Raymond Lam successfully proposed to Carina Zhang with a 9.18 diamond ring ?.

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    Raymond Lam Proposed to Carina Zhang with a 9.18-Carat Diamond Ring?

    39 -year old Raymond Lam has been dating Carina Zhang, a mainland model for over a year now. Rumour has it that Raymond has successfully proposed to his girl friend with a 9.18 carat  diamond ring, and they will tie the knot on December 8, his 40th birthday. When Raymond was asked if that is true, he did not deny it. 

    There were reports that in June, when Raymond was filming "Back to the past" in Guizhou, he arranged to have dinner with Carina's family. He proposed to her on one knee with a 9.18 carat diamond ring. The carat symbolizes his girl friend's birthday, which is September 8. Carina was so touched that she burst into tears. 

    Roxanne Tong replaced Jacqueline Wong‘s scene for “Forensic Heroes 4”

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    TVB decided to delete all Jacqueline Wong's scenes in "Forensic Heroes 4" after the actress's cheating scandal, and they replaced her with Roxanne Tong. In preparation for this drama, Roxanne tried very hard to lose weight but without a lot of success.

    In a recent scene, Roxanne, Raymond Wong, Alice Chan and Shaun Tam tried on wedding outfits at the bridal studio. Since Roxanne was one size larger than Jacqueline, the dress was very tight on her exposing her cleavage. Raymond jokingly remarked that he had to be cautious of where his gaze went.

    When asked if she was under a lot of pressure in regards to weight loss, Roxanne revealed that she has already been skipping meals, but there has been no success. She believes she was most skinny when she was competing in Miss Hong Kong. However, she doesn’t want to push herself too much and instead she believes that a healthy figure is most important. Raymond jumped in her defense and said, “We’re all very tall so Roxanne looks fine next to us. When in doubt, we can always accommodate her by having her stand further back to create that perfect angle.”

    Though this is the first time TVB had to re-shoot a drama, Raymond said that it wasn’t too difficult. However, Roxanne did feel some pressure due to the franchise’s previous success. She is grateful for Raymond and the cast’s guidance throughout the transition period. Shaun said, “This must be very tiring for Roxanne because she was suddenly landed on this role, but we are all communicating well so there hasn’t been any problems. Right now, we’re just preparing for our Taiwan re-shoot.”

    The cast had to fly to Taiwan for a few shots. Raymond said, “This trip is a bit secretive. The director wants to catch the shots well. Originally, it took a week to film, but this time, it only took four days. It was definitely a challenge!”

    Police fire tear gas into crowds around gov’t complex during anti-extradition protest

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    Source: Coconuts HK/Appledaily/Youtube

    Protesters occupy the roads near the Legislative Council and government headquarters in Hong Kong on June 12, 2019. Photo by Anthony Wallace / AFP



    Tear gas has been fired into a surging crowd of protesters moving toward the Parliament building Hong Kong’s Admiralty neighborhood, where thousands have gathered in defiance of looming extradition legislation that could see Hongkongers tried before mainland Chinese courts.

    Only minutes before, Coconuts Hong Kong reporters witnessed riot gear-equipped police streaming out of the government office complex as they reacted to yet another flashpoint amid today’s protest against controversial extradition legislation. “It’s the government who has forced people to escalate their actions, so I think it’s inevitable for the fight this time to get heated,” protester Lau Ka-chun, 21, said.

    A note from protesters circulating in a Telegram messaging group threatened a series of consequences — including storming the Legco buildings, paralyzing public transport, surrounding the houses of cabinet members and continuing to occupy the roads — if the bill is not withdrawn entirely by 3:00pm.“Civil Human Rights Front urges citizens of Hong Kong continue to go on strike and assemble outside Legislative Council Complex to press the government to withdraw the extradition bill. We continue to resist the evil law with peace and non-violence. We ask more and more citizens to come to Admiralty to show the people power!” the English-language version of the message reads.Lawmakers had been due to debate the bill on Wednesday morning in the city’s legislature, which is dominated by Beijing loyalists, with a final vote expected on June 20.It was not announced when the next meeting on the bill would be held.

    News of the postponed debate have done nothing, however, to deter the swelling crowds. “It’s not enough to delay the meeting,” said student Charles Lee, 23. “Stalling is not our ultimate goal. We need them to consider scrapping it… Clashes are unavoidable if they adopt this attitude towards their citizens.” That was echoed by pro-democracy lawmaker Fernando Cheung. “The only responsible thing to do now is for Carrie Lam to withdraw the evil bill, or at least to shelve it in order to solve the crisis,” Cheung said. “Because the situation is very tense, if she forces it through and asks the police to use violence, I’m afraid Hong Kong’s children will be hurt, will bleed.”

    Hong Kong’s leaders say the proposed law is needed to plug loopholes and to stop the city being a sanctuary for fugitives, and that safeguards are in place to ensure that political critics of Beijing will not be targeted. But many Hongkongers have little faith in the government’s assurances after years of heightened fears that a resurgent Beijing is trying to quash the city’s unique freedoms and culture — despite a 50-year agreement between Hong Kong’s former colonial ruler, Britain, and China that means the city is guaranteed freedoms unseen on the Chinese mainland.

    Western governments have also voiced alarm, with the US this week warning the bill would put people at risk of “China’s capricious judicial system.” Beijing hit back on Tuesday, with a foreign ministry official saying China “resolutely opposes interference in Hong Kong affairs.”

    Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong held their wedding ceremony in Bali

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    Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong announced their marriage. Today, they shared their wedding pictures in social media. The wedding ceremony was held in Bali.

    Edwin left a message on  Instagram, saying " I love to see you smile, please continue to smile happily and allow me to follow you for the rest of your life. If you don't mind, let's make a pact that in our next life, we only need to knock at each other's forehead to recognise each other." Priscilla also said " A year ago, you gave us a wedding ceremony belong to us, a year later, we show our parents our love by having this wedding ceremony."

    Prisilla wrote " I just love to see you following me and smiling all the way, I love your silly smile, you also said you love my silly smile too. OK, we follow each other...... just like that"

    Ten hurt in Hong Kong Island taxi crash during morning commute

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    Source: SCMP/On.cc/Youtube


    At least 10 people were hurt in Monday’s accident. Photo: Handout

    At least 10 people were hurt in a traffic accident on Monday morning when an out-of-control taxi crashed into a crossing.

    The smash, which police thought could have been caused by a brake fault, happened in Aberdeen, on the south of Hong Kong Island, at about 9.10am. Tang Chi-lap, an inspector with the police’s Special Investigation Team, said the 70-year-old taxi driver had been carrying four passengers to Queen Mary Hospital in Pok Fu Lam when the accident happened.

    The taxi travelled downhill along Aberdeen Reservoir Road before hitting the traffic island at the junction with Aberdeen Main Road. “The driver alleged the braking system was out of order and he lost control of the taxi. It rushed down the slope and hit the railing,” Tang said. Photos taken at the scene showed two people lying on the ground at a crossing, with blood on the pavement.  Metal railings surrounding parts of the crossing appeared to have been mangled. Two ambulances were sent to the site, the force said. 

    The three men and seven women injured, aged between 19 and 76, included the taxi driver and his four passengers. The others were pedestrians. All were conscious after the accident and were sent to Queen Mary Hospital. By the afternoon, two elderly victims were in intensive care, one with a head injury and the other with a broken arm. Yu Wei, who worked at a butcher’s shop on the corner of Lok Yeung Street and Aberdeen Main Road, said he saw four people lying on the ground after he heard a loud crash and turned to look. “There were screams and I saw a lot of blood. There was a woman lying on the ground, completely motionless,” he said. Yip Kai-wai was at the 7-Eleven across from the crash site. He heard a loud bang and went out to see what happened. “I saw the driver sitting outside 7-Eleven. He had hurt his head and medical staff were treating him,” he said. Yip had heard an unhurt passenger, a young woman, talking to police about what happened and saying she thought the crash happened because of a faulty brake. Police said the driver, who had been driving taxis for almost 40 years, was on a morning shift and started work at 5am.

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