Fireman suicide because he was found smoking

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    Source : Oriental Daily

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    (Picture Top, The poor fireman suspected of having mental illness chose to end his life last sunday)


    Name being recorded because of smoking,caused the fireman to suicide


    A fireman which has been active on duty for 18 years has chose to end his life by jumping off from an apartment at Yuen Long earlier. His family members expressed,the deceased had smoked in the canteen at Pat Heung Fire Station earlier last month. He was discovered by his superiors and was recorded for violating the rules. He was worried that he will be dismissed by his superiors,which will cause him to be unable to support his aged mother anymore. Under stress and pressure,he lost his senses and was needed to be sent to the hospital,he commit suicide shortly after. His family member requested the fire department to investigate his sudden mood change and return his innocence.


    18 years service


    The deceased was named Chu Wing Hon (42 years old). He joined the fire service at year 1990 and was being deployed for active duty at Pat Heung Fire Station after 4 years. Chu's brother was also a fireman. He is unmarried. Chu has been staying with his mother and siblings at Pat Heung's Ngau Tam Mei street.


    Worried about being dismissed caused him to suffer from depression


    His colleague disclosed, Pat Heung Fire Station is a small station. If the staffs have a habit of smoking, they will only smoke outdoors. However,about 2 months ago,the station has banned smoking completely.



    (Picture Top, Pat Heung Fire Station [station Code : PHG] )


    Got depressed after receiving a warn


    The deceased's family member said, Chu's superiors had discovered him smoking at the canteen on the 9th of June. His name was recorded and received a warning. Chu was worried about his prospects, he had revealed to one of his colleagues that he felt nervous,afraid to be dismissed and unable to support his aged mother. At the 24th of June, Chu was seen behaving strangely while on duty,he did not respond to his colleagues no matter how hard they tried to call his name. He was being sent to the hospital. After being discharged,his family members noticed that he has depression, instead of returning to work,Chu applied for frequent medical leaves to rest.


    He enjoys being a fireman when he is alive,death is suspicious


    Chu's sister stayed in Yuen Long's Long Ping Village. Last Sunday at about 4PM, Chu had suddenly jumped down from her sister's apartment after visiting her. The police suspected that he had suicide because of mental problems. The deceased's family members were filled with sadness and sorrow. According to his family members,Chu has always loved his job as a fireman when he was alive,it was only recent that he is behaving strangely. They believed that there is a special reason for his recent behaviour and about the background of the smoking incident, and requested the fire department to carry out an investigation and make clarifications to them.


    The fire department has currently not yet release any information or comment anything about the fireman's death.

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