Woman falls from seventh-floor departures hall of Hong Kong airport

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    A woman was rushed to the hospital today after she fell from the seventh-floor departures hall of Hong Kong International Airport.


    The woman, a Chinese national, fell from Departure Gate G on the seventh floor to Arrivals Hall B on the ground floor at 12:06pm, Oriental Daily reports. Airport security guards called emergency services, who rushed her to Princess Margaret hospital in an unconscious state. A witness surnamed Lee told Apple Daily, “There were lots of people in the arrivals hall at the time, but fortunately, nobody was hurt by the falling woman.”


    Police officers seized a paper bag containing multiple notes written in Simplified Chinese and a small red suitcase at the scene. According to Apple Daily, shoe prints were found on the security railings at Gate G. Police were unable to find any identification documents in the woman’s belongings. If anyone knows who she is, or has any information about the case, please call 3661 2083. She is around 40 years old, of medium build, has long black hair, and was wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, and black shoes.


    Crime film Trivisa takes top prize at Hong Kong Film Awards

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    Hong Kong crime film Trivisa – which is banned in mainland China – scooped the Best Film award at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, the city’s answer to the Oscars. It took a total of five awards on Sunday night – the largest number among all nominated films.


    The film’s director, Johnnie To Kei-fung, originally produced the film as a training exercise for younger directors without any intention to win prizes. Live updates of the award ceremony were blocked on some websites in mainland China when the film was mentioned. The film industry has speculated that the ban may be related to the film’s co-director, Jevons Au Man-kit, who was also a co-director of Ten Years, a popular but controversial dystopian film which won the best film award last year.


    Ten Years paints a grim picture of life in Hong Kong in 2025 under Chinese rule. It was slammed on the mainland for being “absurd” and “pessimistic”. Trivisa is based on the period around the city’s handover in 1997. It included some scenes depicting corrupt mainland officials. The three directors of Trivisa – Frank Hui, Vicky Wong and Au – took the Best Director award.


    The Best Actress award was claimed by local actress Kara Hui Ying-hung for the third time with her performance in Happiness. The film centred around the story of a cognitive disorder patient. The sobbing 57-year-old thanked her mother, who passed away a few months ago. “The film reminds me of my mother. Mum, please be proud of me,” she said.


    Gordon Lam Ka-tung was named Best Actor for his role in Trivisa as Kwai Ping-hung, one of Hong Kong’s most notorious criminals in the 1990s. The film was based on the lives of mobsters Kwai, Yip Kai-foon and Cheung Tze-keung. The 49-year-old veteran, who started his acting career at TVB in 1987, was earlier honoured with the same prize in the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award.


    Eric Tsang won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Mad World. He performed free of charge. “It would be great if both of us could win,” he shouted to his son Derek Tsang, whose film Soul Mate was nominated for 12 prizes but only secured one for Best Original Film Score.Mermaid, directed by comedy superstar Stephen Chow Sing-chi, did not win anything despite eight nominations.


    Other winners for the movie included Taiwan-born actress Elaine Jin Yan-ling, who won her fourth Best Supporting Actress award, a prize she has been nominated for 10 times. It only took her one day to complete her scene in Mad World due to the limited budget.“I especially wanted to win the prize because I knew I had the chance to get it from both the Golden Horse Awards and in Hong Kong,” she said backstage. “I am not young anymore, which makes my working opportunities also less than before. I treasure the chance to act every time.”




    Best film: Trivisa

    Best Director: Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong (Trivisa)

    Best Actor: Gordon Lam (Trivisa)

    Best Actress: Kara Wai ( Happiness )

    Best Supporting Actor: Eric Tsang (Mad World)

    Best Supporting Actress: Elaine Jin (Mad World)

    Best New Performer: Tony Wu (Weeds on Fire)

    Best Screenplay; Trivisa

    Best Cinematography: Peter Pau, Cao Yu (See You Tomorrow)

    Best Film Editing: Allen Leung, David Richardson (Trivisa)

    Best Art Direction: See You Tomorrow

    Best Sostume and Make-up Design: The Monkey King 2

    Best Action Choreography: Operation Mekong

    Best Original Film Score: Peter Kam, Yusuke Hatano (Soul Mate)

    Best Original Film Song: Anthem of Shatin Martins (Weeds on Fire)

    Best Sound Design: Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu-Keung ( Cold War 2 )

    Best Visual Effects: The Monkey King 2

    Best New Director: Wong Chun (Mad World)

    Best Film from China and Taiwan: Godspeed

    Hong Kong bus pile-up leaves 70 people injured

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    Seventy people were injured on Wednesday night in a three-vehicle pile up on the Yuen Long Highway near Pok Oi Interchange. Southbound traffic was seriously jammed after buses from Kowloon Motor Bus and Citybus and a green minibus collided with each other.



    The route 44 minibus was ahead of the KMB and Citybus double deckers when they piled up. One female passenger was briefly stranded in the upper deck of the Citybus route 967X before being freed. Scores of injured people, the majority of them bus passengers, sat on the ground to await assistance from the rescuers. Though most sustained minor injuries, one woman who was freed from the Citybus sustained fractures to both her legs.


    All of the injured were conscious when they were being sent to hospitals, including Pok Oi, Tuen Mun, North District, Yan Chai and Princess Margaret. The authorities closed down the southbound lanes after the crash and queues of traffic tailed back northward for 4km to Fairview Park.


    A passenger from the KMB bus route 265M said: “It was chaotic inside the cabin. There was smoke, the smell of burning and broken glass flying everywhere. And people were rushing to get out.” The congestion was cleared up by about 9pm, when the involved vehicles were removed. Police said the minibus and bus drivers passed breathalyser tests. They were investigating.


    Eight passengers taken to hospital as MTR services collapse

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    Train services on the MTR’s Kwun Tong line were suspended during the evening rush hour on Monday due to a power failure at the Kowloon Bay station, causing traffic jams on the road and chaos for commuters.


    The power failure was reported to have occurred at about 6 p.m., leading to a blackout and a complete halt of train services on the affected line, according to the Hong Kong Economic Journal. A train was stuck between Kowloon Bay and Choi Hung stations for nearly an hour without air-conditioning and lighting. Passengers onboard had to open windows manually for ventilation.


    Most of the passengers remained calm awaiting rescue. A passenger, surnamed Cheung, said the train had suddenly slowed and stopped after a loud noise. Another commuter, surnamed Leung, said that when the train came to a stop, he saw sparks coming from between the train carriages after three “banging sounds”. The passengers walked about 50 meters along the rail track from a platform in Choi Hung station.


    A total of eight people had to be hospitalized with breathing difficulties. The incident paralysed East Kowloon traffic for nearly two hours as people scrambled to take road transport after MTR services were cut to 30-minute intervals.


    Bus companies increased service frequencies along the Kwun Tong line. Many bus stops in Kwun Tong, Ngau Tau Kok and Mong Kok were chaotic as long lines formed. After nearly two and a half hours, trains finally resumed to normal services at 8:30 p.m., Now News reports.


    MTR operations director Lau Tin-shing said the problem had originated in the power cables between Choi Hung station and Kowloon Bay station. He described the events as serious and said they would undertake a thorough investigation and find ways to improve communication with commuters. Legislator Andrew Wan urged the MTR to review its crisis management mechanisms to prevent similar incidents in the future.


    Underage daughter seeks exception to donate liver to mom

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    Tang Kwai-si, 43, is racing against time. She is suffering from an acute liver failure and is desperately in need of an organ transplant. Her eldest daughter Michelle is willing to be a donor, but she is three months short of the legal age. Michelle, who will turn 18 in July yet, is worried that her mother might not be able to make it unless a liver transplant happens soon. She has asked the Hospital Authority (HA) to make an exception for her to be able to donate her liver to her mother, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports. At the same time, she is calling on potential donors to save her mother’s life.


    It was reported that the HA has discussed the issue with the Human Organ Transplant Board, a statutory body that approves applications for organ transplants. Dr. Chau Ka-foon, former chairperson of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, told public broadcaster RTHK in an interview that the medical community as well as the general public have different views on the legal age for organ donations. Chau said the biggest issue is whether minors can make sensible decisions on donating their organs, hk01.com reported. She said it would be best to have strict professional assessments before allowing minors to make such serious decisions.


    Legislator Kwok Ka-ki said organ donations by people aged between 16 and 18 are allowed in Canada with the permission of their guardian and an independent committee. Kwok said doctors and officials involved in the case should not be part of the committee to ensure an objective assessment. The terms should also allow the minor to reverse the decision within a certain period of time, he said.

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