Andy Hui was admitted to the hospital on Valentine's Day

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    Andy Hui caught a flu bug and has a high fever, he was admitted to the hospital on Valentine's Day. He is feeling better today, he posted on Instagram that he will be taking a rest during Lunar New Year and he will be absent from Michael Lai's concert.

    Sammi Cheng visited him at the hospital. She has been updating Andy's progress on social media. Sammi said that the flu bug is very scary with terrible symptoms on Weibo on 15 February. She revealed that Andy had a high fever at 39.7 Degrees Celsius, therefore she needed to send him into the hospital immediately. Sammi was grateful to the doctor who gave him an injection. She hopes the injection will take effect soon. Sammi added  that she has been wearing a mask all day, so is her maid. Sammi took some meatball noodles to hospital for Andy but she herself was having burger with chips. Sammi told reporter that she had been  busy all morning, preparing turnip cake with dry shrimps and mushrooms. 


    Denise Ho denied visa to perform in Malaysia because of her ‘support of LGBT community'

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    Hong Kong Canto-pop singer Denise Ho says she’s been forced to cancel a concert in Kuala Lumpur after Malaysian immigration authorities rejected her visa because of her support for the LGBT community. Ho, a prominent LBGT activist, was due to perform in the Malaysian capital on April 14 as part for her Dear Self, Dear World tour.

    In a 

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    , Ho, who is also a Canadian citizen, said her working visa application was rejected, seemingly for her support of LBGT rights. “Our co-organizers worked very hard for two weeks until we received an official phone call yesterday that my working visa has not been approved. According to colleagues who answered the phone, it is ‘because she is an active supporter of the LGBT community’,” she wrote. “Today, we received an official letter which contained no explanation of the formal reason except for one sentence: ‘A number of issues need to be addressed if the artist is brought in for the performance of this country.’”

    Coconuts HK has reached out to Malaysia’s Immigration Department for a response. But in light of the department’s pledge to ban homosexuals involved in an LGBT+ Pride event last September, Ho’s claim doesn’t look all that far fetched. 

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     he did not “understand those who question Immigration about prohibiting individuals involved in the event from coming to Malaysia.” He added: “It (the gay event) is against our country’s culture and this is not just about Islam, but (the event) is too abnormal to us (in Malaysia).”

    Human Rights Watch considers discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people “pervasive” in Malaysia, where sex between men is still criminalized under colonial-era sodomy laws. Just last week, a major newspaper in the majority Muslim country published a list of 

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    , drawing anger and mockery in equal measure.

    In her Facebook post, Ho lamented the state of affairs. “The world is not moving as we imagined, I know. I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed about being rejected for my identity. A friend asked: ‘is this normal in Malaysia?’ But I would ask this, what is ‘normal?’” Ho said the concert’s cancellation was not so much the issue as the suppression of self-identity.

    This is not the first time the outspoken activist has had performances cancelled over her activism. In 2016, Lancome canceled a concert they were to have sponsored in the mainland. While the French cosmetics giant said the cancellation was due to “possible safety reasons,” critics allege that the move was in response to comments in Chinese state-run media criticizing Lancome for cooperating with the singer given her support of the democracy movement.

    advr.php?at=r&h=1&tid=35e532269cd25ce58820452695932b26&tx=Artemis&sid=UWUEZ1NnVzQ&cid=UWkCY1NlXTgGbA&bid=DDELaVNiUjRXMwA3&ts=1518810690hk-singer-denise-ho-denied-visa-perform-malaysia-support-lgbt-communityHo was one of the most prominent celebrity supporters of the Umbrella Movement in 2014, and was often spotted performing at the protest site. She was also one of the many protesters who were arrested during the police clear-out of the protest site in Admiralty.

    Wayne Lai hopes to develop his career in China when his contract with TVB expires in May

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/Ming Po


    Wayne Lai  accepted an interview at a radio station on 12 February. His basic contract with TVB will expire at the end of May.  Previously, basic contract means low pay, but Wayne denied it is related to low salary, he remembered the way pay increase in basic salary and discussed about benefits during Ricky Wong's era. Wayne was able to discuss with the company properly this time: "One tends not to retain when one is an adult and what matters most is to build up a good rapport. Hopefully we can change to other working pattern and hopefully it will be more flexible. What we are going to do if we film one series per year and there is no suitable scripts for us? We must film it once we agree."

    Wayne disclosed his new plan: "In the New Year, I  am hoping to develop my career such as filming drama series and hosting shows in the mainland. When my son was young, I worried about leaving him in Hong Kong if I worked in China. But now, he is studying in the US by himself . (What about your wife?) She is going with me and do you think I can run away from her? I will not be worried if she is with me."

    Shocked parents saw a giant wild boar eating from a skip as they dropped their kids off at school

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    Source: Mail online/Youtube

    The massive wild boar invades a garbage bin close to a primary school in Hong Kong

    Terrifying footage has emerged of a giant wild boar invading a garbage bin close to a school. The video appears to show a giant male boar standing on the tips of his trotters as he eats food directly from the bin as a group of smaller pigs surrounds him. The video has been shared 4,600 times and had 300,000 views, with many shocked at the size of the pig, while others expressed concerns for the nearby students at the school in Hong Kong.

    Misaki Ceci, more concerned about the pig's proximity to the school than her stomach, commented: 'The Wild Pig is in front of the left school. I'm careful with Hyung-Hyung's primary school, and I've got a wild boar'. But most people expressed sympathy for the obviously hungry boar. ong Cho Ching wrote: 'It's so hungry, and the wild boar has the right to live and freedom. He is only hungry.'d

    2 Canadian citizens originally from Hong Kong among the dead in Taiwan earthquake

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    Hopes of finding additional survivors from this week's earthquake in Taiwan were fading Friday after two more bodies were found in a partially collapsed hotel and no signs detected of a missing family of five. Rescuers broke through to a room in the Beauty Inn where the couple — Canadian citizens originally from Hong Kong — were found, Taiwanese broadcasters reported. No signs of life were found, they said.

    According to local reports they were each 49 years old. Global Affairs Canada confirmed to CBC News that two Canadians died as a result of the earthquake and that they are "providing consular assistance to the family." Spokesperson Sujata Raisinghani did not provide names or further details.

    The hotel, located on the lower floors of the 12-storey Yunmen Tsuiti building, had almost entirely collapsed. The building itself was leaning at a 45-degree angle, forcing crews to stabilize it with steel beams. The others missing in the hotel are five members of a family from China, including parents, grandparents and their 12-year-old son.

    The Yunmen Tsuiti building was one of several damaged by the magnitude 6.4 temblor that struck Tuesday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hualien county, whose economy is heavily dependent on tourism.

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