Kevin Cheng fell down when demonstrating push-up in one arm

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/MingPao


    Kevin Cheng participated in the Chinese reality show  "The Lucky Tour Group" in the mainland the other day following his disguise as a "bride" earlier. On the 4th episode, he did push-up in single arm. He also needed to show his culinary art.

    Kevin gave his full effort for the show and he is well known for his stern look. Young artist Zhang Tse Hong knows Kevin always looking so serious, he decided to make the game a bit "fun".  He did push-up in single arm and looking so cute. When Kevin tried to do the same, he collapsed when trying to demonstrate the push-up in one arm. Kevin was very embarrassed: "I didn't expect I would fall, I assumed I could do it. Perhaps it has been a long time since I did push-up."

    Hong Kong police blow up hoax bomb in Kowloon Tong

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    Source: SCMP


    Hong Kong police had to close part of a main road on Thursday before using a remote-controlled robot to blow up a fake bomb in one of the city’s upscale areas, the second hoax bomb scare in two weeks.

    Officers had been called to deal with a bundle of tubes labelled “highly explosive”. The object, which turned out to contain no explosives, was found at a traffic island on Cornwall Street near the junction with Kent Road in Kowloon Tong shortly after 10am, police said. A section of Cornwall Street had to be closed to traffic.

    Officers from the force’s bomb squad were called in to check the device. Several fire engines were on standby at the scene. Shortly before midday, the robot was sent in to check and blow up the object. A police source said it seemed the tubes were paper rolls and contained nothing explosive. At 12.30pm, police were still investigating at the scene.

    Late last month, a woman was arrested for planting a bomb-like object on the waterfront outside the Harbour City mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, causing the building to be evacuated of 600 shoppers. Police said that object turned out to be an alarm clock stolen from a nearby toy shop.


    Three dead puppies found dumped near trash bin at airport

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    A cleaning lady at the Hong Kong airport had a shock on Tuesday as she found the dead bodies of three bullweiler pups in a plastic bag near a trash bin. Photo: HKEJ, Internet

    A Taiwanese man is alleged to have dumped the bodies of three stillborn puppies near a rubbish bin in the departure hall of the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday. 

    According to authorities, a cleaning lady found three dead newborn bullweiler puppies inside a shopping bag placed next to a trash bin. Following the discovery, which took place in area F of the departure hall at around 11am, airport security staff began an investigation, with officers from the government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) also called in for assistance.

    Initial inspections revealed that there were no signs of abuse, prompting officers to suspect that someone had just abandoned the dead pups, Sing Tao Daily reports. According to the paper’s sources, the AFCD has confirmed that the owner of the dogs is a Taiwanese man surnamed Su, who is seeking to emigrate to Hong Kong.

    Su is said to have arranged a pregnant bullweiler, a cross between a bull terrier and a rottweiler, to be shipped to Hong Kong in April. However, the dog, which is named Miffy, was detained by the AFCD as it is a breed that is banned from entering Hong Kong. Miffy gave birth to seven puppies while under the custody of the AFCD. Three of the pups were certified dead upon birth, meaning they were stillborn.

    Su made an arrangement with the AFCD and he asked a friend of his, a person surnamed Yuan, to collect the seven pups as well its mother from the quarantine facility at the airport on Tuesday. Under the arrangement, Yuan would collect the dogs from the quarantine facility and pass them onto Su, who will then take the animals back to Taiwan. But now, it turns out that that the Taiwanese owner flew back with the animals that were alive, without properly disposing of the remains of the dead pups. 

    Grace Wong announced : I am finally Mrs. Cheong now!

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    Source: MingPao

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    31 years old Grace Wong and her foreign boyfriend Daniel got married on June 11 in New York after dating for over 11 years. The day after the wedding, she posted in the social media, announcing she is now Mrs. Cheong.

    Grace left a message, saying "Daniel and I got married yesterday, that is June 11, cool, haha! I am very happy. My bridesmaids including Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Hiromi Wada and Janice Vidal etc all helped to put on my traditional chinese wedding gown. we also served tea to our parents. Although Linda was my maid of honor, she also acted as my "Bridal Attendant" as I didn't have one." Grace's bridesmaids composed a song, they sang it in rap form to congratulate the couple. Grace said "They were so sweet, they prepared the song and "rap" it in sweet lyrics for me and my husband".

    Grace pointed out that the process of the wedding ceremony touched her and the guests so much that some of her guests were in tears. The newly wed were very happy and Grace said: 'I am very happy, I am finally Mrs. Cheong now, see you on the 11th next month, I am very blessed and full of happiness."

    Leon Lai's Ex wife Gaile Lok is getting married to businessman Ian in August

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    Source: Asian E-News Portal/MingPao


    After her divorce with Leon Lai in 2012, 36 years old Gaile Lok announces she is getting married to Ian, a businessman this August. She told the media: "Getting married in California this August and I only want a small and simple party. We invite around 50 guests including our families and relatives."

    Gaile revealed that Ian proposed marriage to her in a small town in California last August. He held a birthday party for her and told her to dress  glamorously for the party, but it turned out to be a marriage proposal.

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