iPhone X speculators settle for slim premiums

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    Black market prices for the latest edition of the smartphone is only about HK$3,000 more than the original price as the iPhone X made its debut in Hong Kong Friday. The iPhone X comes in silver and space grey, with the 64GB model retailing at HK$8,588 and the 256GB model at HK$9,888.

    Those who had hoped to make some money by reselling their iPhone X would have to wait and see if their hard work would pay off, Apple Daily reports. A customer, surnamed Yung, from the Digital F100 store in Sin Tat Plaza said that since the supply in China is sufficient to cope with demand, the black market price for the iPhone X will not exceed HK$13,000.Prices are expected to fall as people who reserved the iPhone X claim the device from official channels. Yung said the new iPhone is also available on the Taiwan Apple website, helping suppress prices.

    As the iPhone X is too expensive for Taiwanese taste, people have been bringing the iPhones to Hong Kong and selling them, putting pressure on the black market, Yung said. Another customer, surnamed Kei, from Mobile Empire Ltd. in Sin Tat Plaza said Chinese buyers are refusing to pay extra for the iPhone X as the prices are already too high. He predicted that the iPhone X will need to be repaired early due to the glass material used in the design. The prices for repairing the handset’s front panel could go up to HK$3,000, while the back side of the device could cost up to HK$1,500 to replace.

    Meanwhile, Telecom operators are positioning themselves to make a profit from the iPhone X. SmarTone has recently unveiled its “$0 handset price for two iPhone Xs” subscription plan which requires a HK$1,000 monthly fee for a 24-month contract. Executive director Chan Kai-lung said the iPhone 7 had sold better but added he is satisfied with the sales performance of the iPhone X so far.

    Louis Koo injured his eyeball while filming in the mainland

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    Source: MingPao/On.cc

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    Louis Koo and Sammi Cheng attended an opening ceremony for Michael Kors last night. Louis was wearing a pair of dark glasses throughout the event. Reporters were asked not to shine too much light on him. Sammi asked Louis straight away the reason why, and showed concerned after Louis told her what had happened to his eye. 

    Louis took his glasses off when speaking to the reporter. This is because when he was filming "Dynasty Warriors" in the mainland two days ago, he had accidentally injured his right eyeball with a sharp weapon. As a result, he had 8 stitched to his eyeball. He said, "I will have to wait in 10 days time when  the stitches are removed to see if there is any damage done to my eye. It will need 2 to 3 weeks for my eye to recover In the mean time, I am ok, let's wait and see after the stitches are removed". 

    Louis went back to Hong Kong for treatment straight away after his injury, but he doesn't know when he can resume work yet, good job that he has insurance from the film company. Louis added " I have no choice but to work tonight, but I am afraid to fly due to the pressure upon my eye and it would be painful too. It huts even when I blink every time ". 

    10 turtles stabbed with pencils at Hong Kong hospital pond, leaving 6 dead

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    Source: SCMP



    Ten red-eared terrapins were found stabbed with pencils in a pond at a Hong Kong public hospital on Thursday, six of them dead and four severely injured. Local police launched an animal cruelty investigation after the turtles were found in an outdoor pond on the second floor of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan.

    As of 5pm on Thursday, the four survivors, still with pencils in them, were receiving treatment at the Wan Chai centre of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The case came to light when a staff member at the hospital off Lok Man Road made a report to police at about 11.30am.

    Nine of the turtles, also known as red-eared sliders, were found with pencils still in them, and some had multiple ones protruding from their bodies, according to a society spokeswoman. She said six of the 10 had died and the four others were alive but badly hurt. “People should respect animal life even if you are not fond of animals,” the spokeswoman said. “Humans and animals should be able to coexist harmoniously in the community.” Detectives from the Eastern police district were handling the case. No one had been arrested by Thursday evening. This is not the only recent case of its kind.

    On September 20, a turtle was found dead in a plastic bag at the same pond along with an injured terrapin. Police were on Thursday investigating whether the two cases were linked and poring over security camera footage to gather evidence.

    According to Hong Kong’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance, any person who cruelly ill treats, tortures, terrifies or causes any unnecessary suffering to an animal faces a maximum penalty of three years in jail and a HK$200,000 fine.

    Man with a history of mental illness arrested for attacking father with meat chopper

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    Source: SCMP/Appledaily

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    A man with a history of mental illness was arrested on Thursday after police said he assaulted his father with a meat chopper, marking at least the second time this month a psychiatric patient has allegedly attacked his parents. 
    Thursday’s incident involved a 21-year-old man who slashed his father while also injuring his mother after she tried to stop the fight at their flat in Sheung Shui, police said. The father, 53, suffered knife wounds to the head, face and neck while the mother, 42, received injuries to the head, neck and back, police said. Both were taken to hospital for treatment, although the injuries were not considered life threatening. “The suspect said he hated his father very much so he used the meat chopper to attack him,” Tai Po police Chief Inspector Cheng Chak-hang said. He said police believed the suspect was subjected to verbal and physical abuse by his father, sometimes over trivial matters and once for being unemployed. “Initial investigation showed the father often scolded him and sometimes beat him,” Cheng said.
    The attack happened when the suspect woke up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. When he saw his father step out of the bedroom soon after 6am, Cheng said the suspect picked up a meat chopper and attacked him. After hearing the father shout for help, the mother ran to intervene. “She rushed forward in an attempt to stop the suspect and snatch the chopper. During the struggle, the mother was injured,” Cheng said. The father ran out of the flat and down 10 flights of stairs to the lobby where a security guard helped him and called police at 6.20am.

    The suspect, who injured his arm in the incident, dumped the knife in bed before officers arrived and arrested him in the corridor outside the unit. He was hooded and restrained in a stretcher before being carried to an ambulance. The suspect and his mother were taken to North District Hospital while his father was at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin.

    Senior anti-triad officer charged with taking bribes, receiving sexual services, from private club owners

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    Source: Coconuts HK/Appledaily/Youtube


    A top anti-triad cop has been charged with taking HK$780,000 (US$100,000) in bribes and accepting sexual services from the operators of private nightclubs in Wan Chai to pass information about probes into their establishments.

    Police superintendent Ng Wai-hon, 53, was charged yesterday by Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency alongside Luen Kei-cheung, 46, and Tse Hoi-kin, 37, the operators of Wan Chai clubs MB Club Mont Busa (MBC) and Golden, with whom the senior policeman is accused of colluding. A statement from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), says the trio 

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    , related to bribery of a public servant and misconduct in public office.

    Ng, of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB), was among several people arrested by ICAC in January in relation to bribery offenses. The commission alleges he took payments on six separate occasions between November 2015 and January of this year totaling HK$780,000. He also allegedly accepted the free sexual services of a woman provided by one of his co-accused in January this year. 

    In return, it’s alleged Ng passed on information about police investigations into the clubs and provided advice on how to evade enforcement for alleged unlawful activities done on the premises. The trio, who have been released on bail, are due in court today for a mention hearing.

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