Careless robber arrested after dropping wallet in crime scene

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    Just hours after the robbery in Mong Kok, police arrested the suspect at his flat in Kwun Tong, where some of the cash and other items in the victim's handbag were recovered. Photos: Google Maps, Now News a0502a.gif

    Haste makes waste, which caused a criminal to get caught. Police arrested a 19-year-old man a few hours after he robbed a woman in Mong Kok, thanks to a wallet that fell out of his pocket as he fled. The 37-year-old victim, surnamed Wong, was walking along Tai Nan Street at around 3 am on Thursday when a man suddenly grabbed her handbag and fled, news website reports.

    After failing to catch the robber, Wong borrowed a mobile phone from a passerby to call the police. She said her handbag contained HK$7,000 and 500 yuan in cash, jewelry worth HK$33,000, several credit cards, a mobile phone, and her identification card. As police officers were searching for the robber a pedestrian on the same street found a wallet on the ground and turned it over to them. Suspecting that the robber they were looking had dropped the wallet as he was fleeing police used the ID card and driver’s license in it to find and arrest him in his flat in Kwun Tong at 7.50 a.m.

    Some of the items in the victim’s handbag were recovered in the suspect’s flat. Investigation revealed the man, who claimed to be a porter, had no criminal record. Police believe the suspect was not a gang member but acted alone. The case was handed over to the crime unit of Mong Kok Police District for follow-up.

    Robbery and rape suspect hangs himself in police station

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    Source: Ejinsight / Apple Daily

    The suspect is led away by policemen after his arrest on Wednesday. A stolen iPhone was found in his flat (Inset bottom). On Thursday, he hanged himself in Sau Mau Ping Police Station. Photo: Google Maps, RTHK


    A 48-year-old man suspected of robbing and raping a 22-year old woman in Kowloon Bay on Sunday committed suicide in police custody, Apple Daily reports, citing officials. The suspect, surnamed Lam hanged himself at the Sau Mau Ping Police Station at about 9 am. on Thursday, according to RTHK. He was taken to the United Christian Hospital in Kwun Tong where he was certified dead. 

    Police arrested Lam on Wednesday in his Po Tat Estate home in Sau Mau Ping after he tried to withdraw money from an ATM using bank cards stolen from his victim. Sources said Lam tried to access the victim’s bank account in Lam Tin Sceneway Garden but the bank card was retained by the ATM after he keyed in the wrong passcode.

    After raping and robbing the victim Lam tried to wash away evidence on the woman’s body with water. Police were able to identify him from CCTV footage from where he bought a bottle of water before committing the crime. Police found three smartphones in Lam’s apartment including an iPhone said to belong to the victim. The suspect was unemployed and had a long criminal history of robbery and burglary. He was first arrested at the age of nine but it was the first time he had been involved in a sexual assault.

    How an ice cream war is turning up the heat on a shopping mall

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    Source: Ejinsight / Apple Daily HK

    Farewell notes from customers (inset) are pasted on the glass wall in Ice Cha Cha. The store offers ice cream at low prices, especially to students and the elderly. Photo: Facebook/Ice Cha Cha a0401b.gif


    Call it an ice cream war in a hot shopping mall. We can’t help scratching our head over the stories about two small ice cream stores in Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po. First, it was Ice Cha Cha which saw a long queue of buyers who were attracted to its special HK$5-for-two-scoops offer. To put it into perspective, the Godiva store sells two scoops for HK$100. Unfortunately, Ice Cha Cha is to close on Mother’s Day because the landlord Eton Properties is not renewing the lease. No reason for the termination was given but it seems that the ice cream store drew too much traffic from jealous neighboring stores. Knowing that the discounted ice cream will soon run out, customers turned up in greater numbers  stretching the waiting time to more than an hour. One might think that not many people in Hong Kong would line up an hour to save a few dollars but that happened in one of the poorest districts in the city and under the hot weather at that.

    But the long queue does not benefit the ultimate landlord, Lucio Tan, the second richest man in the Philippines because his flagship mall only draws low-end customers who are not spending enough in the mall. So this week the mall came up with an idea to balance out the situation. On its official Facebook page it shared a promotion by another ice cream company Ice Cream Daren reminding customers to visit the store. The store, which is on the same floor as Ice Cha Cha  offered four scoops for HK$10 but strangely the come-on does not attract many customers.

    Justice is what customers want because the two stores have been put in an unfair playing field. Underlying the discontent is the obvious question: why did the owner discontinue a popular store? The discontent quickly spread to the mainstream media which attacked the landlord for creating a PR crisis. An official Facebook post got so much criticism someone deleted it and apologised for the misunderstanding. Even Mr. Wong the owner of the other ice cream store blamed the landlord for not giving him a heads-up before sharing the post, saying customers have been yelling in front of his store and making him unhappy.

    So is this the end of story? Landlords bullying small tenants happens every day and the torture seems endless. What we know is Ice Cha Cha will move out after Mother’s Day and it is preparing 300 special dessert giveaways for its loyal customers and trying to find another location to reopen. The cold-shouldering of the irresistible HK$10 scoops may well be over. Well, that is typical of Hong Kong consumers – they complain, buy and complain.

    Viral video shows HK woman risking life to clean windows

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    Source: Ejinsight / Apple Daily

    A video of a Hong Kong woman cleaning her apartment exteriors in a daredevil manner has sparked intense chatter in online forums. Photos: HKEJ, Apple Daily

    A video of a Hong Kong woman moving precariously on the ledge of a high-floor balcony with her husband holding on to her legs in a window-cleaning attempt has gone viral on the internet. Netizens are reacting with shock and horror to the clip which showed the woman putting her life and limb at risk in order to clean the exterior of her apartment. Apple Daily reports that one of its readers submitted the clip following which it was put up on the paper’s website and subsequently shared widely in online forums. In the clip a woman can be seen stretching herself on a balcony ledge as she sought to wipe and clean her apartment windows while her husband held onto her legs or waist in order to prevent her from falling.

    The window-cleaner who was wearing a tank top and shorts was perched on a ledge that was just about 16cm wide. She can be seen initially trying to clean a large window to her left, an action that required her to squat, stand or stretch on a narrow beam. The woman had one hand wiping the windows while the other clung onto the frame of another window in order to balance herself. A man believed to be her husband can be seen standing on the balcony holding her waist and legs but there was no safety harness. Afterwards the woman starts cleaning the exterior of the balcony by bending over on a chair with half her body leaning out of the fence.

    The clip also showed that there were two young girls in the apartment. The younger girl could be seen helping her mom with the cleaning by handing her a detergent. According to Apple Daily, a female reader surnamed Siu submitted the video clip after filming it at The Wings II residential complex in Tseung Kwan O. “It was on the seventh floor; if she fell down to the next balcony she could have died,” Siu was quoted as saying. Siu said she immediately told her family about what she has seen, but was told that there have been similar window-cleaning acts before at the building. As for the couple they did not seem to think that there was a problem with their method of cleaning, the report said. The woman caught in the video apparently said she was merely being thorough in her household cleaning work. Siu said she hopes her video will spark more debate about home safety issues and prompt people to take precautions while cleaning the exteriors of their apartments.

    The Labor Department introduced on Jan 1 this year new rules that seek to protect domestic helpers from improper requests to clean the exterior of windows in high-rise buildings.

    Woman, 32, in critical condition after being hit by car

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    Source: Ejinsight

    A 32-year-old-woman is battling for her life after she was hit by a private car at a road crossing in Sai Kung over the weekend. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook/

    A 45-year-old man was arrested for dangerous driving after he knocked down a female pedestrian in a road accident in Sai Kung over the weekend. The motorist surnamed Lai, was arrested after his 7-seater vehicle hit a 32-year-old woman at a street crossing along the Clear Water Bay Road. In the incident, which took place at around 2pm on Saturday, the pedestrian suffered severe injuries, leading to her hospitalization. She is said to be in a critical condition.

    According to Apple Daily, Lai, who is a teacher by profession,failed to observe a red light in an area near Silver Cape Road and smashed into a woman who was crossing the road. Lai only stopped his car after going forward for about 700 meters. The victim identified as Wan, was still lying on the windscreen when police officers arrived at the scene. The accident victim was rushed to a hospital where she is battling for her life. According to Ming Pao Daily, Wan suffered multiple injuries to her body with blood covering her face. She was said to have followed the traffic lights when crossing the road. According to the report, the woman holds a two-way permit from the Mainland and was staying at a luxury apartment nearby.

    The driver, who lives in Tseung Kwan O was arrested and later released on bail. He has been charged with the offense of “dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to another person” and failing to stop a car after an accident. Lai told the police that he was not aware that he had hit a person though he sensed that some object had landed on his car while he was driving. Netizens slammed Lai’s explanation wondering how a driver can fail to notice a person lying on the windscreen. Some people labeled the motorist’s statement as the biggest joke of the year.

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