Fala Chen marries French entrepreneur in Paris

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    Source: The Straits Times/On.cc/Youyube


    Fala Chen met Emmanuel Straschnov while she was pursuing a four-year Master of Fine Arts in Drama degree at Juilliard.





    Actress Fala Chen stepped out of the media glare in 2014 when she enrolled in the well-known The Juilliard School in New York. But last Saturday (May 18), Chen was once again in the spotlight when she married technology entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov in Paris. She met the Frenchman while she was pursuing a four-year Master of Fine Arts in Drama degree at Juilliard.

    Chen, who first cut her teeth with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, graduated last year. Chen, 37, celebrated her big day in Paris by posting: "Thank you everyone for attending my wedding on May 18, creating special memories for us. "I'm lucky to have you in our lives, and especially grateful to have my parents' and Emmanuel's love." Her husband, who has worked in China, spoke at the wedding in Mandarin, promising to take care of her forever.

    It is her second marriage. She split up with businessman Daniel Sit in 2013. He told the media that he wished her well but added that he would not send her a gift or attend the Paris wedding.  Meanwhile, Chen looks set to stay in the spotlight, given that she has joined a stellar cast, including Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, to shoot HBO mini-series The Undoing.

    Boyfriend sought by police after naked, kerosene-soaked woman found near school

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    Source: Coconuts UK/Appledaily

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    Police are on the hunt for a man who has been accused of pouring kerosene on his girlfriend and threatening to burn her alive after she was found lying naked in front of a high school in Tai Po. HK01 reported that at around 10:30am this morning, a teacher spotted 

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     outside the school’s gate. The teacher ran outside with some clothes to cover the woman, who simply said, “I’m covered in kerosene.” 

    Apple Daily reports that 

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    , drenched in a liquid, with an injury to her arm and red marks on her face. A preliminary investigation by officers found that the woman lived across the street from the school at Tai Yee House, one of the housing blocks within the Tai Yuen housing estate. Neighbors reported that the woman lived with her boyfriend, a man in his 30s surnamed Man.

    The pair were reportedly having an argument, which culminated in Man allegedly dousing the woman with kerosene and threatening to set her on fire. The woman then rushed out of the apartment and ended up outside the school, about 100 meters away from the apartment. Officers at the scene couldn’t find any kerosene at the apartment, and Man was nowhere to be found. Police have classified the case as assault and criminal intimidation. 

    Avengers fans brutally beat man outside cinema after he 'loudly revealed the surprise ending to blockbuster Endgame movie'

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    Source: Independent /Mailonline

    Also in China, a man has reportedly been beaten up outside a cinema in Hong Kong after loudly revealing the plot of the new Avengers film to queuing fans who hadn't yet seen it

    The final film of the franchise, Avengers: Endgame, was released in cinemas in the UK on Thursday and is three hours long

    A man has reportedly been beaten up outside a cinema after loudly revealing the plot of the new Avengers film to queuing fans who hadn't yet seen it. 

    According to Taiwanese media, the man was left bloodied outside a cinema in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, after watching Avengers: Endgame. A photo of the man has circulated online, according to 

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    , and shows him sitting down on a blood-spattered pavement. Cinemagoers eagerly queuing to see the new film were said to have been furious as the man shouted out spoilers of the final Avengers film. 

    The film is the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War and is the culmination of 21 feature films and 11 years of production. The Russo Brothers, who directed the film, wrote an open letter to fans to deter them from ruining the plot to other movie buffs. In a post on Twitter they said: 'To the greatest fans in the world, this is it. This is the end. 'The end of an unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning eleven years and eleven franchises. 'When you see Endgame in the coming weeks, please don't spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn't want it spoiled for you. 'Remember, Thanos still demands your silence. 'As always, good luck and happy viewing.' The pair singed off the letter and wrote a hashtag at the bottom - #DontSpoilTheEndgame.

    After five minutes of the film was reportedly leaked online, the directors thought it was time to speak directly to their fans and used the threat of fictitious supervillain Thanos in an effort to stop any further spoilers being released.

    Naked woman’s body found on To Kwa Wan restaurant rooftop

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    Source: Coconuts HK/On.cc/Appledaily



    Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman whose naked body was found on the rooftop of a restaurant in Kowloon.

    According to Apple Daily, police received a call at 10am from a construction worker who found the woman’s body as he was working on renovations 

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    . The worker told police that he didn’t recognize the woman.

    Eight police vans were dispatched to the restaurant, and paramedics at the scene confirmed the woman’s death. Details in the case remain scarce, and the woman’s identity still hasn’t been confirmed. Police also carried out inquiries at the Honour Building, a residential block next door that overlooks the roof of the restaurant.

    Headline Daily reported that 

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    , and that there was a trail of blood on a different part of the rooftop, but that account has not been verified by police or corroborated by other outlets. Photos published by on.cc — 

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     — show two people in protective white suits crouching over what appears to be the body under some pipes running across the rooftop.

    Nearly 40 passengers injured after five buses collide on Tsing Ma Bridge en route to Hong Kong International Airport

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    Source: SCMP

    Five buses crashed on Tsing Ma Bridge on Sunday at around 4pm. Photo: Facebook

    The cause of the accident remains unknown. Photo: Facebook

    Nearly 40 passengers were injured on Sunday after five buses slammed into each other, creating a lengthy pile-up on a major Hong Kong bridge.

    The collision on Tsing Ma Bridge came as the buses were driving toward Hong Kong International Airport at about 4pm. Officials said 27 people were lightly injured and 12 suffered serious injuries. There were 23 injured women and 16 men. Photos and live feeds from the scene showed dozens of injured passengers sitting on the road, some with blood on their faces.

    The injured were sent to Princess Margaret Hospital, North Lantau Hospital and Yan Chai Hospital for treatment. As of 9pm, eight people have been discharged from the hospitals while 31 others remained in stable condition, the government said. 

    The collision involved two buses at the front of the accident – the A10 and A11 from Citybus travelling from Ap Lei Chau and North Point to the airport. The A10 was travelling along the bridge when it began to slow down and came to a stop because of traffic shortly before it was hit, said a spokesman with the bus operator. “Then the bus behind it, A11 also came to a halt but was smashed into by another bus, and the driver called the police,” said the spokesman. No passenger on either of the two buses was hurt, but the driver of A11 suffered minor injuries.

    Citybus said the two drivers started their shifts at around 6am and were on their fifth and sixth trips of the day. “The drivers hours and rest times were within the Transport Department’s guidelines,” the spokesman said.

    The other buses involved were two from Long Win Bus Company and a Park Island Transport Company bus. The two Long Win Bus buses, the third and forth buses, were caught in the middle of the crash. Long Win said at least 20 people on the two vehicles were injured, including the drivers. “It’s believed that all the victims were slightly hurt,” a company’s spokesman said.

    The pile-up forced two of the three lanes on Tsing Ma Bridge near Ma Wan to be closed, leading to a traffic jam along the main road leading to the airport. A long queue of halted vehicles stretched from close to Ma Wan to Wok Tai Wan. The lower deck of Tsing Ma Bridge was opened to ease congestion in the area. The cause of the accident remains unknown.

    A bus passenger told reporters at the scene that he recalled the driver stopping and the bus behind them ramming the bus he was on. A passenger in the last bus said he saw that the buses in front had stopped, but the bus he was on could not stop in time and rammed the ones in front. 

    The passengers were employees from five companies providing services at Hong Kong International Airport, including Cathay Pacific Group, according to police. Pacific urged travellers to use other transport besides buses to reach the airport because of the accident, according to a post on Twitter. Cathay said Airport Express trains were operating normally. 

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