Hongkonger, 19, killed girlfriend then stuffed her body in a suitcase, Taiwan police allege

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    A 19-year-old man suspected of killing his girlfriend during a Taiwan trip and dumping her body near a Taipei subway station was arrested by Hong Kong police on Tuesday.  The badly decomposed body of Poon Hiu-wing, 20, a student at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, was discovered in some bushes near the station by Taipei police. Authorities on the self-ruled island had received details from Hong Kong police before the find, Taiwanese media reported. 

    The couple arrived in Taipei on February 8 and checked in five days later at the Purple Garden Hotel near Zhongshan MRT station, a Hong Kong police source said. The suspect, an associate degree student surnamed Chan, returned to Hong Kong alone on February 17. The victim’s father approached police for help on March 5 after losing contact with his daughter, the source said.

    On Tuesday, officers from the Kowloon East region missing persons unit approached the suspect in Tseung Kwan O. An ATM card belonging to the deceased was found on Chan, who told police he had used it to withdraw about HK$13,000 (US$1,660). Officers arrested him for theft. At about 9pm on Tuesday, Taipei police located Poon’s body in a field near Zhuwei MRT station in Tamsui district, about 15km (9.3 miles) north of the hotel. In surveillance footage from the hotel released by Taiwanese media, Chan was seen leaving the building with what appeared to be a heavy suitcase on February 17. Local police suspect it was used to store Poon’s body.

    In a Facebook post in November, Poon said that Chan had told her she was his first and last girlfriend, without elaborating. The case was a complicated one for authorities on both sides, according to the source, because there had been no previous incident in which a Hongkonger had allegedly committed an offence in Taiwan and returned to the city. 

    Taiwan police may request that the suspect be sent back to them to face charges, in which case the Hong Kong authorities would need to discuss procedures with the Department of Justice for a transfer of custody. No extradition agreement currently exists between Hong Kong and Taiwan. In April 2016, Taiwanese authorities expelled four Hongkongers – three men and a woman – after a badly decomposed body was found 

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    in a flat in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. The four were arrested by Hong Kong police upon their return to the city

    Senior Hong Kong police officer faces dismissal over explicit photos and video sent to female colleague

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    Source: SCMP/Appledaily


    A senior police officer in Hong Kong may lose his job after being investigated for sending photos of male genitalia and a video of a naked woman to a female colleague. The police’s disciplinary adjudication unit substantiated the complaint against Chief Inspector Rajindarpal Singh Pannu on Thursday, following a disciplinary hearing that lasted more than a year.

    A police source with knowledge of the matter said the panel ruled that Pannu committed a disciplinary offence as his actions brought disrepute to the force. He is now deployed at the traffic investigation and support division in Kowloon East. “The unit found the allegation very serious. Although it had suggested a certain disciplinary action against Pannu, the case was on Friday referred to the deputy police commissioner for a final decision on the matter,” the source said. “Punishment could range from a severe reprimand to dismissal.”

    he internal investigation came after a female inspector filed a sexual harassment complaint against Pannu in 2016. Pannu was working in the Kwun Tong district in 2015. The female inspector claimed that she received close-up pictures of male genitalia from Pannu when she was driving home after attending a Christmas party at Kwun Tong police station that year. According to sources, Pannu called her and asked if she received the pictures. She replied at the time that she was driving. He told her to call him back after seeing the photos. Following the call, the inspector said Pannu sent a video featuring a naked woman to her. A police spokesman declined to comment, saying only that it would handle the matter fairly and in accordance with established procedures if any officers were found violating rules.

    Pannu, who was born in Hong Kong, joined the force in 1995. In a 2015 media interview, he said he was a third generation ethnic Indian from a family of officers as his father and grandfather also served in the force. He said being a policeman was a meaningful and heroic job as he could seek justice for crime victims.

    Miriam Yeung to film TVB drama again after 17 years

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    Source: Ming Po/Youtube


    Miriam Yeung is making a comeback to film a TVB’s upcoming television drama "Wonder Women",  produced by Ella Chan Po-wah Miriam's last TV drama with TVB was "A Taste of Love ", that was 17 years ago. The cast of "Wonder Women" include Pakho Chau, Melvin Wong, Raymond Wong, Alice Chan, Tony Hung, Rebecca Zhu, and Andrew Yuen.

    Miriam revealed that it is "fate" that she is returning to TVB. She pointed out that during her concert last year, Sandy Yu, through Real Ting, her husband, asked if she could film TV series again, with Ella Chan as the Executive Producer. Miriam said " Recently, I have been watching "Blood of Good and Evil" well into the night, I feel honoured  that I will be collaborating with Ella, but I wonder how it has become a secret, and that Real is the secret agent for liaising with her on my behalf".  

    Pakho pointed out that Miriam and Raymond worked together in "ICAC Investigators 2009"; this time round, it is their "reunion". He smiled and said "I am much older now, but they are still young." 

    Father jailed after attempting to feed his two young children rat poison

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    A drunken father accused of trying to force his children to drink rat poison was jailed for two years on Wednesday by a judge who lectured him about the devastating effect alcohol can have on families. The father, referred to as CSK in court to protect his family, admitted last month one count of wilful assault on a young person on February 6 last year.

    The court heard earlier that the financially burdened father returned to the family’s Tuen Mun home drunk that night, and tried to force his son, six, and his daughter, eight, to drink the poison. Unsuccessful, he then picked the girl up by her throat. Sentencing the father to two years, Madam Justice Maggie Poon Man-kay warned him: “Alcohol is a solvent which, if [someone gets] addicted, can dissolve families and careers.” The judge went on to criticise the defendant for being “impulsive and unresponsive”, adding that harming children was one of “the most dreadful” crimes. Society, she said, expects parents to control their emotions. Yet, she said, “the defendant allowed himself to be so influenced by the alcohol that he could harm his children”. Had his aggression not been stopped by an aunt at the scene, she added, the result could have been “disastrous” and “irreversible”.

    But after the 35-year-old pleaded guilty, his children submitted mitigation letters saying they longed for a chance to reunite with their father. The judge took note of the letters, saying she had struck a balance in the “difficult task” of sentencing, while acknowledging that the father’s act had not caused any permanent physical harm to the children. According to the prosecutors, CSK returned home drunk that night, shortly before he unleashed the assault on the two children. He then told the two to drink the rat poison, adding that he would kill himself after they drank it. He was stopped by the children’s aunt, who was taking care of them that night. But when the aunt rushed to pour the poison down the toilet, the father turned to the girl and lifted her from the floor by the neck, causing her to become dizzy and out of breath. Even after the aunt came to her rescue and locked the two children in a room, the father continued with his threats to kill the girl, as he kicked the bedroom door. Police arrived at the scene and arrested the father.

    CSK’s lawyers told the court earlier that he was struggling financially after leaving his job as a clerk at a funeral home to become a salesman. But Poon told him, before sending him away: “Whatever problem you have in life, you should not vent your emotion on helpless … children.” The judge also said he should set an example for his children.

    Man in wheelchair caught standing up after getting off bus

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    A video clip posted on Facebook shows a man in a wheelchair getting off a bus. After the bus left, he got up from the wheelchair and walked across the road while pushing it. Photo: AAlan/Discussion Board of Bus/Facebook

    A man has denied accusations that he is just pretending to be a disabled person in order to enjoy concessionary bus fare, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.


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     posted on a Facebook group page shows the man in a wheelchair getting off a route number E32 bus operated by Long Win Bus at Cheung Hong Estate in Tsing Yi. After the bus left the station, he suddenly got up from the wheelchair and walked across the road while pushing it. After watching the clip, many netizens assailed the man for allegedly pretending to be disabled, noting that the video clearly shows there is nothing wrong with his feet. It is suspected that he disguised himself as a cripple so he would only pay the concessionary HK$2 fare for the bus ride he took.

    Local media searched for the man and, after finding him, interviewed him. The man insisted that he is a disabled person and took out a document to prove his status. He said he has been suffering from displacement of an intervertebral disc since he was injured at work. As such, he said, he is entitled to concessionary rates at public transport, although he lost his Octopus card for people with disabilities last week.

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