Mother and 10-year-old daughter jump to their deaths in Tseung Kwan O

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    A woman and her 10-year-old daughter died on Wednesday after they jumped from their apartment in a high-rise building in Tseung Kwan O, in an apparent act of suicide.


    According to reports, the mother, who was 45 years in age, was suffering from depression as her husband was seeking a divorce due to marital problems.As she decided to take her own life, her young daughter chose to follow her mom in a suspected joint pact.


    At around 7pm, police received information that two people were found lying unconscious on the ground in a pool of blood in an area close to the MTR Hang Hau Station. Officers rushed to the scene along with paramedics and cordoned off the area, which was filled with bystanders during the evening rush hour. The young girl was confirmed dead on the spot, while the mother was sent to Tseung Kwan O Hospital, where she was pronounced dead later, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports. After confirming their identities, police launched an investigation into the incident.


    Inquiries showed that the deceased lived in one of the buildings of the Residence Oasis housing complex that stands above the Hang Hau station. The woman’s husband, a person surnamed Chan, is said to be a senior accountant and board members of several companies. Chan and the couple’s 6-year-old son were not home when the tragedy happened.


    Police recovered two notes from the mother and the daughter which led to suspicions of joint suicide. In her note, the daughter wrote that she is willing to die with her mother and that they wish to be buried together. As police conduct an investigation, it has come to light that the older woman had been in a troubled relationship with her husband and that the latter had sought a separation.


    Wednesday’s incident marked the second suicide case at the Residence Oasis complex in a month. In March, a person died after jumping off one of the six buildings at the housing estate. Szeto Hon-ming, director of Family and Career Development Service of Hong Kong, told Ming Pao Daily that couples should never embroil their children in the elders’ discord, as the kids may be too young to cope with family issues rationally. Couples who are in a bad relationship should discuss their problems calmly or turn to social workers or professional counselors for help, he said. As for children, if they sense that their parents are having suicidal thoughts, they should seek help from relatives, teachers or social workers. Getting a third party involved could prevent tragedies from happening, Szeto said.

    14 injured in Central tram derailment; driver arrested

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    Police have arrested the driver of a tram that flipped over in Central at about midnight Thursday and injured 14 people.


    The 23-year-old driver, surnamed Lo, who has been at the job for about 18 months, was charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm, TVB reports. Police said Lo passed an alcohol test. He started work at 3 p.m. on Wednesday and was about to finish his last shift on the Whitty Street-Shau Kei Wan route when the accident occurred.


    A witness said he heard a loud sound before he saw the westbound tram slowly tip over to its side in Des Voeux Road Central near the HSBC headquarters in Bank Street. Two tram tracks were covered by the body of the fallen tram. Police officers and firemen arrived at the scene and began to rescue passengers trapped inside the tram. Several managed to climb out of windows.


    There were a total of nine men and five women aboard, including the driver. All remained conscious but suffered different degrees of injuries. Eleven were taken to Queen Mary Hospital and Ruttonjee Hospital while the rest were treated on the spot with minor injuries.


    Initial investigations led the police to suspect the accident, which caused the closure of a section of Des Voeux Road Central between Queen’s Road Central and Ice House Street, was caused by derailment. The tram was later put back on its track by a crane and was towed to the Whitty Street depot.


    The driver initially told the police that a bus rammed the rear of the tram before the accident but a passenger disputed the claim. Also, the police did not find any sign of collision, according to Apple Daily. A senior inspector from the accident investigation team of Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters said the police will look at all possible factors, including the alleged collision with a bus.

    Monkeys invade Tsz Wan Shan temple during Ching Ming Festival

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    Dozens of monkeys raided the Tsz Wan Kok Temple for visitors’ food offerings to their ancestors during the Ching Ming Festival on Tuesday. Over 70 monkeys, believed to have come from the neighboring Lion Rock Country Park, were spotted hovering around the Chinese temple in Tsz Wan Shan, Headline Daily reports. The monkeys were looking for fruits and other offerings such as Cha Siu rice on the tables, rummaging through the trash and making a mess of the place.


    Residents said the monkeys started stealing fruits from the temple six years ago, but lately they have become more brazen in their behavior. Many of the primates were openly snatching fruits from the visitors. Some parents said they had to be more alert because the monkeys could be carrying diseases and could harm their children with their sharp claws.


    A man surnamed Cheung said he was worried for his one-year-old son, and was thinking of relocating his parents’ urns to another columbarium. Temple staff said they used to strike bamboo sticks on the floor to scare the monkeys away, but the trick no longer worked as the monkeys realized they were under no threat. Now they could only urge worshippers to take care of their belongings and food items.


    The Church of Christ in China Kei Tsz Primary School, which is facing the temple, has also been troubled by the monkeys, Sing Tao Daily reported. A woman surnamed Tong said a monkey grabbed her bag of bread from behind while she was waiting for her daughter who was attending classes in the primary school six months ago.


    The school’s vice principal said a drill is conducted regularly on the campus to prepare students and teachers in case of monkey invasions. The exercise teaches the children to remain calm and avoid direct eye contact with the monkeys in order not to provoke them. They should also refrain from giving them any food.


    A spokesperson for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said it received two complaints about the monkeys in the district in the past year. Since the monkeys are attracted by the food left behind by worshippers in the temple, the department advised temple staff to stow away the food after the worship service.


    Monkey expert Hui Man-hon said monkeys steal food from the temple because it is an easy option. Temple staff should stop leaving food around in order to force the monkeys to go back to the hills, Hui said.

    Woman, 55, stabbed by daughter over who should wait for a seat for dimsum

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    A 55-year-old woman was injured after she was attacked by her 28-year-old daughter with a kitchen knife following an argument at their home in Chai Wan on Sunday.


    Police said the mother, surnamed Yam, and her daughter, surnamed Chan, had an argument over who should go out to wait for a seat for lunch at around 1 p.m., Sing Tao Daily reports. Chan’s father was supposed to have lunch with them, but he left the house without making any arrangement. Chan's mother then suggested they could go out for dimsum, but Chan should go to the restaurant first to wait for a seat, Chan refused.


    Neighbors said the two constantly quarreled because Chan did not want to look for a job, Ming Pao Daily reported. They also said Chan had a history of drug abuse, having been arrested for possession of methamphetamine three years ago. After being rebuffed by her mother, Chan stormed into the kitchen, pulled out a 12-centimeter knife and attacker her mother.


    Yam sustained at least eight wounds to her face and hands, but she managed to run out of the apartment, leaving behind a four-meter-long trail of blood, and called the police for help with her mobile phone. Responding policemen, some with batons and shields, arrested Chan and took her to the Chai Wan police station. Yam was taken on an ambulance to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.


    The case has been classified as an assault. Investigators from the Eastern District police are trying to determine whether Chan was under the influence of drugs when she attacked her mother. No drugs were found inside the flat.

    Hong Kong flat gutted by fire after phone charger overheats during the night

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    At least 12 people were taken to hospital after a fire broke out in a public housing estate in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Saturday morning. Fire burned through the second floor flat in Tin Yan Estate, Tin Shui Wai, at 7am. About 100 people were immediately evacuated from the building, with fire services extinguishing the blaze within an hour.


    A video shot by a resident showed smoke billowing out of the flat window, while firefighters rescued a child from a neighbouring residence. The cause of the fire was believed to be a phone charger that had overheated during the night. At least 12 people, including four children, were sent to North District Hospital, Tuen Mun Hospital, Pok Oi Hospital and Tin Shui Wai Hospital, a government spokesman said. Of the injured, one man suffered burns while the remainder were treated for smoke inhalation, according to local media.

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