Woman, 97, escapes unscathed after driving into HK$1.78 million Maserati then hitting Marriott Hotel wall

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    A 97-year-old motorist was lucky to escape unscathed after her car hit a stationary Maserati before slamming into a wall at the Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong.

    The incident took place at the hotel’s main entrance off Justice Drive in Admiralty shortly before 7pm on Thursday. The Post understands that the driver, Frances Joan Leong, was trying to park her silver Honda outside the hotel. No one was in the Maserati, which was also parked there. Leong was trapped inside her vehicle and needed help from emergency personnel to get out. “No obvious injuries were found on the woman, and she did not require hospital treatment,” a police spokesman said. The front and body of the Honda were damaged. The rear of the black Maserati, which had been bought for HK$1.78 million in 2016, was dented. The spokesman said Leong passed a breathalyser test. No one was arrested.

    According to the Transport Department, three motor vehicle drivers aged 85 or above were involved in traffic accidents in 2017. There were four in 2016 and six in 2015. In Hong Kong, drivers aged 70 or above are required to submit a medical examination report from a doctor for their first renewal of a driving licence, which will be valid for one year or three years.

    Woman who lied about law qualifications gets nine months in jail

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    A woman’s lawyerly ambitions ended with a seat in wrong section of the courtroom yesterday as, sitting in the defendant’s chair, she was sentenced to nine months in jail for forging her qualifications to enter law school and get a job in the profession.

    Earlier this month, Cheung Ka-ling — who is also known as Florence Cheung Ka-hei — admitted to altering her GPA and university transcript in order to get into a postgraduate law programme at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She later bought a fake HKU certificate online after she failed to pass the exams needed to gain the postgraduate qualification.

    The 29-year-old worked briefly at an intern lawyer at a Hong Kong law firm, but was found out after she filed an application to be a trainee solicitor. 

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    : using a false instrument, using a copy of a false instrument, obtaining services by deception, obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, and making a false statutory declaration. In a mitigating statement at the District Court yesterday afternoon, the defense lawyer urged the judge to consider handing down a social service order instead of jail time, adding that Cheung was young and that the probation officer’s report was positive. But according to HK01, judge Amanda Jane Woodcock was not swayed, saying that 

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    , not a teenager who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

    Handing down the sentence, the judge acknowledged that Cheung’s father suffered from depression before she was born and had not worked for many years, meaning she became the main breadwinner after her mother retired. Local media previously reported that Cheung worked as a financial consultant at an investment company and earned HK$38,000 (US$4,900) Woodcock added that Cheung did have good grades in her studies and that she set out sincerely to pursue a job as a lawyer to please her parents. However, she said that Cheung started suffering from depression during her law studies and, after encountering some difficulties, was unable to accept the reality that she couldn’t become a lawyer, she added.

    Apple Daily reported that in her remarks, Woodcock said around 460 people compete for 80 places at HKU’s PCCL postgraduate law programme, and that 

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    , and that she could have put a law firm at risk. She went on to say that a social service order was not sufficient enough to reflect the seriousness of the case, therefore a prison sentence was appropriate. Woodcock said she would give Cheung a reduced sentence after acknowledging that the defendant pleaded guilty. She said that the defendant would require psychiatric treatment while in jail given that Cheung suffered from depression while studying law.

    Man catches dog walker smearing poop on his car

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    Source: Coconuts HK/Appledaily


    Police were called in to settle a dispute between a car owner and a dog walker after the latter was caught smearing his pet’s poop onto former’s car window.

    According to Apple Daily — who published video of the encounter last night, the 47-year-old car owner surnamed Lee started parking his car outside Lok Kwan Park in Tai Kok Tsui last year, but 

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    . Lee thought nothing of it until last week when dog poop appeared on his windscreen for three consecutive days. After deducing that the crime must have been committed between 9pm to 12am on Thursday evening, Lee decided to park his car in his usual spot and keep watch.

    At 10pm, Lee saw a man with a white shirt and a dog take his pet to a pet litter box outside the park, let the dog do its business, picked up the poop with a newspaper and smeared it on Lee’s car. Why the dog walker didn’t just throw it in the bin right next to the litter box or is a mystery, but it was at this point that Lee emerged to confront the man, saying the act violated his rights as a private car owner and, not to mention, was just a dick thing to do.

    The dog owner, a 37-year-old man surnamed Wai, reportedly claimed to be a fitness instructor and began to provoke Lee, resulting in Lee to call the police. He did not give a reason for why he smeared he dog poop on Lee’s car. Police arrived at the scene and managed to get Wai to pay HK$300 (US$38) in car wash fees, and classified the case as a “dispute.”

    Super typhoon Mangkhut smashes Hong Kong

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    Source: SCMP/Appledaily/On.cc/Youtube


    Swaying buildings, collapsed walls, torn-off bamboo scaffolding, smashed windows and serious flooding – Hong Kong and Macau are being battered by Typhoon Mangkhut.

    The Hong Kong Observatory issued a typhoon signal No 10, the highest storm warning, at 9.40am on Sunday. At 10.55am, a red rainstorm warning signal, the second highest of its kind, was issued. Heavy rain and strong winds brought storm surges of at least three metres high in coastal areas such as Heng Fa Chuen in eastern Hong Kong Island and Tai O in western Lantau Island.

    According to the Observatory, storm surges will be about 3.5 metres or higher at Victoria Harbour between noon and 4pm, and about 3.8 metres or higher at Tai O between 2pm and 5pm. An online video showed a residential building swaying back and forth slightly under the strong gusts. Another video sent by a reader showed a chandelier swinging at their home on the 47th floor of Banyan Garden in Lai Chi Kok. An old building at 197 Tai Kok Tsui Road had a section of its roof and external wall, as well as a tree which was growing in the wall, torn off at about 10am, according to police. The debris fell into a back alley and there were no reports of injuries, police said.

    In Heng Fa Chuen, the water level went up fast, reaching waist level at about 11am in just half an hour. The road leading to the housing estate was flooded and numerous fallen trees made it difficult to enter the estate. In Hung Hom, dozens of windows at the office building One Harbourfront were smashed, with papers flying around the building. Bamboo scaffolding surrounding several buildings was torn off by gusts. Police received a report at about 11.30am that a crane at the construction site of residential block Enchantee in Tai Kok Tsui was seriously tilted. An online video also showed scaffolding atop the building collapsing inward.

    A resident in Shek O shot a video of high waves banging at a window, with large amounts of debris and tree branches piling up outside. In Tuen Mun’s Ka Wo Lei village, residents expected waist-level flooding on Sunday afternoon, as the village was located next to a river with a rising tide. “It has come up to waist level in previous years,” said Wong Foon-yiu, a 76-year-old villager. “In 2008, the flooding was so bad the water entered my flat.” Wong said the 2008 flood broke his washing machine and refrigerator. This year, he installed plywood at his door to prevent water from getting inside his house.

    Government officers told villagers to evacuate into shelters, but Wong said none of them had left. “I have been living here for 53 years,” he said. “This is my home. I am not leaving. Children might be scared, but I am old enough to have seen everything.”Lai Mui, 71, bought enough noodles, vegetables and meat to get by. She said she was used to typhoons, having lived there for about 50 years. Another villager, Jimmy Chan, also refused to evacuate, although he expected the worst. On Sunday morning he was still walking around the village asking others if they needed help.

    In the nearby Luen On San Tsuen, villagers had also been asked to evacuate, but 80-year-old Wong Man-cheung said no one was leaving. He said while farmlands were flooded during previous typhoons, houses there were fine. “We were told to leave and stay at a government shelter, but I don’t think anyone has evacuated,” he said. “I am not afraid. This is what it’s like to live in a village.” The Post also travelled to Ho Man Tin at about 10.30am, where the rain was so heavy it was at times difficult to see what was ahead. There were also fallen trees there. In South Horizons in Aberdeen, residents reported that bricks on the housing estate’s seaside promenade had been damaged by the waves. There are also reports of broken windows across Hong Kong.

    The Transport Department said at least seven sections of roads across the city were closed to traffic because of fallen trees. They included all eastbound lanes on Lockhart Road near Arsenal Street, all lanes near 5 Magazine Gap Road, and all southbound lanes on Lion Rock Tunnel Road near Kak Tin.

    41 years old Ruco Chan marrying 28 years old Phoebe Sin

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    Source: Ming PaoAppledaily//Singapore Hardware Zone

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    Ruco Chan made an announcement today that he will be marrying Phoebe Sin in October. Speaking to a reporter, Ruco said "In fact, I have planned it a while ago, but due to my character, I thought I would make the announcement when the time is right. As a matter of fact,  I thought about it for a long time. ( Have you proposed to her yet?), yes, I have, I proposed to her in Hong Kong , but  there is a reason why the proposal photos were taken in England.

    For whatever the reason was, Ruco said he would tell the media later on. Ruco went on to say "Thanks to everyones concern, today, I make the announcement that I will be getting married soon. I thank the company to let us  go on holiday. We have our wedding pictures taken while we were on holiday. We chose England because Phoebe spent some time in the UK, she lived and studied there. There were good memories for her. We also went to Paris to take some of the  wedding pictures too. I like Paris and Italy, both are my favourite places. As you can see one of the pictures was taken in front of a double decker bus, that was my proposal picture. Phoebe only agreed to marry me when that "part" was completed.  We will be registering our marriage in October, afterwards, we will have a celebration dinner with our family. I will let you know what other arrangements we may have when the time comes. Thank you very much for your concern."

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