Man admits to stabbing estranged wife five times after she refused to let him see daughter

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    A man admitted before a judge to stabbing his ex-wife outside Hong Kong’s Family Court because she refused to let him to see his daughter for more than two years. Chong Hay-chik, 39, used a 23-centimeter knife to stab Pang Lin, 35, five times in the abdomen outside the Family Court in Wan Chai on May 8, 2017. He had previously denied that he tried to murder Pang, but at the High Court yesterday, 

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    , Ming Pao reports.

    The court heard that the couple first met in 2011 and got married a year later and their daughter was born in 2013. However, the marriage broke down, the two legally separated in 2015, and Pang soon started refusing to let Chong see their daughter.

    Chong’s attorney told the court room that it was around this time that Chong started drinking to numb himself. Prosecutors told the court that Chong and Pang were scheduled to appear at Family Court on the afternoon of May 8, 2017 because of disputes over alimony and Chong’s visitation rights. 

    Chong’s lawyer told the court that his client had two bottles of wine that day and had arrived early at the courtroom. When he saw Pang arrive, he pulled the knife from his pocket and stabbed her in the abdomen five times before he was subdued by four security guards. Doctors found Pang with blood coming from her arm and lower back; internal bleeding in her thorax, abdomen, and pelvis; and lacerations to her right kidney and liver.

    The court also heard that she suffered a collapsed lung, intramuscular hematomas, and bone fracture and displacement. She had to undergo emergency surgery and her kidney was removed. She was 

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    , Apple Daily reports. Under caution, Chong admitted to police that he prepared the knife by wrapping it with wire and bandages so that it wouldn’t slip from his grip, and that he attacked Pang because she wouldn’t let him see their daughter.

    In mitigation, the defense said that Chong, an unemployed IT support worker, genuinely regretted his actions and that he committed the offense in a moment of passion. The defense appealed for a lenient sentence, arguing that Chong had committed the offense impulsively and under the influence of alcohol, and that he genuinely regretted his actions. Justice Anthea Pang Po-kam adjourned sentencing for July 30, pending a psychological and psychiatric report on Chong, as well as a medical report on the victim and an impact assessment.

    Woman, 69, escapes serious injury after being hit by falling window in Tsuen Wan

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    A 69-year-old woman in Hong Kong escaped serious injury after she was hit by a window that fell from a block of flats on Thursday.

    Emergency personnel were called to the scene outside Cheuk Ming Mansion in Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan, shortly before 10am. “No external wound was found on the victim. She complained of pain in her shoulder,” a police spokesman said. She was taken to Yan Chai Hospital for treatment.

    An initial investigation showed the window fell from a first-floor flat of the 15-storey building, according to a police source. “The window fell when a female tenant was opening it,” he said, adding that officers had taken the tenant to Tsuen Wan police station for inquiries.

    On Tuesday at 2.30pm, a woman, 63, was 

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      at a residential block in Mayfair Gardens off Sai Shan Road, Tsing Yi. The frame fell when a man, 31, was carrying out decoration work on the external wall of a flat, according to police. Officers then arrested the man for manslaughter. He was granted bail on Wednesday pending further investigation.

    Song-Song couple start divorce proceedings

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    Actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo have started divorce proceedings. On Thursday, Song Joong-ki’s attorney Park Jae-hyun announced that his law firm had filed for divorce on behalf of the actor on Wednesday.  

    “Rather than criticizing one another and arguing over who is to blame, both of us hope that the divorce process can be wrapped up smoothly,” Song said through his agency, Blossom Entertainment. “I ask for your understanding that it is difficult to go into details of my personal life. I will try to recover from the wounds and do my best to repay you through good productions as an actor,” he said. 

    The two actors, also known as the Song-Song couple, met through the hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016 and tied the knot in October 2017.

    Raymond Lam successfully proposed to Carina Zhang with a 9.18 diamond ring ?.

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    Raymond Lam Proposed to Carina Zhang with a 9.18-Carat Diamond Ring?

    39 -year old Raymond Lam has been dating Carina Zhang, a mainland model for over a year now. Rumour has it that Raymond has successfully proposed to his girl friend with a 9.18 carat  diamond ring, and they will tie the knot on December 8, his 40th birthday. When Raymond was asked if that is true, he did not deny it. 

    There were reports that in June, when Raymond was filming "Back to the past" in Guizhou, he arranged to have dinner with Carina's family. He proposed to her on one knee with a 9.18 carat diamond ring. The carat symbolizes his girl friend's birthday, which is September 8. Carina was so touched that she burst into tears. 

    Roxanne Tong replaced Jacqueline Wong‘s scene for “Forensic Heroes 4”

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    湯æ´é¯èº«æè±æ»¿ï¼ç©¿ä½è¸å©ç´å¤ ææçé ­ã



    TVB decided to delete all Jacqueline Wong's scenes in "Forensic Heroes 4" after the actress's cheating scandal, and they replaced her with Roxanne Tong. In preparation for this drama, Roxanne tried very hard to lose weight but without a lot of success.

    In a recent scene, Roxanne, Raymond Wong, Alice Chan and Shaun Tam tried on wedding outfits at the bridal studio. Since Roxanne was one size larger than Jacqueline, the dress was very tight on her exposing her cleavage. Raymond jokingly remarked that he had to be cautious of where his gaze went.

    When asked if she was under a lot of pressure in regards to weight loss, Roxanne revealed that she has already been skipping meals, but there has been no success. She believes she was most skinny when she was competing in Miss Hong Kong. However, she doesn’t want to push herself too much and instead she believes that a healthy figure is most important. Raymond jumped in her defense and said, “We’re all very tall so Roxanne looks fine next to us. When in doubt, we can always accommodate her by having her stand further back to create that perfect angle.”

    Though this is the first time TVB had to re-shoot a drama, Raymond said that it wasn’t too difficult. However, Roxanne did feel some pressure due to the franchise’s previous success. She is grateful for Raymond and the cast’s guidance throughout the transition period. Shaun said, “This must be very tiring for Roxanne because she was suddenly landed on this role, but we are all communicating well so there hasn’t been any problems. Right now, we’re just preparing for our Taiwan re-shoot.”

    The cast had to fly to Taiwan for a few shots. Raymond said, “This trip is a bit secretive. The director wants to catch the shots well. Originally, it took a week to film, but this time, it only took four days. It was definitely a challenge!”

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