Bloody baby girl abandoned on supermarket shelf

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    Bloody baby girl abandoned on supermarket shelf

    source and credit: takungpao

    Trasnlated by cici@AsianEU


    A baby girl was abandoned on the shelves in a Tin Hau Parknshop, the baby girl was sent to hospital for tests



    A newborn baby covered in blood still in umbilical cord was wrapped in newspapers and 2 plastic bags by 2 cold-blooded parents yesterday. She was dumped in a supermarket fruit shelves nearly suffocated to death inside the plastic bags. Fortunately, she was found in a timely manner, but after the girl was sent to Ruttonjee Hospital for tests she was later transferred to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in critical condition. Eastern District Crime Squad took over the case, and police looked through the supermarket's closed-circuit television tapes to look for those who abandoned the baby.


    Baby was abandoned at King's Road in North Point on Hong Kong Island in a supermarket on Tin Hau Temple Road. Yesterday's 2:51 p.m., supermarket staffs returned to finishing the packaging of fruit and vegetables stalls, and they found a plastic bag wiggling with an object inside. They thought the object inside was rats, so they informed a security guard to assist. Security guard Mr. Chan immediately rushed to scene with a carton. However, once he opened the garbage bag, he saw something moving constantly inside the plastic bag, so Chan opened the large plastic bag and found another plastic bag. Curiosity motivated him to open the plastic bag, and he was stunned to find a bloody new-born baby inside the plastic bag wrapped with newspapers. So, security guard immediately turned to inform the higher authorities. Ambulance staff rushed to the supermarket, and examined the baby first. Baby was proved to be a girl, and was first sent to the Ruttonjee Hospital for medical examinations, and then transferred to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital for treatment and hospitalization.


    Police believed the seriousness of the situation so the Eastern District Crime Squad was assigned to follow up and police looked at the supermarket closed-circuit television tapes to trace the ones abandoning the baby girl.


    Mr. Chan, the security guard who found the abandoned baby girl was relieve to hear the girl was safe and sound, and sighed with relief. He was very angry saying that children are innocent, and did not understand why her parents were such a cold-blooded people to put the baby into two plastic bags, and subsequently putting her in another supermarket plastic bag. If it was not the supermarket staffs finding the bag odd and opened it to see, the baby might be trapped inside the plastic bags and died of suffocation. Those abandoning the baby was too cruel.


    In November 2004 another case of abandoned baby occurred in a supermarket, to which a seven-month-old baby girl was being abandoned by her parents and grandparents who were responsible for the care of the baby were annoyed and irritated by the baby that they abandoned the baby in a supermarket cart outside of a supermarket in Yuen Long. Since the whole process was recorded by closed-circuit television cameras, the police was able to arrest the people.

    Teacher teases her "have no friend", student humiliated, slit hand to die

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    Teacher teases her "have no friend", student humiliated, slit hand to die

    Source: sun

    Translated by cici@AsianEU


    Girl (left) took a cutter in an attempt to cut self but was prevented by police. She was accompanied by police and relative to hospital.



    A Form 5 student(11th grader) suspecting to have distant peer relationship claimed that a teacher made fun of her for having no friend in the classroom at the end of last month that she felt insulted. Yesterday, when the teacher refused to apologise, it was suspected that student became emotionally agitated after school who was on her way to return home in Tuen Mu that she took a cutter and locked herself in bathroom in an attempt to commit suicide. But she was persuaded by police officers to stop and sent to hospital.


    Family filed complaints to Education Board


    The girl last name is Ling (age 16) attending Sam Pui secondary school. Four o'clock yesterday afternoon when Ling returned home from school crying and taking a cutter into the bathroom and locked the room to cut hand, mother of Ling quickly called the police for help.


    Police were called in to persuade Ling and sent her to hospital for tests. Ling's older sister went to schools to address issue to principal that evening, and ended up having the police to mediate.


    Ling's sister said Ling failed a small test on on the 23rd last month that her teacher instructed her to copy earlier study guide which was distributed to class. But, her sister did not receive study guide because she was absent and nor could she borrow study guide from peers, and her sister claimed the teacher at the time made fun of her for having no friends. Family later complained to school authorities requiring the teacher to apologize to their sister in class, but it was suspected that teacher refused thus Ling became agitated. Family has filed a complaint to Education Board.


    Principal praised well-behaved and smart


    Kwok Yuet-Kuen, the school's principal said that Ling is well-behaved and smart who even earned first place last year. She had good rapport with teacher, but had poor relations with other students. Principlal did not think the teacher insulted the student, and believed that day she was just having concern for the student. School authorities will keep in touch with parents to look into the matter.

    Father molesting 11 years old daughter sentenced to 11 years

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    Father molesting 11 years old daughter sentenced to 11 years

    source and credit: takungpao

    Translated by cici@AsianEU


    This article follows up on story from this article:

    Father Stripped and demostrated sex education in REAL PERSON to his daughter


    Owner of a computer repair shop allegedly molested and in an attempt to have incest with his 11-years-old daughter by the excuse of teaching sex education was earlier convicted in the High Court. He was convicted of four counts of indecent conduct and attempted incest offendse towards the girl, who was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment yesterday. When passing the sentence, the judge read out the report, said the defendant still maintains his innocence showing no sign of remorse, so the judge believes he should receive psychological counseling. The judge also read out the girl's report that the girl has been seriously affected psychologically, and the girl's mother and older brother still do not believe that the girl was molested by her father. The judge hopes the defendant could persuade his wife and son to improve their treatment to the girl.


    Said claim innocence, no remorse


    Deputy Judge Pang of the High Court reprimanded defendant that his acts destroyed trust and integrity during sentencing yesterday, which is a very serious case. Judge Pang quoted the defendant that he is still evading the incident and insisting on his innocence showing no remorse. Judge also cited the victim's report said she has always have a good relationship with the defendant. The defendant molested the girl in the name of sex education, and claimed that he will ignore the girl if the girl does not accept; this rationale confused the girl as she still constantly being reminded of being violated. The report said that after the incident the victim continues to have nightmares dreaming the process of being molested, feeling dirty herself, and also thought about committing suicide which made a great psychological impact on her.


    Judge made a final decision to sentence the defendant to imprisonment for 11 years, and that the defendant should receive psychological counseling in prison. After the sentencing, judge said the girl's mother and older brother still can not believe the girl's story which disturbed the girl. Judge Pang hopes the defendant could persuade the two to improve treatment to the victim.


    Family never visit the girl


    According to the police outside the court, the girl now lives quarters coordinated by Social Welfare Department, but her family has never visited her and the girl had cut off all contact with family.


    The case happened in October last year to January 24 this year, the girl was a six grader living with 52-years-old defendant, her mother and older brother, but her mother and older brother return home late due to work. In the evening when defendant was at home, he would ask his daughter to masturbate for him on the pretext of sex education. Later, he taught her to perform oral sex and asked her to swallow semen, but when daughter vomited, the defendant said to her that she would get used to it gradually. In addition, there were two evenings in which the defendant has the intention of having a sexual intercourse with his daughter. This year on January 24, daughter disclosed to the class teacher and social worker. Her mother met with school authorities, but the defendant arrived with mom at the same time, so school called the police and police arrested the defendant.

    "Gold King" Lam Sai-Wing died of illness

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    "Gold King" Lam Sai-Wing died of illness

    Source: takungpao

    Translated by cici@AsianEU


    Lam Sai-wing and he takes pride in his world of gold



    Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited Chair and Executive Director Lam Sai-Wing, known by Hong Kong people as the man who single-handedly established his own brand "3D-Gold", unexpectedly died of illness at home at the age of 53 on yesterday morning.


    It is reported that the "Kong Kong Kind of Gold" Lam Sai-wing was found unconscious in bed at home yesterday afternoon, and was later certified dead. His wife Mrs. Lam was reported to be in mainland China.


    Create "3D-Gold" brand


    Hang Fung Gold listed companies issued a statement yesterday to confirm the death of Lam Sai-wing, and all funeral arrangements will be announced later. Statement pointed out that all Lam Sai-Wing's work will be temporary managed by board of directors, and Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited maintains normal operation of business. The statement said Lam Sai-wing devoted his life to the establishment and development of Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited. His distinguished leadership made great contributions to the company, and board of directors, management and staff will continue his spirit and mission to continue company's development plans.


    Lam Sai-wing and his wife Chan Yam-fei married for more than two decades and has one son and two daughters. The eldest son studied abroad and started working after graduating from university, but he did not work in Lam Sai-wing's company; 2nd daughter studying in the United Kingdom; and 3rd daughter aged 10-years-old. Lam Sai-wing known as "Hong Kong King of Gold", his history to become rich is legendary, amongst his brilliant creation was building a "golden toilet" creative that stimulated his reputation to peak.


    Sold bananas and understood the way of doing business


    Lam Sai-wing born in 1955 in the town of Meilong, in Shanwei City of Guangdong Province at Haifeng County, and had a grandfather doing jewelry business. Less than 10-years-old, his father died, and the family burden fell on his mother. He ranked third among five siblings, but his brother had disability, so he become his mother's right-hand man. He was brought up with his brother by his mother in Guangdong's Haifeng waterfront town, and the only source of income was selling bananas on the streets. The accumulated sales experience at a young age got Lam Sai-wing to understand the marketing promotion of business which is significant in accumulating business.


    In 1978, Hong Kong's prosperity and the gold industry allowed him to make an important decision, that is, becoming an ordinary apprentice with a monthly salary of 300 Hong Kong dollar at a gold jewelry store. With his wisdom, he understood the whole process of making gold jewelry in a short period of time, and mastered all the skills after a year. As a result, he spent all of 2000 Hong Kong dollar savings into 150 grams of gold to begin his career, and show business talent.


    At the very beginning, Lam Sai-wing used 150 grams of gold to design style on necklaces which he's good at, and selling products to large-scale jewelry stores. After jewelry stores saw his goods, they not only collected the goods, but added orders, which evolved into jewelry storers giving gold supply to him asking him for gold processing and decoration.


    In 1979, with a few million dollars, Lam Sai-wing took a train to Dongguan finding 30 workers to establish his first jewelry processing plant. In 1986, Hang Fung opened a second store in Shenzhen, in 1989 opened a third store in Beijing; and in 2000 set "3D-Gold" as the official exclusive product of the corporate brand.


    He saw in 2001 of mainland visitors' preference to shop in Hong Kong that he set up a "3D-Gold" Tourism Exhibition Hall displaying tens of millions of dollars worth of gold toilets. "Gold toilets" was included in the Guinness Book of World Records, and had been used in the subject of filming. Later, he also produced "The Gold Guanyin", "Gold Wong Tai Sin," "Gold Windmill", "Golden Ball" and "gold carriage" to create his own "World of Gold".

    A unlucky reporter was almost being crushed by a deceased person when he suicide by jumping from the building

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    Source : Mingpao

    Translated By Edward @



    ( 1. Deceased fell from the 35th storey

    2. He was caught by the safety net at the 31st storey

    3. He performed aerobatics and fell straight to ground floor after )


    A reporter was almost being crushed by a deceased person when he suicide by jumping from the building



    A teenage whom have took drugs have fell down a 35 storey building yesterday morning. The scene was breathtaking as he almost fell onto a reporter whom was filming at him and doing news coverage.


    A 22-year-old man climbed on a bamboo scaffolding outside a building in Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, fell to his death this morning. The man was suspected to be high on Ketamine and was not in a mental conscious state. After a resident reported a man climbing on the scaffolding at the building which is under renovation during 9.18AM today,large amounts of police and reporters rushed to the scene. 1 of the reporters from a television station was lifting his head up and shooting his camera at the man playing "aerobatics" at the scaffold.



    ( ..deceased performing aerobatics )


    The man was playing "aerobatics" and playing with his life on a high building,swinging his body intensively in mid-air before dropping onto the 1st storey. Dropping from a 31 storey height,the man's head was decapitated and severed from his main body when he landed on the ground,he died in a very horrendous death. He landed,just 4 feets near the reporter,the scene will be unbelieveable if he did hit on the reporter. Although the reporter escaped unhurt and unharmed,his right arm was dyed with splashes of red blood,the experience will give him a good lesson not to mess around when someone is really going to die.


    The dececased was certified dead at the scene. Police were still trying to confirm his identity as some residents said he also lived in the building.



    ( Police using the camera to photograph for evidence which is needed in the investigation )


    Large amount of Ketamines found on the roof balcony


    The deceased was surnamed Chan (Aged 22). It was believed that he was a frequent drug consumer. After the incident,the police have found 2 bags of ketamine powder on the roof balcony which Chan had stayed for a few days. Each bag contained about 28 grammes of Ketamine,with 1 bag already half empty. It was suspected that Chan have consumed half a bag of ketamine and went berserk,thus causing this tragedy.


    CCTV camera reveals that Chan have entered the building at about 7AM in the morning,he went straight to the roof balcony at the 35th floor. Residents revealed that the building started renovating last year,the outer wall have scaffolds which surrounded the whole building. Yesterday morning,someone saw Chan sitting on the bamboo scaffold at the 35th storey,a resident have opened his window and hit him,causing him to lose balance and fall.


    Swinging in air,performing aerobatics


    At about 9AM in the morning,residents called the police to report someone had fell onto the safety net on the 31st floor and was unconscious. The police and firemen arrived to perform a search,with mountain climbing equipments. They have found the person already regained conscious and was climbing upwards by the scaffold,he failed and fell back to the safety net at the 31st storey.


    Spokesperson from the fire department revealed that a fireman was speaking to him,saying "Hey buddy,lets be friends and save the hassle,go back into the building and give your signature. It will be fine,we won't arrest you,we can pretend that nothing has happened,okay?!" The person did not respond to the fireman's message and walked to the edge of the scaffold,his arms held on the bamboo pillar and performed "parallel bars" similiar to the aerobatics that we see in Beijing Olympics.


    Chan's body swinged in mid-air for 4 and a half rounds,then,he swinged forward and let go of his hand,this movement had caused him to fall and die. During the process of the fall,Chan have hit on the safety net 3 times before landing on the ground floor. The safety nets failed to catch him because he was landing at a fast speed , with a heavy body mass. A large bang was heard when he landed,his head was decapitated from the main body and blood splashing all over the area.



    ( Head missing )


    At the same time,there were about 3 reporters and 2 police officers at the ground. 2 reporters and the 2 police officers ran away to hide when they saw someone falling down infront of them at fast speed. However another reporter from a television station was still standing and too engrossed in filming. He witnessed the person ontop of him,the dead person's shadows covering his head and then a loud bang,these which happened in less than a few factions of a second. The reporter later saw a dead body just 4 feets away from him, his right arms stained with splashes of the deceased's fresh red blood. He was started and speechless.



    ( Police found the deceased's shoe at the 20th storey)


    As the deceased has lost a shoe during the fall,the police searched the whole scaffold for possible evidence. They have called in the search and rescue team which used mountaining equipments to climb the outer wall of the whole building. They found the shoes at the 20th floor. After investigation,police found the suicide nothing suspicious,and will be tracing the source of the drug. A post-mortem will be conducted by the forensics to test if the deceased had really taken drugs.

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