberdeen. She had met with an accident at a cliff while passing CyberPort Road. She had tripped herself because of slippery pavements and fell down the cliff. She died instantly after the fall,Victoria's parents felt very sudden and distressed after they have learnt the death of their daughter.


    Victoria's body was found at about 11AM in the morning yesterday. A passerby was present at the beach below the cliff and have found the deceased's body lying motionless on the ground,near the waves. He was shocked and have called the police.


    The deceased's dog was found alive on top of the cliff,it was groaning at the deceased below when it was found,as if it had already know what has happened to his master.


    Public Response


    After the accident,there were many discussions in the public,questioning the authorities why wasn't a fence at the site,to prevent people from getting near such dangerous cliffs.

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