Naked man (A gay) hurt by love and attempts suicide

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    Source : Oriental Daily,TS



    (Imagine someone,maybe a person with the age of your father,doing this)


    Naked man hurt by love and attempts suicide



    A middle aged man whom is matured with life experiences have attempted suicide yesterday. Although man's children is already adult,he is still very childish and foolish for a middle aged person. The man attempted suicide because he was hurt by love after his girlfriend requested for a break-up. The man was seen climbing out of his window from his unit at a 27 storey building yesterday afternoon. He sat on top air conditioner and attempted to jump,it was fortunate that firefighters have used ropes to tie and pull him back to a save platform. The man's survived as his life was saved.


    The man that has escaped death was surnamed Wong (Aged 55). Earlier,he has a girlfriend by the surname of Yu (Aged 42),they both fell deeply in love even at such mature ages. But it was recent that there was changes in the relationship. Wong became very hurt after Yu requested a break up with him.


    At about 4PM in the noon yesterday,After Wong had became drunk and ate sleeping pills,he called to his children to express he was unhappy. In the phone call,he revealed that he does not want to live anymore. The call shocked his son and daughter which later called the police. After the police arrived to the scene,they seen a drunk man,naked with only a pair of underwears sitting on the air-conditioner outside the building. As the situation was dangerous,the police have to call in the fireman immediately to save the drunk man. Police have distracted Wong's attention by talking to him,while the fireman "mountain climbed" from the top of the building to get hold of the Wong. Both fireman and police have pulled Wong back into his home. Wong's children accompanied him to hospital after.


    According to neighbours and residents,It was not the first time that Wong had attempted suicide. They felt that Wong is lucky that he is being saved again this time. Residents have also revealed that Wong is homosexual (gay),they have seen him dating with man before.

    Mixed-Blood rich girl fell from cliff and died while walking her dog

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    Source : Oriental Daily,Associated Press

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    (Girl fell 30 metres,died instantly)


    Mixed-Blood rich girl fell from cliff and died while walking her dog



    A mixed-blood girl,from a rich family has fell from a cliff at Waterfall Bay Road in Aberdeen.The girl fell while walking her dog yesterday morning. She was suspected slipping down the waterfall cliff because it was slippery due to the heavy rain in the midnight. The girl had died a horrible death,from falling down from a 30 metre height. Her dog,was fortunate to survive the accident.



    (Death was too sudden.. especially in such accidents)


    The deceased was named Victoria (Aged 20),she was a half-breed with a British Father and Chinese Mother. Victoria has grown up in Hong Kong,used to study in Kowloon British School and have further her education in Great Britain after she completed her secondary education. She have returned back to Hong Kong just recently after she finished her study in Great Britain and was currently staying with her family at Baguio Villa,in the West District of Hong Kong.




    Information from the scenes revealed that Victoria was wearing casual attires of a white T-Shirt and a mini jeans while she was walking her expensive Husky at Waterfall Bay Road in Aberdeen. She had met with an accident at a cliff while passing CyberPort Road. She had tripped herself because of slippery pavements and fell down the cliff. She died instantly after the fall,Victoria's parents felt very sudden and distressed after they have learnt the death of their daughter.


    Victoria's body was found at about 11AM in the morning yesterday. A passerby was present at the beach below the cliff and have found the deceased's body lying motionless on the ground,near the waves. He was shocked and have called the police.


    The deceased's dog was found alive on top of the cliff,it was groaning at the deceased below when it was found,as if it had already know what has happened to his master.


    Public Response


    After the accident,there were many discussions in the public,questioning the authorities why wasn't a fence at the site,to prevent people from getting near such dangerous cliffs.

    Old lady being knocked down by a truck because she is crossing the road just before the light is red

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    Source : Mingpao

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    (Picture Top,Scene of the accident)


    Old lady being knocked down by a truck because she is crossing the road just before the light is red



    Yesterday an old lady have been knocked down by a truck as she has been crossing the road just moments before the traffic light turned from green to red. Her leg was being pressed by the truck tires and suffered serious injuries. The lady fainted after a few screams. The paramedics arrived after 10 minutes to send her to the hospital. Her condition was still serious after emergency treatment.




    70% of the deaths in traffic accidents were elders


    According to the figures by the police,there were 43 people that have lost their life in the first 4 months of the year. 70% (31 people) of them were elders above the age of 60. There were 160 deaths in traffic accidents last year,it wasa an 11% increase compared to the figure of 144 in year 2006. The figure of elders losing their lives in traffic accidents have increased for about 18% too.


    The traffic department states that there were many elders whom does not like to comply with traffic safety rules. They have often crossed the roads while the lights are red or take shortcuts to cross to the other side of the road when there were no cars. The spokesperson of the traffic department also states that the elders should raise their hands while crossing the road to give signals for the drivers to slowdown or stop as most of them have slow walking speeds. It was also said that the elders thought that most of the drivers will "give way" to them,however in most cases its untrue.

    "Ghost Encounter" caused traffic accident on a Police Vehicle

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    Source : Mingpao,Wenweipo,Oriental Daily,Associated Press

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    (Picture Top,was it a accident? was it a ghost encounter)


    "Ghost Encounter" caused Police Vehicle to overturn



    Another traffic accident happened again yesterday. This time,the accident happened at the infamous highway North of Dai Yu Shan. The highway was infamous for the high amount traffic accidents which has often caused the deaths of many people. A police van with 4 police officers onboard have lost control and over turned at the highway yesterday. All 4 wheels of the van were facing the sky. The high ranking officer whom was the driver responsible for the accident,claimed that he steered the van to avoid a "Black Shadow". Although the 4 officers only suffered injuries,they were frightened by the "Black Shadow" that "might be" the cause the accident. Some metaphysicians (Feng Shui Masters) claimed that the police might have met with spirits at the highway which people have died before.



    (Was the "Black Shadow" real? or was it just a make up story to get out of trouble?)


    At about 2AM,4 police officers from the patrol unit of North District,which included 2 sergeants,1 inspector and 1 constable were driving at the North highway of Dai Yu Shan. The driver of the police van was the inspector. The crew of 4 were going to Tsing Yi to set up a roadblock to check on overspeeding,drunk driving and suspicious vehicles. While at the highway,the driver suddenly saw a "Black Shadow" floating quickily from the right to the left of the road. The driver steered the wheel immediately to avoid colliding. But the steer was too much that the vehicle's side shovelled the road fence at the side of the road. It continued to move and gained momentum down the slope and move for a metre before losing balance and overturn. All 4 wheels faced the sky.


    The 4 crews sustained minor injuries at the hands and legs,they climbed out of the vehicle after the accident and requested their headquarters to send reinforcements. The injured crew were being sent to the hospital for treatment when the paramedics arrived. The overturn vehicle was being towed to to the mechanics to check if it was a technical error that caused the accident.



    (Someone died at the same spot last year)


    Traffic accident caused death at the same spot last year


    After the North Highway was comissioned for service in year 1997,many serious accidents involving deaths has happened. During 28th September last year,a mini bus has met with an accident at the exact spot where the police vehicle had overturned. Last year,the mini bus have also lost control and collided with a police car and a truck which is parked at the road. The mini bus driver has died instantly in the crash.


    Feng Shui Expert : Ghost might be looking for scapegoats


    Feng Shui Master Miss Ng said that the people whom had died from traffic accidents were mostly wrongful deaths. They will stay on the spot that they died and keep on repeating the scenes of the accident that caused their deaths. The souls would not reincarnate immediately. "They" will have to find scapegoats,make someone die on the same spot on their behalf so that they could free themselves from repeating the scenes of the accident which caused them to die. Religious Ceremonies to the souls during their funeral will only lessen their power,but will not prevent them from forgetting their sorrow and hatred. It would be almost impossible to ask them leave the area,because they will only be satisfied and leave after they have found their "scapegoats".


    The Feng Shui Master also claimed,ghosts and spirits tend to gather at deserted areas. When the willpower of a human or if the willpower and grievance of a spirit is more than a human. The human would have a chance of seeing "them". The police is not an exception. The master also advised that drivers should carry religious stuffs with them to lower the chance of getting accidents and seeing "ghosts."

    Flu Patient died for not going to the doctors

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    Source : Oriental Daily

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    (Picture Top,The deceased's death cause is suspected that she did not get the appropriate medical treatment for her flu)


    Flu Patient died for not going to the doctors



    A girl whom have suffered from flu have only ate ordinary flu pills instead of seeking medical treatment from the doctors. She fainted at her apartment and didn't wake up yesterday. She was pronounced dead after being sent to the hospital. The cause of her death is suspected to be the medcine she is taking and the flu virus she have got. The forensics would be doing an autopsy for her to confirm the cause of her death shortly afterwards.


    The deceased is surnamed Wong (Aged 22). She is a shop assistant in a accessory shop. Her family members states that Wong is very healthy and does not fall sick easily often.


    Wong has got a flu and sore throat yesterday,and didn't went to work. She was still normal when her brother left home at 12PM yesterday. She was still fine a few hours later when she gave a call to her brother's girlfriend to ask about the consultation times of the clinic near her house.


    Went unconscious suddenly


    At about 4PM in the noon,Wong's sister returned home and found Wong unconscious. Her sister called the police immediately. The paramedics arrived to transport Wong to the hospital for emergency treatment. She was pronounced dead aferwards. Wong have ate the flu medcine in her house instead of going to the clinic for medical treatments by the doctors.


    The police will be waiting for the autopsy reports to determine if the death cause is suspicious.

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