Passengers evacuated from Hong Kong train after smoke comes out of knapsack

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    Source: SCMP


    A suspected lithium battery explosion forced hundreds of MTR passengers to evacuate a train bound for the mainland Chinese border, after smoke engulfed one of the compartments.

    At around 11.35am on Saturday, the East Rail train bound for Lok Ma Chau station was approaching Sheung Shui when smoke began to billow out of luggage carried by a passenger. After passengers alerted the driver about the problem, the control centre was contacted. It then informed the emergency services.

    Passengers were asked to leave the train once it reached Sheung Shui station and boarded another to continue their journey. According to an MTR spokeswoman, the incident happened in the area between the sixth and seventh cars. The train was taken to the Lo Wu freight yard. The cause of the incident is still being investigated, but a lithium battery is thought to have exploded and caused the smoke, according to passengers.

    Former Democratic Party lawmaker Sin Chung-kai was on the train on his way to Shenzhen when the incident occurred. “Suddenly people rushed to the other car and I didn’t realise what was happening [at first],” he said. One person fell to the floor and some lost their shoes trying to escape. Sin said he saw a knapsack with “white smoke” coming out and passengers trying to douse the bag with fire extinguishers on the train.

    Lithium batteries have been a cause for concern recently after 

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    triggered a worldwide recall. Due to the threat of lithium batteries short circuiting and causing an explosion, 

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    Last year, the International Civil Aviation Organisation banned shipments of lithium batteries on passenger planes due to the risk of fire.




    HK pop band Grasshopper injured when the hydraulic stage tilted during rehearsal

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    Source: SCMP/Appledaily





    The three members of popular Canto-pop band Grasshopper were among nine people injured when a hydraulic stage they were standing on suddenly tilted during rehearsal at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom on Friday.

    The trio – Calvin Choy Yat-chi, his brother Remus Choy Yat-kit, and Edmond So Chi-wai – and six female dancers were slightly injured in the incident, according to a source with knowledge of the case. “When the stage was tilting to one side, they slipped and fell on to the stage floor,” the source said.

    Calvin Choy Yat-chi went to hospital by himself before paramedics arrived. He is understood to have been discharged after treatment and returned home. Two of the six female dancers were bandaged by paramedics at the scene and taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei for treatment.

    The source said the other six injured, including Remus Choy Yat-kit and Edmond So Chi-wai, did not need hospital treatment. Police were investigating the cause of the incident. The members of Grasshopper were guests for a concert to be given by singer-songwriter Andrew Lam Man-chung on Friday night.


    Julian Cheung and his family are watching football match in England; He reports his safety

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/MingPoa



    Another terrorist attack happens in England again. Julian Cheung and his family are watching the football match between Real Madrid C.F. and Juventus F.C. over there, but the fans are worried about their safety. On Facebook, Julian reports his safety and leaves a message: "An interesting match indeed! Both teams give their full efforts and thank you! I know somebody is injured in London and hope everyone is safe."

    In fact one day before the terrorist attack happened, Julian and his family were doing live broadcast in a restaurant. Julian and his son, Morton were making fun of Anita Yuen. Morton was speaking fluent English and Anita told him to speak more Cantonese.

    Flu turns more deadly after winter: 50 killed in May

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    Source: ejinsight

    A growing number of cases in emergency rooms are related to influenza. Photo: i-Cable News

    The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has urged people to take necessary precautions against severe seasonal influenza, which killed 50 people last month. “The summer influenza season has probably come,” the Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said.

    Local influenza activity was found to have risen between May 5th and June 7th, the CHP said. Of the deaths, two were below the age of 18 while the rest were adults. In fact, there were more fatal cases this summer than during the latter part of the winter season in early 2017, when 41 people died from influenza. Of the 48 adults who died last month, 16 were known to have received flu vaccines. Most of the adult patients had been infected with the H3N2 virus. 

    Statistics showed that for every 1,000 cases in emergency rooms last week, about 185 were related to influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, fever, cough, throat pain and pneumonia. Ko said children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are the high-risk group during the flu season. “Most important of all, we should maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, while the vaccination period for this year has not yet started,” Ko said.


    Kevin Cheng is "married" but the bride is not Grace Chan

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/MingPao





    Kevin Cheng is turning 48 years old and is finally getting married, but the bride is not Grace Chan, but Tian Liang instead. The "wedding" photos are exposed and Kevin disguises as the bride and is married to Tian Liang, and it scares the fans as a result.

    Deric Wan, Kevin and Tian Liang are filming episode 3 of Chinese reality show, Hao Yun Lu Xing Tuan (好運旅行團).  Tian Liang emerges as the winner when testing their knowledge of the local culture and stamina. As he assumes he will have a beautiful bride, but it turns out to be Kevin instead. Tian Liang is shocked and points Kevin as "devil", and it makes everyone laugh immediately.

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