Nine injured after KLM flight hits turbulence en route to HK

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    Nine people were injured when a Hong Kong-bound Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) plane was hit by turbulence Sunday morning. Several crew members and passengers were thrown to the roof of the cabin, Ming Pao Daily reports.

    Flight KL887 departed Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon and was scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong at 10:10 a.m. Sunday. About 30 to 40 minutes before arrival, when the plane was 30,000 feet above the northeastern part of Guangdong province, some passengers had unfastened their seat belts after a meal. It was at this moment when the aircraft met a strong turbulence. It rattled vigorously and went into a free fall, according to a passenger. Several cabin crew and passengers were thrown to the roof as chaos engulfed the cabin, with passengers screaming in panic and crying for help. The plunge lasted two seconds and the pilot assured passengers about their safety. He went to the cabin to check on them.

    The plane landed safely at 10:16 a.m. and emergency services were called to the scene. The Hong Kong Airport Authority said airport operations were not affected by the incident. The Fire Services Department said seven ambulances and a mobile casualty treatment center were mobilized. Eight people, four men and four women, who required medical treatment were taken to hospital. One passenger refused to go to hospital after treatment on spot.

    According to Apple Daily, the plane was hit by clear-air turbulence, a kind of turbulence without any visual clues such as clouds. It is caused when bodies of air moving at widely different speeds collide. A stewardess said this was the strongest turbulence she has encountered in 20 years.








    Big Bang's T.O.P under investigation for marijuana use

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    Big Bang's 

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     has allegedly been charged with smoking marijuana. 

    On June 1, the Seoul Drug Criminal Investigation Department brought up charges upon the member as a result of a hair test that was conducted, indicating positive. The investigation suggests that T.O.P. may have been smoking marijuana last October, a few months before his enlistment in February. Whether the member smoked the drug on a daily basis was never known. 


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     has also been charged with an account of smoking marijuana in May of 2011. The idol earned a negative mark on his criminal record, but was not publicly prosecuted. YG Entertainment has yet to address the reports. 




    Guess who is this? Raymond Lam disguises as monkey king successfully

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    Raymond Lam has been busy filming a Chinese drama  "The Legends of Monkey King" in the mainland. His role image is exposed for the first time. The make-up artist disguises Raymond into another person completely and his fans fail to recognise him. As the weather temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius and he is wearing heavy costume, Raymond keeps using the fan during the break to prevent the make-up from melting: "I am not monkey god but monkey only. It is more darker, cruel and I feel I am crazy when filming it."

    Man escapes injury after sticking chopsticks through eyes

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    A 56-year-old man is lucky to escape serious injury after he inserted chopsticks into his brain through his eyes. Neurology and ophthalmology experts said the case was “one in a million”, Apple Daily reports.

    The incident took place in January 2015 at Princess Margaret Hospital where the man, said to be suffering from acute psychosis, had been admitted to an intensive care unit. He picked up a pair of chopsticks and inserted them into his eye orbit before pulling them out. He tried to mutilate himself further but was stopped by hospital staff. A computer scan showed that the chopsticks narrowly missed the internal capsules at the center of the brain. There was no damage to the cranial nerves. Also, the results showed no vascular injury. An ophthalmologist said he is unlikely to have impaired vision.

    The man was clinically and neurologically stable throughout the admission and was managed conservatively without any neurosurgical intervention, according to a case report published in the latest issue of the Hong Kong Medical Journal. The medical team that treated the patient said he was lucky because similar cases involving self-inflicted brain injury almost always ended in death. The man suffered slight impairment in his upper limbs as a result, according to Ming Pao Daily.

    Adam Cheng and Vivian Chow reunite: They sing song and hold hands together

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    Adam Cheng held his concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on 28 May. He invited his daughter, Joyce Cheng as his guest. Other than her, Vivian Chow was also invited and it reminded the audiences of the classic series  "The Greed of Man" .

    Adam was full of praises for Vivian such as calling her as goddess and jade girl: "Vivian is beautiful and has good body figure when filming The Greed of Man series. She looks very pure and who does not want her as his wife?"

    Adam said to Vivian in front of his wife: "You are a goddess while I am crazy. Today, I wish to hold your hand to sing love song together." They then sing " Love inside the warm heart " and it made Vivian feeling very romantic. She said: "I love watching your style of "Rogue Emperor" I was born the year when you joined the showbiz 50 years ago............." Adam remarked that it made his fantasy about her disappeared immediately.

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